Enterprise view of social media: Collaboration, Jetpacks and Ray Guns!


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Despite the wondrousness of Facebook and LinkediIn, these social networks and other tools like Wikipedia, YouTube and Twitter are pretty much a matter of course for us as individual users. But enterprises find themselves in a quandary, mostly because of access and security issues that using an open tool like these would entail. In the past few years, we've seen the rise of another category or layer of social media tools the emulate social media for consumers but are attempting to bridge the gap, addressing the concerns of the enterprise.

Okay, so i'll be talking about Yammer, SharePoint, NewsGator, etc. The problem is that these are old as dirt! They are not nearly as advanced as what's out on the front lines now. how can I start interacting as effectively with my work colleagues as I can my friends on Facebook? When there is a layer of security, what can I do to ensure collaboration within the enterprise on work projects?

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Enterprise view of social media: Collaboration, Jetpacks and Ray Guns!

  1. 1. An Enterprise View of Social Media,Collaboration, Jetpacks & Ray Guns
  2. 2. If collaboration & productivity are thegoal, why is it so much easier and more fun to share on Facebook? Hard to create Sharing restricted $ to implement Poor usability Enterprise 2.0 Forgot my password Highly structured (again) Hard to search Private Secure Free Free form Privacy Security structure Web 2.0 Easy sharing Great user Easy sign-up experience! Easy to comment Easy search Easy sign-in
  3. 3. Categorize your enterprise’s social media vehicle needs... Collaborate Build Teams Mentor & Create What is that? Comment Teach Content Some kind of Wiki? Curate & Share Store
  4. 4. Top Enterprise 2.0 platforms...
  5. 5. What’s at stake? Social Portal Empowered Employees ImprovedReduced Improved Improved Talent Costs Efficiency Morale Retention More SustainableInnovative Greater Profits Better ROI Differentiation Products
  6. 6. Why has social media for theShared enterprise failed? (so far)Experiences Immediate Challenges, Frustrations, Pain Points Does your portal address the critical need? Ever-changing business landscape...
  7. 7. Future impact? Organizational silos Fear of interacting with customers & partners Misapplied adoption approach results in surrender ThreatsTechnology will continue to enhance sharingMore ubiquitous (mobile)More fun TechMore open DriversEasier
  8. 8. socialsyntax ...Social media strategySocial business analytics & ROIMarket intelligenceCreative socialsyntax.net @socialsyntax 414.378.2083