Every employer has a story to tell
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Every employer has a story to tell

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Communicating an employer’s brand entails a lot more than merely having a careers page on your website and a LinkedIn company profile. All companies have a story to tell, not only about their......

Communicating an employer’s brand entails a lot more than merely having a careers page on your website and a LinkedIn company profile. All companies have a story to tell, not only about their products and services, but also about why they’re a great (or terrible) place to work. These stories sometimes lurk in the “below the surface” world of word-of-mouth, namely the mouths of employees, of ex-employees, of investors, and of executives. But companies can no longer afford to allow these stories to remain part of the enterprise’s collective subconscious. An employer brand disconnected from the companies other marketing messages, or worse yet ignored, represents real risk that can be experienced as an ever-increasing difficulty when it comes to attracting, hiring and retaining talented employees.

In this presentation, Todd Nilson, a 15-year recruiting consultant and social media strategist, will outline some leading practices for an effective employer branding approach:

* Getting started or Cultural Anthropology for Business
* Laying out your employer brand strategy
* Considerations for integrating your employer brand with your overall marketing and branding efforts
* Matching up your social media campaigns with word of mouth marketing
* Revving up your Careers Pages for maximum effect
* Your active and passive digital employer brand
* Metrics, measurement and accountability for your employer branding

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  • 1. Every  employer  has  a   story  to  tell Your employer brand strategy via social media
  • 2. Is  your  employer  story   less  than  stellar? Come  work  for  us.  We’re  a   great  place  to  work.  Really!   We  really  mean  it.  C’mon! (Pay  no  aBention  to  the   ominous  smoke  stacks.)  
  • 3. Yesterday
  • 4. In  the  past,  our  channels   were  limited. •  Print•  Radio•  Television
  • 5. One-­‐‑way  communication We  are  an   Radio awesome   place  to  work! Print Television Potential   Hires ...
  • 6. Today
  • 7. Social  Media  =  mainstream 370Source:  Did  You  Know  4.0
  • 8. Social  Media  =  mainstream 370Source:  Did  You  Know  4.0
  • 9. Social  Media  =  mainstream 370Source:  Did  You  Know  4.0
  • 10. For  many  companies,  social  media  is  only  a...
  • 11. Short  Quiz 1.  I have a LinkedIn profile.2.  I have a Facebook profile.3.  I tweet.4.  I belong to one or more other social networks.5.  My company has hired someone I identified or attracted via one of these social networks.6.  I have tracked hiring results via social media.7.  My company has blocked one or more of these social networks.
  • 12. Who  uses  social  to  hire? •  Recruiters who look at social profiles... 86%•  Companies who reported hiring someone using... o  LinkedIn... 89% o  Facebook... 26% o  Twitter... 15%•  Social companies get 31% more employee referrals! Source:  Jobvite  2012  Survey
  • 13. Social  Media  Reaction  Scenarios Risk Benefits Trust Response Risk Benefits Perceived Actual High Low Low Control High None High Low Low Ignore High None Varies High Varies Explore Low Low Low High High Engage Low High While  organizations  that  aBempt  to  ignore  or  control  social  media  perceive  high  risk,   the  actual  risk  of  this  reaction  is  high  due  to  blind  spots,  missed  market   opportunities,  and  more  agile  competitors  who  realize  the  benefits  of  engaging.
  • 14. Social  Media  as  Irritant
  • 15. Omni-­‐‑directional  communication We  are  an   awesome   place  to  work! Broadcast Online Print Meh.  That’s   not  what  my   Facebook   friend  said!
  • 16. Planning  your  employer   brand  strategy Check and mate, old man!
  • 17. Social  Media  Business  Context Execution  Framework Social  Solution  Suite Results Accountability Mission Vision Business  Focus Interesting Channels Strategy Direction ROI Social   ü  Influence Media   ü  Engagement Timing ü  Placement Word  of  Mouth Marketing Message Brand Was  there  a  reaction? Public  Relations Advertising Was  it  the  reaction  we   wanted  to  achieve? Social  Media  KPI’s Company’s  actions Metrics  for   ü  Feedback ü  Targets  achieved Public  Policies Stories Accountability ü  Guidance Company   What  were  the  best   channels? How  do  we  do  beBer? Values Achievement  targets People Social  responsibility
  • 18. Social Solution Suite A  set  of  social  media  channels  and   the  means  of  measuring  actionable   outcomes  so  that  you  can  adjust  your   market  messages  to  best  effect  and  START  HERE maximize  your  Strategic  Objectives   Adjust  Message  
  • 19. Start  with  a  brand  audit •  Do you have a careers site?•  What drives prospective employees there?•  What do your current (and former) employees have to say about you? (glassdoor.com)•  Your online presence o  Discussion boards o  Blogs o  Facebook o  LinkedIn o  Twitter o  YouTube•  Benchmark your competitors o  Regional o  Global o  Top Brands outside your vertical
  • 20. Formulate  your     employer  brand  message •  Know your assets o  Pay o  Benefits o  Facility o  Upward mobility o  Technology o  Management team•  Elevator pitch•  Look the part•  Supporting documents•  Your online self (yes, you, not the company!)
  • 21. What  are  your  building  blocks? Great  story   Great  story   Great  story   demonstrating   demonstrating   demonstrating   how  cool  your   how  amazing rock  star  team shop  really  is  is  for  Brilliant  is  for  Amazing  Benefits is  for  Creative   Management Environment
  • 22. Building  the  brand What  you  convey  face-­‐‑to-­‐‑face Brochures,  LinkedIn  company  profile,  digital  communications Your  foundational  stories
  • 23. The  Direct  Approach
  • 24. Wabbit  Hunting •  LinkedIn / Facebook / Twitter Profile Searches•  LinkedIn Answers / Quora•  Hunt LinkedIn Groups•  Follow LinkedIn Companies•  Blog searches o  Via Technorati, Icerocket•  Google Alerts
  • 25. The  Indirect  Approach
  • 26. Honey  Pot •  Interesting blog content•  Webinars•  Viral videos about your company•  Thought leadership•  Conversation leadership•  Community creation o  Pinterest o  Instagram o  LinkedIn Groups•  White papers•  Traditional job posting
  • 27. Metrics  Accountability Awareness • Visits,  views,  followers,  fans,  subscribers,  mentions Influence • Share  of  voice,  sentiment,  top  influencers,  recurring  visitors Engagement • Shares,  replies,  wall  posts,  comments,  blog  entries Action  /  Conversion • Resumes  received,  interviews,  offers  extended Hired! Based  upon  image  by  Nichole  Kelly.  ABribution-­‐‑NoDerivs  2.0  Generic  (CC  BY-­‐‑ND  2.0)
  • 28. Insight  Tools Free Pay hBp://wiki.kenburbary.com/social-­‐‑meda-­‐‑monitoring-­‐‑wiki
  • 29. Tomorrow
  • 30. Prepare  for  more  disruptions Augmented  Reality
  • 31. Augmented  Reality Followers 12 Following 5
  • 32. Augmented  Reality EllKell: @talentline411 Waiting for my tweets and LinkedIn activity to yield $100K Followers 12 Following 5
  • 33. Prepare  for  future  disruptions... •  3D Printing•  Big Data•  Social CRM•  Bioscientific advances•  Cyborgification•  Artificial intelligence•  Quantum computing
  • 34. ...  and  their  impacts •  Ubiquity of connectedness (the good and bad of it)•  Organizational uncertainty / blurring•  Free agent nation•  Globalization, localization and extreme audience segmentation•  Gamification•  Social profiles replace resumes•  Predictive networks (Talentbin, Entelo)•  Extreme longevity forces companies to be friendlier to older “re-careering” employees•  Millennials demand a better candidate experience
  • 35. What  to  watch  for
  • 36. A  few  closing  thoughts •  Remain calm.•  Social engagement matters in the “War for Talent.”•  Personally embrace these tools and raise your awareness of what they can do.
  • 37. Special  Offer Connect with me online (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)and receive a free PDF guide: 99 Questions toStart Building a Better Employer BrandTodd Nilson@socialsyntax(414) 378-2083http://socialsyntax.net