Photographers, are you providing "remarkable"

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Weekly Friday Challenge for photographers is brought to you by Today is Different and Current Photographer

Weekly Friday Challenge for photographers is brought to you by Today is Different and Current Photographer

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  • 1. week #2
    7 steps to
    providing a remarkable
    Friday Business Challenge (for photographers)
  • 2. take the challenge!
    Your challenge this week is to complete these 7 steps to ensure your customers receive a remarkable experience - every time!
    So grab a coffee (or your beverage of choice) and off we go…
  • 3. remarkable
    “Something remarkable is worth talking about.
    Worth noticing. Exceptional. Interesting”.
    Seth Godin
  • 4. week #2: remarkable experience
    Think about the last time you had a great or remarkable experience with a company.
    Was it because of a good product, a good price or satisfactory service? Maybe - but is that all?
    These things should be a given, you should expect nothing less.
    Chances are you were delighted by something a little more - a better product, a better price (or more value), exceptional service or a little touch that you weren't expecting. Something remarkable!
  • 5. be remarkable
    Customer satisfaction is no longer enough!
    Satisfied customers are not loyal customers. They shop around - they may like you, but perhaps not enough to resist the temptations of your competitors.
    Truly loyal customers can't imagine doing business with anyone else. They are your best advertising because they've become advocates for your company. They bore their friends with stories of how great you are.
  • 6. do you need to be remarkable?
    Would you like:
    delighted customers who spend more?
    customers who come back again and again?
    customers who talk (or rave) about you?
    customers who do your marketing for you?
    a strong competitive advantage?
  • 7. know your customers
    make it easy
    inform and educate
    daily checklist
    7 steps
  • 8. know your customers
    Define your target market first
    Find out what the "hot buttons" are for the people in your target market. What do they see as the greatest problems they face, or the biggest goals they wish to achieve?
    When you have a clear picture of what your target market is truly looking for, you'll be able to package your products and services as the perfect “remarkable” solution for them.
  • 9. make it easy
    Ask yourself honestly “How easy am I to buy from and deal with?”
    So many businesses don’t even get the basics right:
    phones that aren’t answered professionally (or not answered at all)
    promises that are not met
    complicated purchasing processes
    systems that stop customers getting what they want – when they want it
  • 10. feedback
    Now get feedback from your customers:
    Ask them:
    “Have you been disappointed?”
    “How could we improve?”
    “How can we exceed your expectations?”
    Email them, call them, visit them. Find out what they really think about you.
  • 11. act!
    Act on the problems and feedback!!!!
    Make a plan to fix processes, change systems, change your suppliers.
    Plan to do whatever needs doing to make it easy
    Plan to do whatever is standing in the way of customer delight and being remarkable
    Do what you can now
    Plan to do what will take a little longer
  • 12. inform and educate
    Make sure your customers are comfortable and confident in the process of doing business with you.
    Provide information on your website, in your terms, welcome pack, welcome email, booking confirmation etc. Tell them before they need to ask!
    Customers will want to know:
    What can I expect?
    When can I expect it?
    What do I need to do?
    What will you do?
  • 13. products
    Take a critical look at your products.
    Make a list of the unique or remarkable things about your products – the things that separate you from all the other photographers in your area
    Nothing unique and remarkable? Then perhaps it’s time to rethink!
  • 14. service
    Create remarkable customer experiences that your customers will talk about.
    Look critically at each time you have contact with your customer. From the moment they first come across your website, Facebook page or marketing material right through to the time they have become a long-term, loyal customer.
  • 15. service
    Are there opportunities to add a “bit of remarkable” anywhere along the way? Moments that surprise and delight your customer.
    Find at least 3 moments where you can add surprise, delight and remarkableness.
  • 16. make a daily checklist
    Customer delight has a personal touch, it appears spontaneous, and makes customers feel good. But it is consistent.
    Make yourself a checklist, and follow it!
    Following are some examples, but make this your own.
  • 17. daily checklist
    Have I done something remarkable for a customer today?
    Have I exceeded expectations with products or service today?
    Have I made contact with a client today ~ made a phone call, sent an email, connected on social media or mailed a postcard?
    Have I said "Thank You" today ~ for the opportunity to work with them, for the referral, information, advice, idea, comment, Like or re-tweet, testimonial…?
    Have I messed up? If so did I apologise?
    And, finally, ask yourself, "Do I really have my customer's best interests at heart today?"
  • 18. what next?
    It’s not enough to be remarkable for a day, a week or a month. This is a constant process … It never ends.
    Keep asking for feedback and acting on it
    Keep reviewing products and service for unique and remarkable
    Keep reviewing systems and processes for ease
    Keep educating and informing
    Keep being remarkable!
  • 19. Friday Business Challenge
    Business Challenge for photographers is brought to you by:
    Robyn Mayne, Sydney, Australia Today is Different
    Today is Different for photography courses, workshops, retreats and networking…
    for inspiration, strategy and practical how-to tactics…
    for business skills, photography skills and life skills...