Corrosion Protection for Gas Pipelines


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A case study on how Protective Packaging Corp. used scrim and VCI emitters, along with Protect 100 HD (HD 100), desiccants and VCI emitters for corrosion protection of gas pipelines while being stored outdoors for up to 2 years.

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Corrosion Protection for Gas Pipelines

  1. 1. CORROSION PROTECTION FOR GAS PIPELINESWeather is a natural enemy of many products. The combination of water, humidity andexposure to oxygen can rapidly cause the development of corrosion of oil and gaspipelines. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Office of Pipeline Safety,internal corrosion caused approximately 15% of all reportable incidents affecting gastransmission pipelines over the past several years, leading to an average cost of $3million annually in property damage. At Protective Packaging Corporation, we offer anumber of effective outdoor storage covering solutions as well as a wide variety ofproducts for use as corrosion protection on oil and gas pipelines.Case StudyA methane and natural gas company in Victoria, TX needed a solution to protect gaspipelines while being stored outdoors for up to 2 years. The solution had to protectequipment from moisture, debris and the elements in the humid climate of southernTexas.For this particular project, Protective Packaging used scrim and VCI emitters, along withProtect 100 HD (HD 100), desiccant and VCI emitters. Protective Packaging dispatchedon site packaging experts to implement the solution and successfully enclosed the gaspipeline equipment, preserving it during storage.Ultimately, this corrosion prevention solution kept the equipment in reasonable workingorder so that little prep work would be needed in the future before using it in production.
  2. 2. At Protective Packaging, we offer a range of VCI emitters that can be included withbarrier packaging for added rust protection. We also carry a variety of VCI papers,films, and wraps supersaturated with corrosion preventive chemicals. These materials canbe converted into VCI tubes and VCI bags of all sizes to meet your corrosion protectionneeds. Just give us the dimensions, and well make the bag!Call 1-800-644-4032 or visit our website at Wellroll up our sleeves and help you find solid corrosion prevention solutions that meet yourneeds and fit your budget.About Protective Packaging CorporationProtective Packaging specializes in protecting products, equipment, and machinery fromcorrosion, electrostatic discharge, contaminants, ultraviolet rays and dust during shippingand storage. Our corrosion protection products and services consist of: anti-static andstatic shielding bags, flexible packaging materials, moisture barrier bags, Mil-Spec(military specified) packaging materials, corrosion inhibitors, desiccants, humidityindicator devices, on-site packaging, packaging consulting, and custom-made packaging.