Terry Naranjo _ Resume and Portfolio of Selected Works


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Terry Naranjo _ Resume and Portfolio of Selected Works

  1. 1. Terry NaranjoRegistered Landscape Architect Resume and Portfolio of Selected Works
  2. 2. Terry Naranjo, RLA, MLA Education Work Experience Master of Landscape Architecture  2009- Present Novo Design Studio, LLC, Raleigh, NC North Carolina State University, 2012  2008-2009 CLH Design, PA, Cary, NC Raleigh, North Carolina  2007-2008 AECOM, Raleigh, NC  2003-2007 Design Plus Architects, Grand Rapids, MI Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, 1993  1994-2003 Hawkins Partners, Inc., Nashville, TN Michigan State University East Lansing, Michigan Registered Landscape Architect North Carolina Tennessee Selected Masters Coursework  Michigan  Advanced Geospatial Analytics (GIS 520)Terry Naranjo has over 15 years  Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences (ST 507)experience as a landscape architect. He  Grantwriting (PA 640) Selected Project Experiencehas managed and participated in a range of  Sustainable Communities (LAR 572) Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge Nashville, TNproject types. His experiences include  Ecological Design (LAR 578) East Bank Greenway, Nashville, TNbusiness development, client coordination, Kinston Music Park Kinston, NCmarketing, conceptual program Certificates Battle of Nashville Monument Nasvhille, TNdevelopment, schematic design, design  GIS Certificate, NC State University 2012 Shelby Bottoms Greenway Nashville, TNdevelopment, construction documents, Certificate of Accomplishment Hilton Park Nashville, TNdigital visualization, municipality ordinance in Teaching, (CoAT) Tennessee Titans NFL Stadium Nashville, TNcompliance documentation, bidding, Graduate School, NC State, 2012 Maneuver Center, Ft. Benning Columbus, GAconstruction administration and project Victoria Transit Station Re-Visioning London, UKcloseout. Honors and Accomplishments Mt . Baker Transit District Seattle, WA (ULI)  First Place – North Carolina Chapter Beaumont Baptist Hospital Beaumont, TX 2011 National ULI Hines Urban Design Wake County Continuum of Care Raleigh, NCContact: Competition Creston Corridor Master Plan Grand Rapids, MITerry Naranjo, RLA, MLA  Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike, 1999 South Shore Master Plan Holland, MI504 Princeton Street Central Michigan University Housing Mt. Pleasant, MIRaleigh, NC 27609 Studio One Urban Housing Detroit, MI Activities919.740.7825  Urban Land Institute Triangle Chapter  USGBC Triangle
  3. 3. INTERPRETIVE LANDSCAPESShelby Street BridgeNashville, TNThe Shelby Street Bridge, opened in 1909 was closed to vehicular traffic in 1999. It isnow a major pedestrian destination linking Downtown Nashville to the East-BankStadium Campus over the Cumberland River.Design Elements/ Project Summary Genius of structural support structure interpreted paving surface forms and detailing Cultural history of the ‘working waterfront’ celebrated through the integration of interpretive public art in the overlook guard rail panels Historical precedent of wood pavers restored in overlook decking. Views toward Downtown Nashville Ornamental Overlook Railing Paving/ Overlook Layout PlanDuring previous experience as Project Managerwith Hawkins Partners, Inc.
  4. 4. INTERPRETIVE LANDSCAPESEast Bank Greenway Nashville, TNA prominent downtown greenway adjacent to the Cumberland River is anintegral pedestrian oriented component of the Tennessee Titans NFLStadium campus.Industrial heritage of the existing site celebrated through preservedMonolithic found-art artifacts that were integrated into the landscape.Embedded directly into the concrete and earth, the relics allow visitors to‘discover’ historical evidence of an industrial heritage.Design Elements On-site post-demolition reconnaissance to recover industrial artifacts.Coordination with artists, sculptors, and metal fabricators. ADA compliant plaza layouts Fine grading, and detailing of hardscape elements. Site furnishing specification Lighting fixtures coordination Way-finding signage Monumental Scale ‘Found Art’ InstallationDuring previous experience as staff Landscape Architect withHawkins Partners, Inc. Required Coordination with CSX Railroad
  5. 5. INTERPRETIVE LANDSCAPESBattle of Nashville Monument ParkNashville, TNProject Summary:Design reflects the joining of forces between the AmericanNorth and South after the Civil War which enabled thetransformation of world order during WWI. The memorial,includes a new obelisk and Angel of Peace perched atopcarved out of solid granite and is a re-creation of ItalianSculptor Guissepe Morietti’s 1929 sculpture partiallydestroyed by a 1972 tornado.Design Elements Plaza and seat walls integrated into the topographyReconstructed “Peace Monument”Pedestrian circulation systems & passive gathering spaces Interpretive signageDuring previous experience as Project Manager withHawkins Partners, Inc.
  6. 6. FLUID LANDSCAPESShelby Bottoms GreenwayNashville, TNProject Summary:810 acre park along within Cumberland River floodplain offers 6 miles ofpaved multi-use trails and another 5 miles of primitive hiking trails. Along thetrails, visitors can enjoy boardwalks, scenic overlooks, interpretive stationsfor a variety of landscapes including wetlands and riparian areas. Visitorsare educated on the processes of water infiltration and habitat restoration.The area is a haven for migrating birds and other wildlife.Design elements Site sensitive parking lot configurationRiparian and upland native habitat plantings Way-finding signage Site furnishing specification Seating plaza and overlook design and detailsDuring previous experience as staff Landscape Architect with Hawkins Partners, Inc.
  7. 7. LAYERED LANDSCAPESImage Reclassification – GISBlack Water National Wildlife Refuge, MarylandProject DescriptionPerform a supervised classification using aerial photography with 4-band (true-color and color-infrared) and 1-foot resolution imageProblem:The increase of cultivated areas threatens ecologically sensitiveareas, such as wetlands, water and forest. The solution to mitigatethis problem was to identify the different classes types to formulate ‘Training Samples’ of the 4-band (true-color and color-infrared) and 1-footguidelines for the future. The categorization of the land cover resolution image inform the Image Classification Tool in ArcMapclasses (forest, cultivated field, barren area, developed/impervious,wetland and water) can be accomplished through the analysis ofaerial photography.Strategies:This image is resulted from remote sensing information thatprovides information about the features within the study area.Image Classification tool provide an computerized method toclassify the areas, classes in an image, by using training samplespolygon analysis per land cover class.Application:The classification and analysis of the different land cover areas allowsus to see the evolution of each class such as the increase ordecrease of natural areas in urban areas or to classify different spatialconfiguration of ecologically sensitive areas in regional landscapes.Coursework from GIS 520, Advance Geospatial AnalyticsNC State University
  8. 8. URBAN LANDSCAPESHilton Suites ParkNashville, TNProject SummaryThis rooftop park occupies anentire city block and covers severalhundred parking spaces below.Design forms were inspired by theadjacent contextual architecture ofthe Country Music Hall of Fameand the Downtown Arena.Design Elements Rooftop park Programmable publicgathering space Coordination with structuralengineer Inspired by adjacentarchitectural forms andgeometryDuring previous experience as staff LandscapeArchitect with Hawkins Partners, Inc.
  9. 9. URBAN LANDSCAPESUrban TownhomesNashville, TNProject Summary:This urban row-house project consists of 29 loft-style condominium unitscapturing views to the Tennessee State Capitol in Downtown Nashville.Design Elements: Semi-private gardens that define individual residences Simple plantings for low maintenance and seasonal interest. Unify the entire length of building Automatic irrigation system Automatic entry gate detailingDuring previous experience as Project Manager with Hawkins Partners, Inc.
  10. 10. URBAN LANDSCAPESDowntown Office Tower Streetscape Master Plan Nashville, TNProject Summary: Design Goals:Street-level site master plan  Unify the entire pedestrian level campusfor an office tower in Nashville,  Respond to architectural rhythmsTennessees downtown  Help create a Corporate Identityfinancial district.  Activate the pedestrian spaces  Incorporate Cultural Heritage of Nashville as ‘Athens of the South’  Provide a gateway into the city Existing Office Tower – 17 StoriesDuring previous experience as Project Manager with Hawkins Partners, Inc. ‘Court of Columns’
  11. 11. URBAN LANDSCAPESBrownfield DevelopmentSite Feasibility Study Mixed Use Option Stadium OptionFlorence, SCProject Summary:The two plans shownexplore options andmaximize potential for anexisting downtownBrownfield site.Mixed-Use Option• Buildings form urban edge Pedestrian scale spaces Multiple axis alignments Outdoor dining areas Gathering spacesStadium Site Option Mixed use approach Pedestrian scale spaces On-street commercial space integrated into stadium structure Outdoor dining terrace Lawn-area seatingDuring previous experience as Project Managerwith AECOM
  12. 12. URBAN LANDSCAPES New Town Center Plan Chengdu, China Project Summary: This plan is the central business district of a larger community that incorporated a golf course and residential sections in an active ‘sports themed’ development. Design Elements  Mix of themed uses including hotel, coliseum, commercial districts, and entertainment districts and high density residential areas.  Central ceremonial plaza  Selection of images that convey a sense of cultural and spatial understanding  River Walk  Vehicular circulation patternsDuring previous experience as Principal of Novo Design Studio incollaboration with Rick Robbins Golf Course Architecture
  13. 13. URBAN / TRANSIT LANDSCAPES2011 ULI Hines Urban Design Competition – First Place , NC ChapterMt. Baker Station Seattle, Washington "North Rainier, a Design to Nurture Growth" focused on creating a revitalizedurban core in an existing underutilized commercial/ industrial area in central Seattle.By combining the efforts of architects, landscape architects and MBA disciplines thecompetition sought a design solution that was based both on creativity,functionality, and economic feasibility. Goals of the project were to create a mixeduse village that could leverage the newly constructed light-rail station with newprogrammatic elements in a dynamic walkable urban realm.
  14. 14. URBAN/ TRANSIT LANDSCAPESVictoria Station Revisioning, London, UK A proposal for a re-envisioned transit hub in Central London, the master plan utilizes a concept inspired by the ‘Warp and Weft’ of the existing urban fabric and explores the integration of a new pattern language into an existing linear rail vocabulary. Cross linkages span linear ‘vectors’ that mimic the linear rail corridor. Urban spaces are strategically situated to form pockets of public, democratic ‘moments’. Within the station itself, legibility and clarity were the primary goals. Combining transit modes both through circulation and proximity created new opportunities to enhance the transit experience. Re-programmed Transit Hub Victoria Gardens
  15. 15. URBAN/ TRANSIT LANDSCAPESProposed Eccleston Square, London, UKSection through new Eccleston SquareRendering of Eccleston Square
  16. 16. CAMPUS LANDSCAPESTennessee Titans Stadium Nashville, TNNFL stadium campus in a downtown setting; Situated on theCumberland River directly across from the Central BusinessDistrict of Downtown Nashville.The architectural vernacular was inspired by the site’s industrialheritage. Design elements celebrated the use of visibleinfrastructure and basic materials of concrete and steel.Project Summary: Urban forestry compliance documentation Design and detailing of pedestrian entry gate plaza paving areas. Spot grading and drainage Site furnishings specification for greenway segments Complete irrigation system design.During previous experience as Project Managerwith Hawkins Partners, Inc. and in partnership with Peter Lindsay Schaudt Rendering by HOK SportLandscape Architecture Monumental ‘Found Art’ Installations Spot Grading Plan at South Pedestrian Entrance
  17. 17. CAMPUS LANDSCAPESArmy Maneuver Center of ExcellenceFort Benning, GAProject Summary:The project involved coordination with the architect and civilengineer to develop site plan elements which included alarge scale gathering courtyard for a LEED Certifiedclassroom building.Design Elements LEED Documentation for site related points Creation of monumental scale pedestrian plaza Heat Island reduction, and water reduction Form generating site-design patterns developed from careful study of architecture Sketch-Up modeling Radial courtyard off main dining hall for outdoor gathering Pedestrian spaces in Central Courtyard During previous experience as Project Manager with AECOM Sketchup rendering of Central Entry Courtyard
  18. 18. CAMPUS LANDSCAPESWake County Continuum of CareRaleigh, North CarolinaProject Budget: $22.7 Million; Construction Schedule: Fall2010; Client: Wake County Tree Conservation Area Ordinance Calculations Design Elements  Celebration of entry and highlighting of significant architectural work. Creation of a dynamic counterpoint to the modern architecture and materials of the building.  Create a sense of arrival.  Bold planting scheme to highlight the patterns and rhythms of architecture.  Create a functional pedestrian/ vehicular experience that combines modern forms with natural materials.  Tree Conservation Area Plans Main Entry Vehicular Circulator and Pedestrian Entry Plaza During previous experience as Project Manager with CLH Design, PA.
  19. 19. HEALING LANDSCAPESMemorial Hermann Baptist Beaumont Hospital Beaumont, TexasProject SummarySite design of overall medical campus including semi-private open air areas for patients,visitors, and employees that are both functional and therapeutic. Project Responsibilities: • Project management for landscape architectural design and CA services • Coordination with architect, civil, MPE, interiors • Design and detailing of hardscape and softscape elements • Specification of site furnishings and site lightingRadial patterns extend lines, forms and materials of the architecture.During previous experience as Project Managerwith Hawkins Partners, Inc.
  20. 20. HEALING LANDSCAPESResthaven Retirement CourtyardHolland, MIProject Summary:A six-story building in a small existingdowntown setting had nowhere forresidents to sit and relax outdoors.Two options were provided toconvert a concrete parking area intoa passive seating area with ‘Organic’ Optionplantings, benches, fountains andhand-on planting beds.Design Elements Provide semi- private outdoor pedestrian space Integrate into existing downtown streetscape. Intimate seating areas Allow for fellowship between residents. Allow views into street Small community garden existing Responded to the architectural patternsDuring previous experience as Project Manager withDesign Plus, Inc. Symmetry Option Fountain
  21. 21. HEALING LANDSCAPESSunrise Assisted Living Care FacilityGrand Rapids, MIProject Summary:Creating an outdoor living experience for an assisted living facility.Project goals include enabling social interaction through intimatepedestrian gathering spaces and interaction with natural areas andhands-on gardening opportunities. Design Elements and Responsibilities: •Coordination with architect and civil engineer, MPE, and interiors. •Submittals to Municipal planning agencies •Site design and detailing of circulation systems, hardscape, plantings and site amenities. During previous experience as staff Landscape Architect with Design Plus, Inc.
  22. 22. CORPORATE LANDSCAPESPrimus Financial CenterBrentwood, TNProject Summary:This park-like courtyard setting for a corporate client providesan outdoor amenity for employees and visitors. Informalseating areas and gathering spaces allow for an interactionin a natural setting.Design Elements and Responsibilities Pedestrian circulation system design Planting design Specialty paving detailing Mist fountain detailing Site furnishings/ lighting Courtyard hardscape design and details Seatwalls integrated with native stonesDuring previous experience as staff Landscape Architectwith Hawkins Partners, Inc.
  23. 23. CORPORATE LANDSCAPESGentex Corporate HeadquartersZeeland, MI Project Summary: An automotive glass manufacturing facility landscape includes the main corporate ‘front door’ experience and a motor court for entry, parking, and drop-offs. The materials and processes of the project reflect (literally) the elements manufactured in the facility; glass. Recycled glass aggregate and reflective water celebrates the material and Design Elements character of the company’s primary product.  Architectural forms inform site patterns  The reflective of water, light, and glass Site planning addresses vehicular circulation and pedestrian  Illuminated bands of recycled glass patterns. The project involved the creation of pedestrian  Large scale tiered water feature gathering spaces and site amenities. During previous experience as staff  Corporate identity signage Landscape Architect with Design Plus, Inc.
  24. 24. CORPORATE LANDSCAPESDell Manufacturing FacilityNashville, TNProject Summary:This corporate facility project needed a strongyet subtle main entrance experience. A simpleplant palette was chosen to highlight thearchitecture.The architecture provides clues to inform scaleand rhythm.Design Elements Large planting masses Bold landscape statements Visual connection to Architecture Pedestrian circulation system Site furnishing & Lighting Pedestrian Entry CourtyardDuring previous experience as staff Landscape Architect with HawkinsPartners, Inc.
  25. 25. CORPORATE LANDSCAPESCorporate Facility Office BuildingDurham, NC Project Summary: Design Elements The project involved coordination with the  Permeable paving hardscape architect to develop an outdoor courtyard  Drought tolerant plantings space to function as a permeable surface  Formal and informal seating options and programmable pedestrian gathering  Site lighting and furnishings space. During previous experience as Project Manager with CLH Design, PA.
  26. 26. INFRASTRUCTURE LANDSCAPES Creston Corridor Grand Rapids, MI Master plan for this existing 3/4 mile roadway corridor within the culturally diverse and historic Creston Neighborhood in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Design Elements: Neighborhood Square  Renovation of public realm of  Pedestrian scale spaces streetscapes and public spaces  Public art  Community charrette facilitation  Relocated Monument  Traffic calming  Site furnishings  On-street parking reconfiguration  Interactive at-grade fountain  Central neighborhood ‘square’.  Outdoor café Way-finding signage Neighborhood ‘Square’  Public art locations  Gateway considerationsDuring previous experience as staff Landscape Architect withDesign Plus, Inc.
  27. 27. INFRASTRUCTURE LANDSCAPES South Shore District Holland, MI Project Summary: This plan for an existing commercial district creates an important link between an historic neighborhood a marina area/ shoreline greenway along Lake Macatawa. Existing Site Conditions Design elements  Streetscape enhancements  Re-organized vehicular and pedestrian circulation systems  Parking lot re-configuration  Public art location identification  Outdoor dining terraces  Community park  District identifying gatewaysDuring previous experience as staff Landscape Architect withDesign Plus, Inc.
  28. 28. INFRASTRUCTURE LANDSCAPES Chicago Drive Corridor Median -- Landform Study Holland, MIDuring previous experience as staff Landscape Architect withDesign Plus, Inc.
  29. 29. INFRASTRUCTURE LANDSCAPESInterstate 95 -- Interchange Landscape PlanWalterboro, SCDuring previous experience as Project Manager with AECOM
  30. 30. MIXED USE LANDSCAPESMixed Use Development Master PlanApex, NCMixed use site Master Plan for a 110 acre site ineastern Wake County integrates variety of housingtypes, commercial, office, and mixed retail spaces.Design Elements: Integrated pedestrian connectivity Variety of spatial experiences Urban Edges Axial orientation Integrated natural areas Enhanced public realm Community gathering spaces
  31. 31. Terry Naranjo, RLA, MLA504 Princeton StreetRaleigh, NC 27609919.740.7825 Ttnaranjo.nc@gmail.com