The Dubs - credentials 2012


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The Dubs - credentials 2012

  1. 1. Digital engagement to inspire audiences
  2. 2. ContentsAbout Us Fostering Industry KnowledgeWhat We DoClient OverviewCase StudiesProfilesContacts
  3. 3. About Us38 We are a digital marketing and social media agency. We create environments that inspire audiences to interact with brands by connecting them with the brand’s story and each other.people We draw on our 15 year digital heritage in working with brands, content 2 producers and audiences to deliver commercial results centred on the audience and their needs. Also, being independent we offer impartial, intelligent andoffices appropriate solutions.15 years “Great agency, passionate about what they do and what we do – perfect! Very much appreciate their honesty and creativity.” - ING DIRECT
  4. 4. Fostering Industry KnowledgeOur area of the media is very much an evolving space spanning social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, LinkedIn andso it goes on.Media entities, brand managers and marketers are undoubtedly attracted to the promise ofengaging with consumers in social media but unfortunately given the limited knowledge withincreative agencies and the proliferation of so called social media “experts” we believe poor adviceis rife and the number of social media disasters covered in trade press highlights this.We believe at The Dubs our people have to be proven individuals professionally in this space andgenuinely immersed personally in social media. We also believe it’s our responsibility to engagewith the media, finance and consumer marketing industries by speaking at leading events topromote knowledge and dialogue client side.
  5. 5. What We Do M&A Deal Websites Polling Email Messaging ECM Online Video Project Extranet Project Extranet Offer siteDesign and Print Production Services Roadshow Video Online Applications Corporate Allocation Lookups Registry Integration Communications Search Engine Marketing Strategy Social Media Monitoring Design Online Advertising Marketing & Branding Website Development CMS / Integration Investor Relations Technical Development IR Websites Email Marketing Advisory / IR Best Practice Online Video ASX Data Feeds Software Video Production Online Advertising Investor Alerts Platforms Mobile Online / Printed Annual Reports Iposoft® Digital IPO’s Search Engine Marketing Online Sustainabilty Reports Iposoft® Dataroom Social Media Online Prospectuses Iposoft® Fund Manager E-Commerce Extranets, Intranets Hosting
  6. 6. Client OverviewOver the years, we havecompleted projects across theglobe. With offices in bothSydney and London, we’re ableto provide our clients with thelatest information on changesin their market. We have alsofound by locating ourselvesin these fast-moving marketswe maintain diversity in ourportfolio, which keeps our ideas Seven Group Holdingsand thinking fresh.The following case studiesrepresent our latest work.
  7. 7. Social Media MarketingCLIENT: CITIBANK AUSTRALIABuilding on the positive response to CharcoalLane, the credit cards division of CitibankAustralia asked us to develop and run itsinaugural Facebook acquisition-led campaign.‘Financial Freedom’ plays to the aspirationsof Citibank’s target market whilst promoting aspecific credit card offer. Marrying the popularmechanic of a personality quiz with a financialfocus allowed us to entertain audiencemembers whilst driving them to enter acompetition and share it with their friendsnetworks. Status updates and FacebookAds further bolstered campaign reach andmaximised engagement opportunities.The result is a bank of extensive customerinsights, acquisition opportunities, positiveword of mouth and ongoing PR for CitibankAustralia. In addition, success can bemeasured by the Facebook page statisticswhere we have seen its fan base increasenearly 400% in one month and constantlyaverage at over 60% engagement (with theexception of Citibank Australia, the top 10Australian financial institutions average 10-20% engagement).
  8. 8. Corporate Social ResponsibilityCLIENT: CITI AUSTRALIACiti Australia’s corporate communicationsdepartment approached us to oversee thelaunch of its social media channels, createentertaining content and drive audienceengagement.Charcoal Lane is a social enterprise restaurantin Melbourne, set up by Mission Australiaand staffed by Aboriginal and disadvantagedyouths. Following their on-the-job training,70% go on to find further employment inthe industry. Citi Australia is a key sponsor ofCharcoal Lane.Using footage from Citi’s corporate film,our challenge was to create bespoke videonarrative that would juxtapose both thehuman element of the restaurant programmewith Citi Australia’s involvement in the scheme.The result was a 4-part mini-series that playedout over Facebook. The video launches sawspikes of user engagement and generatedongoing, positive PR for the restaurant. Thiscampaign marks the start of our ongoingrelationship with Citi Australia.
  9. 9. Global WebsitesCLIENT: AMP CAPITALAMP Capital commissioned us tocreate a global website presentationlayer that could allow them tomaintain a consistent branding andcontent display structure at a globallevel and then have this approachedmirrored at a local website level.This approach is now being rolled outat a local level for Australia,New Zealand and Japan.
  10. 10. Video PortalCLIENT: AMP CAPITALGiven video is arguably the fastestgrowing media with adults onlineit made perfect sense for one ofAustralia’s strongest investment brandsto showcase its knowledge to savvyinvestors using online video.And while AMP Capital would bespeaking with a sophisticated investoraudience online it was important forthese investor insights videos to havepersonality. Hence the talent wasimportant, picked from known AMPCapital advisers who could speakengagingly about latest economicand investment trends and how AMPCapital’s products and people managewealth creation.
  11. 11. Online BankingCLIENT: ING DIRECT AU & UKOur relationship with the world’slargest online bank ING Direct startedearly in 2003 when we helped launchthem into the United Kingdom andwe’ve been their strategic webagency ever since. This accountwent international for us at the startof 2007 when ING Direct Australiaselected us as their digital agencyafter a competitive pitch.The heart of our remit is to ensureING Direct’s customers get thebest experience online while from amarketing standpoint our strategicbrief tasks us with stitching digitalinto all available marketing andcommunications channels.As a snapshot at any point in timeyou’ll find us evolving ING Direct’swebsite customer experience, becrafting online advertising campaignsto promote new products, orextending other channels such asexperiential and direct to includetactical microsites and emailmarketing to maximise their reach.
  12. 12. iPhone ApplicationsCLIENT: ING DIRECTWe created an Apple accreditediPhone Home Loan application sopeople could access mortgage andloan information as they need it – forexample, when they are actually onthe go viewing homes.The application gives iPhone usersthe opportunity to find out how muchthey can afford to borrow by usinga borrowing power calculator. Oncethey know their limits they can look atwhich suburbs they can afford to livein as well as looking up the suburbon a map through a link to a GPSGoogle maps tool.In addition, the mobile bankingapplication offers customers theopportunity to login to onlinebanking, access to current interestrates, secure login to accounts, fullaccount summaries, and the abilityto transfer money and pay vendorsusing BPay.
  13. 13. Macquarie DigitalCLIENT: Macquarie BankMacquarie Bank approached TheDubs to develop the website fortheir digital TV channel – MacquarieDigital. Targeted at retail andinstitutional investors, the websiteneeded to provide an online locationfor an archive database forre-broadcast of video contentproduced on the broadcast channel.The Dubs developed an IPTV(web based TV) platform for thedelivery of audiovisual content thatcomplemented and extended thereach of the broadcast channel. Eachweek over 8 hours of new videocontent is added to an archive of over800 video files allowing site users toview and search multiple streams ofcontent from Macquarie Bank.In addition, the website also deliversaudio content from a third partyfeed of web-radio interviews andpresentations from ASX top 100CEOs. The site has a full CRM systemto allow registered users to subscribeto email marketing, online surveysand further communication withMacquarie Bank.
  14. 14. Investor RelationsCLIENT: SEVEN GROUP HOLDINGSWhen the Seven Media Group was acquiredby Western Australian Newspapers (WAN)we created an Offer website for the $4.1bdeal. Over the transaction lifecycle thisallowed investors, analysts and the media toaccess Offer documentation, perform onlineshare applications and accept entitlementoffers, and perform allocation lookups.This transaction created Seven West Media,which is Australia’s largest multi-platformmedia business comprising of SevenTelevision, Pacific Magazines, Yahoo!7, andWestern Australian Newspapers. We thencreated the Seven West Media and parentcompany Seven Group Holdings corporateand investor relations websites. This allowsinvestors, shareholders, analysts and themedia to access corporate information, ASXAnnouncements, financial results and thelatest share prices.
  15. 15. QR National Share OfferCLIENT: QLD GOVERNMENTIn 2010 the Queensland Government andits investment banking advisers turned tous when they were undertaking the multi-billion dollar privatisation of the State’scoal and freight rail haulage network – QRNational.Developing an integrated approach withall the logistics and marketing providersmeant we were best armed to providethe joint lead managers with clear advicewhen reporting into the various workingstreams we covered across advertising,marketing and logistics and online.Results:Delivered 6 million+ web pages to650,000+ Australians.240,000 online pre-registrations being97% of the total.Online prospectus viewed 45,000+ timeswhile 72,000 copies were downloaded.15,000- people requested a hardcopyprospectus be mailed out.570,000+ emails were sent to potentialinvestors to promote the offer.40,000+ shareholders used the website tolook up their shareholding once allocated.
  16. 16. Fund Manager ProjectCLIENT: ARCHER CAPITALAustralian private equity house ArcherCapital approached us in 2005 when itwas looking to rebrand its main corporatewebsite and provide online reportingfunctionality.Along with rolling out Archer Capital’s re-designed corporate website (, weimplemented our Iposoft® Fund Managerplatform.Iposoft®’s Fund Manager facilitates ArcherCapital to communicate key information toits investors. This highly secure applicationprovides a central location for investors toview personalised information such as fundperformance, calls, distributions, valuationsand also includes automated emailmessaging to alert investors of relevantwebsite updates. Archer Capital’s fundmanagers have complete administrativeaccess over the system’s users, activeinvestors and notices being distributed whilekeeping an audit trail of all system activity.
  17. 17. Global Website MarketingCLIENT: BHP BILLITONGiven BHP Billiton is the world’s largestminer and the offer for Rio Tinto wasconsidered contentious on a numberof levels we were given the task of bestrepresenting BHP Billiton’s key messagesdigitally to distinct and importantstakeholder groups including:· Rio Tinto shareholders· BHP Billiton shareholders· Government regulators· MediaWe also optimised the BHP Billiton’s webpages so they were best placed to beorganically ranked by key search enginessuch as Google, Yahoo! and MSN.Outside the online execution task, ourexecutive team provided ongoing advisoryservices to BHP Billiton’s deal team and itskey advisers including its lead banks, legalsand communications advisers.
  18. 18. Online RebrandCLIENT: GUNNS LIMITEDGunns is one of the largest farmers oftrees in Australia, currently growing theequivalent of 460 trees for every personin Tasmania on its plantation estate. Weworked with Gunns to develop an openand honest visual identity to reflecttheir business and brand positioning.It was key to develop a visual identitythat reflected their sustainableapproach to forestry and avoided theclichéd images often seen. The identityreflected the full lifecycle from treeto wood to product, we also felt theidentity needed to reflect their modernmethods to differentiate them fromother less reputable firms.The website design was then anextension of this ethos, the pagedesign, colour palette and imageryshowcase this approach and offereda framework for future cost effectiveextension into their other brands.
  19. 19. ProfilesJoshua Frith Tristan Fawley Sean LangdonGROUP MANAGING DIRECTOR GROUP GENERAL MANAGER CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER & CREATIVE DIRECTOR THE CURRENCYJosh has led The Dubs since Tristan joined The Dubs as the Sean Langdon has advisedco-founding the agency in 1996 and Australian Creative Director in 2003. investment banks, corporatehas overseen the output of its work In 2011 he has also taken on the advisers and their clients on somefor top-tier clients internationally role of Group General Manager of Australia’s largest corporateand the growth of its offices in overseeing the group business transactions since 1997. He hasLondon & Sydney. across Australia and the UK. been involved in more than 200 corporate transactions and inIn this time he has built an He has lead the creative process 2005/6 he was responsible for theindependent agency staffed only across a number of major brands design and production of 17 of thewith experienced digital specialists in Australia including ING DIRECT, 20 largest IPOs in Australia. across a spectrum of skills to BHP Billiton, Seven Group, Tonyprovide our clients with a boutique Ferguson, SBS and Bayer Healhcare. He pioneered the marketinglevel of advice but with an execution structure of IPO documentation andcapability rivaling any large agency. Tristan’s hands on approach with has been instrumental in maximising clients provides the strategic advice the potential of companies throughThe proof is in the pudding as they necessary to achieve creative his advice on advertising and brandsay and Josh believes our client list excellence whilst being strongly tied communications strategies. Seanand our portfolio of work confirms to defined commercial objectives. has an acute understanding ofthe ethos of the business. the IPO process and the way in which potential institutional and retail investors transact in different economic environments.
  20. 20. ContactsToby Sharpe | Digital Brand DevelopmentT +44 (0) 20 7749 8660M +44 (0) 7843 377 337E toby.sharpe@thedubs.comBarnaby Hobbs | General ManagerT +44 (0) 20 7749 8660M +44 (0) 7760 485 706E For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |