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  1. 1. THE AGENCY_ What is MAD? We surely know what it is NOT: It is not the advertising agency you are looking for (cit. needed). It does not generate enthusiasm and participation by mixing non-conven- tional marketing tactics (viral, guerrilla marketing, newsmaking, word of mouth) with traditional tools (press, Promo- card©, outdoor and indoor events) (citation needed). It is not effective at positioning, with a vast range of action and elevated ROI. Our philosophy is to achieve a verifiable result (citation needed). It is not a cross-media communications agency situated in Cologno Monzese (500 m. from the Cologno Centro stop) that specializes in new forms of web 2.0 oriented marketing (citation needed). It does not draw from daily life in order to invent stories and create unconven- tional situations strong enough to gene- rate word-of-mouth, participation and excitement surrounding the brand (cita- tion needed). We do not study successful actions that allow the brand to actively participate in the community and social networ- ks, building and developing a feeling of symbiosis between the brand and the consumer (citation needed). It is not a fully integrated, around the clock communications agency (citation needed). It is not a full-service sales promotion and field marketing agency that offers conception, organization and produc- tion of promotional campaigns and mar- keting targeting consumers, trade and sales teams with a clear goal: to offer the highest level of trust while presen- ting projects that will clearly raise the value of the brand (citation needed). It is not the 007 of unconventional mar- keting (citation needed). It is none of these things and perhaps a Cartesian definition, clear and distinct, just does not exist (or do we find it too restricting?) It’s enough to take a quick look on our site at to see what we’re talking about:; nothing more.                               The MAD Team
  2. 2. CLIENTS_
  3. 3. BRAND_ ACTIVITY_ CLIENT_ BRAND_ PROJECT_ MARKET SECTOR_ YEAR_ Nike Italy srl Nike 6.0 Nike 6.0 sportswear 2007/2010 Objective: To launch and cultivate the growth of Nike 6.0, the actions sport line, in the Italian market. Concept: To position Nike 6.0 in the core market of action sports and freesty- le, where the heritage of the brand holds more sway than its status as a multina- tional corporation. How We Did It: Ever since 2007, when the line was first launched in Italy, MAD has been in charge of: the management of events and coordination of the athle- tes, the selection and adaptation of ADV creativity for an Italian market (in colla- boration with European Nike headquar- ters), organization of all photo shoots of up through the printing of the ADV campaign and its adaptation for web banners. As well, we have been in char- ge of P.R., set-ups at various fairs, the conception and creation of the “U Rule” contests, and guerilla operations that, year after year, have stimulated brand growth and created strong credibility for Nike in the market. Results: Marked growth of the brand’s sell-in and sell-out over three years. Ac- tion sports is now an area of strong focus for Nike in Italy.
  4. 4. CLIENT_ BRAND_ PROJECT_ MARKET SECTOR_ YEAR_ Pernod Ricard Italia srl Four Roses Bourbon The New Cool beverage 2007/2010 BRAND_ ACTIVITY_ Objective: To bring visibility to the brand, positioning it within the on-trade of nightlife and the coolest national club- bing circuit. Concept: Tie the product to a specific moment of strong impact that would re- mind the target audience of fun and co- olness. How We Did It: Ever since 2007, MAD has headed the BTL activities and events for Four Roses; starting in 2009, we took over the ADV as well. MAD came up with a cool and fashonable image for the pro- duct by: conception and production of tour trade and operations of a consumer type, realization of BTL materials and all materials for POS visibility, realization of the 2009/2010 ad campaign, media planning and media buying. Results: While the whiskey market has had a 20% decline, Four Roses has re- gistered annual growth of 7% in the last two years. Four Roses is now conside- red to be the spirit that is most closely linked to nightlife and the national club- bing scene. Thanks as well to various collaborations with Italian creatives and designers, it is making a name for itself in the world of fashion as well.
  5. 5. Objective: To launch a new bottle de- sign, tied in to the Nastro Azzurro stra- tegy of linking the campaign to the world of cinema. To use a blue ribbon (“nastro azzurro”) motif to link the name of the product visually to the campaign. Concept: Guide Nastro Azzurro along a positioning campaign that would place them among the icons of Italian fashion, style, film and design. Organize a tour to draw in the target audience by offering suitable entertainment in a strategic lo- cation. How We Did It: In 2009, MAD conceived of and built a promotional tour in three Italian cities: Milan, Rome and Otranto. Called the “Summer Experience,” it con- sisted of a multi-purpose, bi-level struc- ture designed by MAD to hold up to 1000 people. It offered a bar with ice cold beer, a ride in a hot air balloon, a program of Italian cinema and a selection of the best dj sets. Results: During the period of the opera- tion, Nastro Azzurro gained a high level of visibility in the urban scene: the “Sum- mer Experience” hosted over 40,000 spectators, offering a real brand expe- rience and officially lifting the label to a new level- the true essence of new posi- tioning for any brand. CLIENT_ BRAND_ PROJECT_ MARKET SECTOR_ YEAR_ Birra Peroni spa Nastro Azzurro Nastro Summer Experience beverage 2009 BRAND_ ACTIVITY_
  6. 6. Objective: To communicate the restyling of the magazine and the addition of pro- cess magenta in their printing. Concept: Direct the target audience’s attention to the new creative direction of the magazine. How We Did It: On the night of Februa- ry 28th, 2007, MAD carried out a guerilla promotional activity that consisted of at- taching 50,000 magenta balloons throu- ghout the historic center and along the major roadways of Milan. Results: All of the major national media took notice of the operation, generating an extremely high level of news circula- tion. A large number of contacts were created by using a novel approach for BTL. CLIENT_ BRAND_ PROJECT_ MARKET SECTOR_ YEAR_ Edizioni Zero srl Zero New Zero Invasion publishing/press 2007 BRAND_ ACTIVITY_
  7. 7. Objective: To communicate the new slo- gan, “Live Unbuttoned,” through a stre- et-marketing operation addressing the trade (retail and wholesale network). Concept: Strike the target audience with an original guerilla marketing campaign bringing the slogan “Live Unbuttoned” to daily life. How We Did It: Using an activity based on street marketing and in-store actions, in over 50 cities we distributed more than 90,000 polybags containing objects that were both common and mysterious. These objects invited the consumer to visit over 450 stores. As well, we moti- vated the sales teams and representati- ve agencies to participate by creating a contest with ambitious prizes. Results: This operation helped to make the philosophy “Live Unbuttoned” a con- cept for daily life. Living unbuttoned is a true way of thinking, a lifestyle, that has a genuine, eternal power. CLIENT_ BRAND_ PROJECT_ MARKET SECTOR_ YEAR_ Levi Strauss Italia srl Levi’s® 501® 501® Live Unbuttoned fashion 2008 BRAND_ ACTIVITY_ La Bacchetta Molleggiata Se mangiare sushi vi stressa, usate la molletta. Ci vuole poco, basta far scattare la molla.
  8. 8. Objective: To raise awareness of the June 2009 European parliamentary elec- tions among European youth. Concept: Give a voice to young people, through an international flash-mob ac- tion. How We Did It: MAD coordinated and produced an operation called, “Can You Hear Me, Europe?” in three European cities. The project involved organizing a flash-mob, filming video coverage and building set-ups in record time. Simulta- neously in Berlin, Prague and Milan, on April 30th, 2009 at 3:30 pm, young Euro- peans were invited to make their voice: in bustling town squares, in each of the three respective cities, a group of young people shook their surroundings, crying out “Can You Hear Me, Europe?” Results: Perfect coordination and timely acquistion of images allowed for excel- lent coverage by the continent’s most hi- CLIENT_ BRAND_ PROJECT_ MARKET SECTOR_ YEAR_ MTV Networks and the European Commission European Parliamentary Elections Can you hear me, Europe? social 2009 BRAND_ ACTIVITY_ ghly regarded media groups on the very evening of the action. The client was then able to develop a television cam- paign based on three different spots and broadcast it throughout Europe on the channel MTV.
  9. 9. Objective: To launch the new “Black Box” packaging, designed for the presti- gious Champagne producers by the exclusive Australian designer Marc New- son. To celebrate the link between the brand and the design world. Concept: Actualize a Temporary Showroom located at the new MAD he- adquarters emphasizing the motif of the cosmopolitan world-traveler used in the special packaging created by Marc New- son for Dom Perignon Vintage 2000. Present the product to a select pu- blic via a large, invite-only party. Create a network of contacts especially for Dom Perignon in order to place The Black Box’s journey directly in the spot- light of the highest-end shops and concept stores in Milan: Antonia Uomo, Wok, Spazio Santerasmo, Lucini Giusep- pe, Triennale Design Cafè and Special. How We Did It: From April 8th-15th 2010, we held an event, interviews and encounters (in collaboration with Rolling Stone) in the Temporary Showro- om. In an unprecedented transformation of the space, using lights, shapes and colors, the guests were sur- rounded by a singular atmosphere that transported them on a journey throughout the globe, in order to expe- rience the unique and modern taste of Dom Perignon. So as to capture the attention of the Milanese public on the days surrounding the event, MAD inven- ted an unusual action on the streets of Milan. Elegant ‘influencers’ tra- veled the city’s hot spots adorned with Black Boxes that projected a message in LED about the Temporary Showroom directly onto the asphalt. CLIENT_ BRAND_ PROJECT_ MARKET SECTOR_ YEAR_ Möet Hennessy Italia srl Dom Perignon The Black Box beverage 2010 BRAND_ ACTIVITY_
  10. 10. Objective: To launch a new tees pack inspired by the most important national football teams. The collection includes 10 t-shirts realized by ten international artists and a celebrative one designed by the 55DSL creative team. The aim is to give visibility to the brand before the football world cup 2010. Concept: Seven nations, nine challanges, only one team wins. 55DSL presents Ga- lactic Battle of Foosball in partnership with Panini, a table soccer competition that will take place in seven countries across the world and will have it’s final in Bassano del Grappa (55DSL headquarter). How We Did It: From the 29th of April till the 13th of May 2010, in several strate- gic locations, they have been many qua- lifying challenges for the national final in Milan that will take place on the 22nd of May, looking at the international final on the 13th of June. More than 300 teams have challenged each other out to achive a place in the final last match. MAD has followed the entire organization and coordination of the event, has sup- ported the creativity and communication and POS materials. Moreover MAD has generated, in a cre- ative way, a big buzz across the media focused on the event. In the end the results were a huge media coverage and a funny dinner with journa- lists and influencers followed up by a smart sticker album. CLIENT_ BRAND_ PROJECT_ MARKET SECTOR_ YEAR_ Diesel Italia spa 55DSL Galactic Foosball fashion 2010 BRAND_ ACTIVITY_
  11. 11. Objective: Adidas Performance and Adi- das Original want to define a new mar- ket placement more edge and “fashion now”. This strategic aim was linked with an agressive and strong focus on pro- ducts and point of sales. Concept: Give a new light to the brand through the consumers, vertical and mass both. How We Did It: We have presented a stra- tegic plan with integrated and action mar- keting to provoke the vertical target and the mass market as well, starting our activation generating traffic flow in and out of the sto- res. MAD has given birth to many opera- tions like “Skratch and win” for the ZX shoe, where the consumers were invited to discover a secret code skratching on a shoe shaped card and double checking it in store to discover if they won one pair of ZX sneakers. Again we have managed a third party co-marketing out of the stores with Hel- lboy’s movie release. At last a very interesting project has been “Originals House Party” where we mana- ged to increase traffic flow in several sto- res in Milan using a home private party key to appeal to an exlusive concept for a mass target. Istantly the target won a blank key for personal use (i.e. used for your home door) linked to a flyer that ex- plained to reach an Adidas point of sales and play the house party game. The au- dience randomically could pick up from a glass bowl full of keys the right one and could try it in a fake door lock (which is a “door video box”) and see if the long version of the AD trailer runned on video. If so you could win the prize. This is just a teaser of all the activities we’ve done till 2009 with Adidas. CLIENT_ BRAND_ PROJECT_ MARKET SECTOR_ YEAR_ Adidas Italia spa Adidas Various shoes & fashion 2007/2009 BRAND_ ACTIVITY_
  12. 12. ITALY Via Lepontina, 8 - 20159 Milano T.+39 02 89 07 13 00 F.+39 02 89 07 13 14 BRAZIL Rua Fradique Coutinho, 1246 Vila Madalena - 05416-001 São Paulo - SP T.+55 11 3717 3480