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A version of this presentation by Kim Karagosian and myself was given on April 27, 2012 at the SIM Chapter Leaders Summit in St. Louis, MO. The purpose of the presentation was to introduce chapter leaders to new ideas for approaching social media to grow their membership and gain greater visibility.

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  • TN - Your chapter has been struggling. You've made strides when it comes to putting together a great monthly program that has relevant, interesting speakers, but month after month you find yourself stuck with minimal attendance. You feel as if you're only reaching a fraction of the technology leadership in your area and your membership renewals are lagging. You need better ways to connect your members, to build awareness of your chapter, and to grow your membership beyond its current ranks. Oh, it might also be nice to connect with the larger resources of the SIM International to create more value for your members. All this to do, but you've got little marketing background (heck, you're in IT) and this isn't your primary job (you've already got a day job).
  • TN - Enter social media! You've already got a sense that lots of people are using social media as individuals (4 out of 5 adults use social media, etc.), to promote a business, a hobby or, in our case, a professional organization. Like some gaudily dressed superhero, social media can seem like a savior charging down like a blue bolt from the sky to rescue your chapter from a perilous predicament. With social media, you can create a LinkedIn group for your chapter, a Twitter channel, a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, blogs, Flicker feeds and podcasts! Suddenly, you are ready to publicize all of your content! PLAY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eUeL3n7fDs
  • TN -Social media seems to hold so much promise, but...But who creates the content? Who manages all of these channels? 
  • TN - What Kim and I are going to share with you today is a way to deploy social media in a way that helps you to have a clearer focus, with goals, content ideas, measurement and a plan that can tame those feelings of being overwhelmed by the sheer immensity of all you could do. We call it "connecting the dots" and we hope that it will give you some ideas to bring back to your chapter that will energize your board and help you achieve the goals and promise that social media initially seemed to hold. We'll also share some specific examples of how other associations are using social media to drive toward these goals.
  • KK - How carefully have you defined the audience you want to reach? What do they want? Where do they want to be? What kinds of things are they prone to share and talk about online?If your chapter is holding an event and your upcoming speaker writes a blog or has an ebook for download, your 20-somethings+ members really enjoy online viewing whereas older audiences might prefer buying a dead tree version at Amazon.com. Be aware of your audience’s preferences.
  • KK – How’s one way to get this information? Sending out a survey.
  • KK - Next, what action do you want these people you're targeting to take? Do you want them to attend your event? Do you want them to join SIM? Or are you simply looking for ways to raise SIM's visibility in your geographical area? These actions often happen in stages and one can lead to others as a potential member becomes a member and a member becomes a leader. Making those connections explicit and trackable are the key to social media success.
  • TN - For example, if your goal is to encourage members to join, your social media is only as good at recruiting as you make it easy for a potential member to find information and get approvals. KK – Give DNA example
  • KK – On SIM’s Facebook page, we have added a ContactMe application. ContactMe adds a tab on your organization’s Facebook Page with a contact form. This allows anyone visiting your Facebook page to easily get in touch with you at the very moment when they’re most interested. If you visit ContactMe, you can create free forms for your chapter to use. If you have a chapter page on facebook, you can use it there. Website form. Email form.
  • TN - Ask yourself how you've been using these channels so far? What have the obstacles to their success been? Is there a clear leader in terms of member adoption? What can be built on? What's clearly not working? It is worth having an ideation session with your board's leadership to collect information and orient yourself.
  • TN - Next steps: Are you on SIM Connect Group on LinkedIn? http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=1812580&trk=hb_side_g
  • TN - facebook.com/societyforinformationmanagement
  • KK Example: 20th anniversary for RLF is this year!
  • KK and TN - RLF pictures from 20 years ago?
  • KK and TN #SIMSummit
  • TN - Don't forget to join SIM Connect LinkedIn Group: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=1812580&trk=hb_side_g Chapter ChattereNewsletter
  • Todd Nilson is the Society for Information Management, national social media chair, and marketing chair for Wisconsin chapter. Todd is the Managing Director of Social and Talent Strategies for SPR Companies, an IT professional services firm with offices in Chicago, Milwaukee and Indianapolis. He has overseen multiple business units within SPR, including its internal recruitment, executive search and direct placement services. He is president of Social Syntax, a strategic advisory consultancy that helps companies build, execute and measure social media programs. Todd’s writings on the topics of recruiting process and virtual teamwork have been published by the American Society for Quality and the Encyclopedia for Human Resources Information Systems as well as in his own blog on hiring and related issues titled ‘talentline411’. He regularly speaks on the topics of recruiting, social media strategy, governance and execution of employer branding, effective job search techniques and networking.Kim Karagosian is the Director of Marketing at Association Headquarters (AH). Kim and her team of creative and dedicated professionals help AH and their client-partners in successfully planning and executing any and all marketing initiatives. Kim’s expertise spans from industry and trend analysis to social media, new product development, digital and conference marketing, and anything in between. Kim is frequently called upon to share her knowledge at the Mid-Atlantic Society of Association Executives (MASAE) Annual Conference and AH’s Leadership and Marketing events. Kim has lead campaigns for a diverse range of clients including, the Dermatology Nurses’ Association (DNA), The Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society™ (WOCN®), the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), and now SIM.
  • Expand your chapter's reach with social media

    1. 1. Kim Karagosian Director of Marketing Association Headquarters Todd Nilson Social Media Chair SIM Management CouncilApril 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    2. 2. Commonly Asked Questions from Chapters…• How do we leverage and share marketing ideas among chapters?• How do we use marketing to grow our chapter?• How do we create more chapter brand awareness?• What can SIM national do to help? April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    3. 3. Running a SIM chapter’s marketing isn’t easy!• Members... disconnected• Meeting attendance... sparse• Ability to reach technology leaders... lacking• Membership renewals... lagging• Awareness of your chapter... low April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    4. 4. Enter... SOCIAL MEDIA!April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    5. 5. By now, you know why your chapter needs social media...• Establish your brand• Create buzz, conversations• Raise awareness for your cause• Establish familiarity• Build a community & network• Be where your friends, fans, donors, and peers are• Get in front of the search engines• Become a thought leader April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    6. 6. So much promise... So little time! Who will write the content?Who will manage all of thesesocial media channels? April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    7. 7. Stop panic and get organized... CONNECT THE DOTS Social Media Strategy New Thought Publicity Attendance Leadership Members Shares Mentions Interaction Fans Followers Groups Facebook Twitter LinkedInApril 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    8. 8. AGENDA: Social Marketing tips for your SIM chapterFree (or low cost) ideas you maynot have thought of to...1.Boost site traffic2.Increase attendance of your events3.Encourage SIMposium attendance4.Grow your membershipWe will cover how to...•Plan and marshal your content•Interest and recruit potential members•Monitor and measure social media•Build engagement by showing examples fromother associations April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    9. 9. Audience comes first• Describe who you want to reach – Demographics (twenty-somethings, affluent) – Psychographics (entrepreneurs, techies)• What do they want? – What they read – What they talk about online – What kind of content they share Make.• Where do they congregate? Me. Care. – Facebook – LinkedIn – Twitter – None of the above? April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    10. 10. Survey current chapter members for segmentation• Keep invitation short• Use some of the data from last year’s & make them feel like they are a part of something big• Provide gift cards to the first 25 people to fill it out completely or a larger prize for one winner• Don’t send more than 2 reminder emails. Filter out email addresses of people who already responded.• Publish results April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    11. 11. Next, what action do you need them to take?• Be more aware of your SIM chapter• Attend a chapter event• Become a member• Contribute and interact regularly! April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    12. 12. Write it for themSometimes you just have to spell it out... Write a letterintroducing SIM and post it to your chapter’s website. Prospects andmembers can download and give it to their manager for approval.What to include: Why become a member Why attend your meetings Why attend SIMposiumExample: DNA’s Annual ConventionNeed help telling your supervisor why you should attend DNA’s 30th Anniversary AnnualConvention? Use this letter from the DNA President to show your supervisor what he orshe can gain from your attendance at this meeting. You can personalize thesetemplates with specific topics or sessions that you plan to attend, as well as show abreakdown of the costs associated with attendance. April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    13. 13. Make it easy to contact you adds a tab on SIM’s Facebook Page that generates acontact form, allowing anyone visiting your page to get in touchwith us at the very moment when they’re most interested. April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    14. 14. Develop a plan • What social media channels do you use now? • How have you used them so far? • What are your obstacles? Quantify? • Is there a clear leading channel that enjoys heavy user adoption? • Identify 2-5 channels to focus upon • Inventory your content assets • Create & use a messaging calendar • Be interesting • Be consistent with the SIM brand • Stick with the planApril 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    15. 15. Inventory your contentAdd these... Your content assets Chapter News Email Member updates Chapter News Blogs TONS of news to In-person Education+ + Forums = share on multiple Online Education Website social media Foundation Partner channels Partners Sites Sponsors and Exhibitors SIM Connect Newsletter April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    16. 16. Find new content (you don’t have to create it yourself)Helps you to• Discover articles you can repurpose• What cities are talking about relevant topics the most. This could be information used for regional events.• Who is talking about what? Understanding these conversations can lead to potential partnerships. April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    17. 17. April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    18. 18. Example: Chapter Marketing PlanMarketing Idea MediumFollow people on twitter that use keywords “technology” and “leadership” Social MediaAsk your committee to come up with questions and discussion topicsCreate # messages for twitter like #CIO or #CTO or #techleaders Social MediaCreate # of discussion questions for LinkedIn based SIM membership Social MediaDiscussion questions posted on member forums Association WebsiteCreate messaging for Facebook(repurpose and message some messages created for Twitter and LinkedIn) Social MediaPost messages on Facebook w/ link to product site Social MediaCreate dedicated email blast using thumbnail image, summary paragraph, who would beinterested in purchasing this, member v non member price and some bullets on key learnings EmailPut new events under latest news Association WebsiteRepost messages on Facebook Social MediaCreate 5 new messages for Twitter Social MediaCreate 2 new discussion questions for LinkedIn Social MediaNew discussion questions posted on member forums Association Website April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    19. 19. LinkedIn• Join related groups• Perform searches (by people, groups, updates, etc) to find prospects and see how many people are referencing your #hashtags or chapter April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    20. 20. April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    21. 21. Join SIM’s Google+ page• Post links about and pictures/ videos of chapter events• Hold virtual "hangouts" for your chapter• With Google +, Google is tracking the content being shared which helps with search rankings April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    22. 22. Join the SIM Facebook Page• Share photos and videos from your local events on the SIM National Facebook page• Post stories, announce chapter events• Engage existing members• Grow membership by posting regularly• People who like your Page will get updates in their News Feed.• Talk about your upcoming chapter event on your Facebook profile facebook.com/societyforinformationmanagement April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    23. 23. Define your KPIs (Examples) Engagement to influencers. Monitor and learn more about those key influencers who are talking about your brand and company in social media. By finding out where and how they are talking about you, you can reach out to them, connect and lay the groundwork for them to eventually become your advocates. Share of Voice. Compare your share of voice against your competitors on a regular basis. Is it improving? What is your strongest online channel? By identifying your strengths and weaknesses you can focus on improvement with better messaging and content.April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    24. 24. Track your resultsApril 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    25. 25. Use bit.ly to track your social media content’s popularity• Shortens URLs into trackable ones• Track the number of clicks your social media messages receive• Will help you to repost messages quickly• Gain an understanding of what messaging resonates best with your audienceExample:https://simnet.site-ym.com/store/list_products.asp?catid=93346Using bit.ly, it becomes http://bit.ly/Iqm53z April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    26. 26. Monitor multiple social media pages• Discover articles you can repurpose• Follow your speakers, board, and volunteers and see what they are tweeting about• Discover influencers and try to partner with them• Find potential members• Listen to a crisis before it happens April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    27. 27. April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    28. 28. Association ExamplesHighlighting 30-year Anniversarythrough Social MediaWhat were you thankful for this Thanksgiving?This Thanksgiving, Dermatology Nurses’ Association(DNA) was thankful for the first five presidents of theassociation. These women helped create such a positivecommunity of dermatology nurses. April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    29. 29. Then and NowStart thinking abouthow your chapter canuse RLF’s 20thanniversary as part ofyour messaging April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    30. 30. Association ExamplesStart thinking about howyour chapter canincorporate a tweet-uplounge and Twitternames on badges On-site: Tweet Up Lounge April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    31. 31. Thanks Question & Answer Follow us @kim323 @socialsyntax @SIMintAll images in this presentation are from http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/ or are free and open source. April 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›
    32. 32. Presenters: Todd Nilson and Kim KaragosianApril 2012 SIM Chapter Summit Page ‹#›