Tnooz THack London - Travel Technology Europe showcase


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Tnooz THack took place over ten days in January and February 2011. Here is the final presentation made to Travel Technology Europe on Tuesday 8 February 2011.

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Tnooz THack London - Travel Technology Europe showcase

  1. 1. LONDON
  2. 2. Running order: James Dunford Wood/Alastair James Paul Slugocki Riaan van Schoor/Edd McArdle Stuart Grant James Addison Kevin O’Sullivan
  3. 3. James Dunford Wood/Alastair James
  4. 4. Spin Inspiring travel
  5. 5. The Question  I want to go away in July, I want to go somewhere hot, my budget up to two grand.  I don't want long haul.  I might want some nearby culture when I'm there.
  6. 6. Criteria I want all the results easily accessible on one page.  I don't want too much of a questionnaire.  Don't overwhelm me, give me something visual and imaginative, inspiring ideas of travel  I want a clean, simple gateway to further information  It should be fun and potentially viral, so I can show it to my friends. APIs Used  Thomas Cook, Thomson, First Choice via Fusepump/Affiliate Window  TourCMS, Tripbod, Expedia, Flickr 
  7. 7. Commercial Opportunity         Viral aspect to get traction Treasure hunt Eye catching widget in 300x250 format to stimulate interaction Can be franchised, co-branded to any provider Can be set to any departure geo. Multiple additional layers can be added without crowding the space Layers can be switched on/off according to partner Allows multiple revenue models
  8. 8. Contact  For further information contact: James Dunford Wood  Woodyett House Stirling FK8 3AF 07732 842894
  9. 9. Paul Slugocki
  10. 10. Tripbod API & Ad. units •Paul Slugocki •TourCMS (Stand C25)
  11. 11. Starting point ✦Interested to work with the Tripbod data :) ✦But it was a flat XML file :( ✦Writing search/filter code is cumbersome ✦Difficult to make location aware ✦Needed to be flexible as I only had a rough idea of what I wanted to build!
  12. 12. Starting point
  13. 13. Solution ✦Build an API that was: ✦Location aware ✦Accessible from any development environment with minimum code ✦Easy to filter / sort ✦Used industry standard fields where possible
  14. 14. Tripbod JSON API
  15. 15. Tripbod JSON API – Imported XML file into MySQL – Used GeoNames API to get 2-digit ISO Country codes (e.g. “GB”, “US”) – Built API (PHP code) – Wrote test site / documentation – Open to public
  16. 16. Demo ✦
  17. 17. Building stuff - Ad units ✦Supports all of the API features ✦List Tripbods by an area ✦List Tripbods by interest(s) ✦List Tripbods near a point (lat/long) ✦On-brand
  18. 18. Demo ✦
  19. 19. Italy Photography Closest to Las Vegas (36.114646,-115.172816)
  20. 20. Recap ✦Part 1: API ✦Enabled easier building of apps ✦Part 2: Ad units ✦Allow smart Tripbod ad placements (...and with a little more tinkering can be placed..) on any website
  21. 21. Edd McArdle/Riaan van Schoor
  22. 22. Edd McArdle & Riaan van Schoor inside Try it at
  23. 23. Stuart Grant
  24. 24. Stuart Grant,
  25. 25. “Service is the new advertising” • The most successful companies today are networks • Google, Facebook and others provide 'elegant organisation‘ to users • If you're small, the way to succeed is to be part of a big network – do what you do best and link to the rest – don't restrict the flow of information
  26. 26. There’s a ton of location data out there • So use it… • elegantly!
  27. 27. There’s a ton of location data out there • Visual – Panoramio – YouTube – StreetView • Practical – Directions – Local Search • Real-Time • Informative – Wikipedia – – – – Live Traffic Webcams Weather Twitter
  28. 28. Let's Take a Look... • Hack Day API used: Frommers Event Data
  29. 29. James Addison
  30. 30. Kevin O’Sullivan
  31. 31. Inspire Me Voice Activated Inspiration Travel Search Brought to you by SITA Lab
  32. 32. Your tour options are …
  33. 33.  Future development options  Integrate Voice with current SITA mobile products.  Challenges are recognizing heavily accented English, or processing multiple languages.  Extend Natural Language Processing to work on multiple input streams (Twitter, email, Facebook conversations)  Ancillary sales for current app – pay more for nicer voice!  Entry level is robust LCC customer service tannoy announcer  Pay more for a full service airline economy service steward  Pay premium for aristocrat’s butler.
  34. 34. Judges Sally Broom (TripBod) Timothy O’Neil-Dunne (T2Impact and Tnooz) Alex Gisbert (Expedia and Tnooz)
  35. 35. THANKS! @kevinlukemay