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  • ----- Meeting Notes (2/8/11 21:02) -----I was asked to talk about personal branding for technology executives... what it is and how to go about using it to manage your career.I've been helping technology pros build their careers for...
  • Being technical isn’t good enoughGot to know the businessGot to be strategicGot to drive innovationNo such thing as “permanent” employment
  • Not just what you say, but demonstrated consistency of behavior.
  • Not just what you say, but what others say about you.
  • ----- Meeting Notes (2/8/11 20:59) -----Worried about spam you don't even have yet?
  • Personal branding for career management

    1. 1. For Your Career
    2. 2. Todaycareer climatewhat is “personal” branding?justificationspersonal brand planningsocial media execution and ROI
    4. 4. Old directions no longer apply.economycompany volatilityunemployment ratemarket instability
    5. 5. “We are the CEOs of our owncompanies: Me Inc.”- Tom Peters, Fast Company 1997
    6. 6. Predictable. Consistent. (Personal Branding should not be like a Magic 8 Ball)
    7. 7. Phil? Oh yeah.I can tell youall about him.“Brands are built on what people aresaying about you, not what you’re sayingabout yourself.” - Guy Kawasaki
    9. 9. Personal branding: Just for job seekers?Publicity & AwarenessOrganization’s CredibilityHumanizes Your Company
    10. 10. Too busy? If just 30 minutes a day meant a path to a better job, new business or happier employees, wouldn’t you invest the effort?
    11. 11. Fine for marketing people Too cheesey for me!
    12. 12. Am I at risk of identity theft?
    13. 13. Part threePERSONAL BRANDPLANNING
    14. 14. A personal branding plan Life & Career Goals Inventory of attributes, skills, experiencesAssess Input from your “brain trust” Résumé, Portfolio, Interviewing Skills, Website, Social Media, Networking Plan, Appearance… Plan built on great stories! Content planning Staying current Implement Participating and Interacting Measurement of KPI’s Regular re-assessment Maintain Plan correction
    15. 15. What are your building blocks? Great story Great story Great storydemonstrating demonstrating demonstrating affability brilliance confidence is for Brilliant is for Affable is for Confident
    16. 16. Building the brand What you convey face-to-face Résumé, LinkedIn profile, communicationsYourFoundationalQualities
    17. 17. Practice. Makes. Perfect. I’m affableand here’s why!
    18. 18. Hair Visual Identity should match brand Smile Accessories Clothing
    20. 20. 4 out of 5
    21. 21. 5 Critical Questions What action do Who do you want you want them to to reach? take? What do they How will you want? convince them? How far are you prepared to go?
    22. 22. Who do you want to reach?• Top influencers• Peers• Potential employers• Potential partners• Investors
    23. 23. What do they want?• Real conversation• New ideas• Analysis• Humor / wit / fun• Attention
    24. 24. What action do you want them to take?• Comment• Follow / friend / connect• Link / review / recommend• Buy• Hire• Meet• Partner• Engage!
    25. 25. How will you convince them?Your distinctive… – Skills – Knowledge – Experiences
    26. 26. How far are you prepared to go?• Patience• Tenacity• Alertness• Curiosity• Responsiveness• Interestingness
    27. 27. 5 Critical Questions What action do Who do you want you want them to to reach? take? What do they How will you want? convince them? How far are you prepared to go?
    28. 28. Balance social media with work• Know company policies• Set realistic goals• Start small• Stay manageable• Remember disclaimers• If it’s not fun, stop!
    29. 29. Step by Step: Getting Started• What is the right channel for me? – Demographics – Writing, long or short? – Pictures – Audio – Video• One or many channels?• How often is normal?
    30. 30. What is the right channel for me?
    31. 31. Social Network DemographicsStatistic Facebook LinkedIn Pinterest Twitter YouTubeMonthly 155M 26M 20M 39M 151MUniqueVisitorsGender % 45M/55F 51M/49F 18M/82F 45M/55F 50M/50FLargest Age <18 (26%) 35-44 (23%) 45+ (35%) 25-34 (23%) 18-24 (20%)Group (% ofwhole)2nd Largest 18-24 (24%) 25-34 (21%) 35-44 (29%) 18-24 (22%) <18 (26%)Age Group 45-54 (21%)Household 150K+ (32%) 150K+ (13%)* 50-100K 150K+ (30%) 150K+ (29%)Income (46%)(site vs. totalinternet)Ethnicity African Asian Not available African Hispanic(site vs. total American Americaninternet) * Quantcast data for LinkedIn’s Household Income has been directly measured but does not match Sources:,, May 2012 reported Internet averages used to derive their index elsewhere.
    32. 32. Top global companies use many channels…Source:
    33. 33. … and reap significant rewards.
    34. 34. But most of them started small. Just one channel.
    35. 35. How often is normal?Twitter or Facebook:30 minutes a dayBlogs:2 updates/ weekBottom line:When you feel like it!
    36. 36. Measuring Your InvestmentUnique visitorsPages visitedTime on siteBounce ratePostsCommentsPost: Comment ratioSearch engine ranking Sentiment Reviews Recommendations Referrals Tweets Retweets (RTs) Mentions Connections Followers 36
    37. 37. Some Free Tools• Google Analytics• Google Alerts• Tweetdeck• Klout• HootSuite
    38. 38. Part fourROUND-UP AND TAKE AWAYS
    39. 39. Take Aways• For the foreseeable future, career management necessitates personal brand management• Social media is a visible, practical way to establish and maintain a personal brand• Social media personal branding only works in conjunction with your other career management efforts• Start with stories that define and exemplify what you stand for professionally, then build messages and choose channels for delivery• Measure your efforts critically and adapt
    40. 40. About• Part of SPR Companies• A communications consultancy• Strategy, governance and accountability for social media efforts• Performance management through planning and metrics•
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