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Volunteered geographic information (vgi) for the national map
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Volunteered geographic information (vgi) for the national map


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Greg Matthews, Transportation and VGI - Support and Technical Coordinator, USGS …

Greg Matthews, Transportation and VGI - Support and Technical Coordinator, USGS

Presented at the 2011 Texas GIS Forum

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Volunteered Geographic Information for The National Map Presentation for the NGP Leadership Team June 23, 2011 Eric B. Wolf, Greg D. Matthews, Barbara S. Poore, Kevin McNinch + 6,924,805,389 other people on the planet! 1
  • 2. Outline • Background: Why we investigated VGI • What we have done in FY10/11 • USGS VGI Workshop in January 2010 • OSMCP Phase 1 • OSMCP Phase 2 • Showing the results • What we propose for FY12 2
  • 3. Why VGI 3 OSM Images from Mikel Maron, GPS image from Harry Wood
  • 4. Why VGI 4 OSM Images from Mikel Maron, GPS image from Harry Wood
  • 5. Diagram from Breakout Session Tag Ontology Edits NAIP images OSM The National Map License change QC “” is a separate instance of OSM software, populated with public domain Official Govt Data data. “OSM” is the original OpenStreetMap. 5
  • 6. OpenStreetMap Collaborative PrototypeOSMCP Phase 1 Goals:• Establish an OSM instance in a “.gov” environment.• Organize input through a well- defined set of features – determined by TNM Best Practices schema and standards.• Determine if a non-USGS entity can successfully edit features through the OSM interface. 6
  • 7. Phase 1 Results 7
  • 8. OSMCP Phase 2 • Structures Data • Build on Existing Platform • Engage Volunteer Contributors • Examine quality of contributions • Incorporate data collected into TNM 8
  • 9. Data 9
  • 10. Software 10
  • 11. 11
  • 12. Communication with Volunteers 12
  • 13. Training 13
  • 14. Results 14
  • 15. Results – Summary of Changes By Step 15
  • 16. Results 16
  • 17. Results: Type of Change of Modified Points 17
  • 18. Preliminary Findings of Internal Review• General Observations The data were greatly improved with the addition of many new points, the identification of obsolete points to be removed, and the update and addition of correct attribute information.• Observation 1 Directions were followed very well.• Observation 2 Many issues with the data were related to non-critical attributes. 18
  • 20. Recommended Next Steps• Improve cost/benefit with an expanded project which takes advantage of the “crowd” in crowd-sourcing . Include an “adopt-a-quad” approach for data evaluation.• Per FY12 Guidance: Move OSMCP platform to a cloud computing environment.• Work with partners on outreach for the projects recommended.• Strengthen web information/create public interface.• Work on Structures and Trails in the State of Colorado.• Include an “America’s Great Outdoors” theme for Trails collection in cooperation with NPS; possibly include an “adopt-a-quad” approach. 20
  • 21. Phase 3• Structures Collaboration and Volunteers – Not currently in FY 12 budget.• Requesting project support at the same levels as FY11 ($205,545).• Reduce unit cost.• State of Colorado.• Data - Seed from GAZ + volunteers + possibly State data facilitated through the State Liaison Program – Carol Giffin.• 17 priority Structures.• Improve usability of software interface.• Improve automated processing of data validation and checks.• Demonstrate an “Adopt A Quad” system for quality control.• Demonstrate a Rewards System.• Ease of use – make collection process possible for Fifth Graders to contribute. 21
  • 22. Trails VGI Investigation• FY 12 Transportation Initiative • Current Planned FY 12 Budget: $86,646• Demonstrate authoritative dataset of federal trails over AOI • Collaborate with other federal agency (NPS) • AOI in portion of Colorado (possibly one or more national parks) • Target outdoor groups as volunteer pool• Web interface for editing trails and uploading GPS tracks• QC by individual land management jurisdictions• Coordinate with other NGTOC FY12 projects to evaluate federal trails data• Supports the President’s America’s Great Outdoors initiative to connect Americans to the outdoors. 22