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All the information you need to confidently schedule your first Thai Yoga Bodywork session.

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Slideshow.thai yoga bodywork memphis

  2. 2. IT’S SO MUCH MORE THAN JUST MASSAGE!Regular Massage Thai Yoga BodyworkReceiver is undressed under a Receiver is dressed in loosesheet comfortable clothingPerformed on a table Performed on a mat on the floorRequires the use of oil or lotion Does not require the use of oil or lotionTherapist uses hands and Therapist uses feet, knees, andforearms to apply long gliding entire body to apply firmstrokes compressive massageReceiver lies static and flat for the Receiver is gently pulled, andmajority of the session stretched throughout the entire session Traditional Table Massage Thai Yoga Bodywork
  3. 3. THAI YOGA BODYWORK DEMONSTRATION Scroll over the picture below and press play • Rhythmic applications of Thai Yoga Bodywork encourage deep states of relaxation • Compressive massage is delivered to the major energy lines and muscle groups to reduce tension • Passive stretching elongates muscles and improves joint function"If you stretch yourself, you are actively stretching, your muscles are actively engagedin stretching. But if someone is stretching you, your muscles are relaxed and passive,which means you can go into a pose much more easily and deeply than if you were todo it on your own." -David Roylance on the effectiveness of Thai Massage
  4. 4. WHY IS IT CALLED YOGA?• Thai Yoga Bodywork is deeply rooted in ancient Indian practices of breathing and meditation (yoga practice) and spiritually in Thai Buddhism.• A key component of this type of massage is that it stretches the receiver by assisting them into various yoga postures.• Yoga means “union” and this work is exactly that…a union of breath, meditative movements and a connection between giver and Source: Salguero, Pierce C. (2004) Encyclopedia of receiver Thai Massage.
  5. 5. CAN I JUST CALL IT THAI MASSAGE? YES!! Thai Yoga Bodywork is called by many names
  6. 6. THAI YOGA BODYWORK AND PAIN Studies show that Thai Yoga Bodywork is successful in treating back pain symptoms of a musculoskeletal nature. The results of just one 30 minute Thai session might include: Decreased muscle tension Decreased pain intensity Increased body flexibilitySource: “The immediate effects of traditional Thai massage on heart rate variability and stress-related parameters in patientswith back pain associated with myofascial trigger points.” J Bodyw Mov Ther. 2011 Jan;15(1):15-23. Epub 2009 Jul 22.
  7. 7. COMMON MISCONCEPTIONS Thai Yoga Bodywork does Thai Yoga Bodywork is NOTI wonder if I can NOT have to be painful. The difficult for the practitioner to practitioner works within the perform, even if there is ado this, I can pain tolerance of the significant difference in size between the practitioner andhardly sit Indian receiver the receiverstyle on the Thai Yoga Bodywork does notfloor… attempt to turn you into a pretzel on your first session if you are inflexible, tense and sore. (Unless, of course, you are already a pretzel!) You are not required to have a yoga practice to receive and benefit from this work. You may, however, feel more inclined to try this type of exercise after a few therapeutic Thai sessions
  8. 8. TIME TO TRY THE THAI Call Now 901.489.5612 Email your Appointment RequestCharlene Gaffney is a licensed massage therapist since 2001 and massage educatorsince 2004. In 2008 she developed a passion for the practice and study of Thai YogaBodywork and provides this work at her studio in East Memphis. If you are outside of the Memphis area and would like to receive a Thai session, please find a qualified therapist at