Improving students’ academic achievement in biology subject-Jaffna Hindu College Experience


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Paper presented on National Conference on regional Development 2011 at South Eastern University of Sri Lanka 10th & 11th December 2011

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Improving students’ academic achievement in biology subject-Jaffna Hindu College Experience

  2. 2. Introduction• In today’s climate of school accountability, it is of paramount importance for educators to search for ways to improve student achievement.• Jaffna Hindu College is a leading National school in the Jaffna district.• There are 2315 students in this school. Students are selected to this school on merit. Most of the students have passed the Grade-5 examination.
  3. 3.  Students’ G.C.E (O/L) achievement is also satisfactory. In last two years this school obtained 100% pass in G.C.E (O/L). But the G.C.E (A/L) performance is degreasing in recent years. 65 students did not passed any one of the subjects in last year. So, due to the above reason this project has become predominant. The following graph illustrates the “Percentage of failures in all three subjects in G.C.E(A/L) in Bio- stream”
  4. 4. Percentage of Failures in all three subjects in G.C.E (A/L)in Bio stream 25percentage of failures 20 15 10 5 0 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Year
  5. 5. Problem of the study The purpose of this action research was to improve the academic achievement of a group of G.C.E(A/L) students Biology. Twenty two students from a J/Hindu College and their parents participated in this study . There are 61 students studying bio – stream in Grade - 13 (batch of 2012). Out of 61 students only 22 weak students were selected for this study. The performance in Biology during last three terms degreased. (The following graph illustrates their performance.
  6. 6. 1st ,2nd and 3rd term marks of the students in the Biology subject9080706050 First Term marks 2nd Term Marks40 3rd term302010 0 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V
  7. 7. Objectives of the Research• To identify the problems faced by students regarding learning of Biology in the school.• To identify the problems faced by students regarding learning of Biology at home and private tuitions.• To increase the academic achievement level of each student in Biology by 10%.
  8. 8. Data collection methodsTo collect data a variety of techniques were used1. Pre-survey for students2. Post-survey for students3. Interviews with parents4. Conducted parent-teacher conferences5. Pre test in Biology6. Post test in Biology7. Data got from documents(Marks schedule, Attendance Register)
  9. 9. Problems faced by students regarding learning of biology in their home(based of student’s responses)• Laziness• Duration of learning is less at home• No self learning at home• Often sleepy in class• There is no proper place for study at home• There is no hard work• Memorization is difficult• There is no freedom at home• Loss of Memory
  10. 10. Methods which were used to improve the students’ academic achievement Conducted extra classes (morning & evening classes) Conducted more practical sessions Organized and arranged local fieldtrip within Jaffna Encouraged Biology related group activities Conducted remedial teaching Enhancing Biology instruction via Multimedia presentations Established “Nature Appreciation Club”(NAC) in school in and encouraged students to be involved biology related activities through this club. Conducted parent-teacher meeting regularly. Encouraged students participating in biology seminar, conducted by Professor. Sarath Gottagama
  11. 11. Enhancing Biology instruction via Multimedia presentations
  12. 12. Encouraged students to involve Biologyrelated group activities(Group projects)
  13. 13. Established “Nature Appreciation Club”(NAC) in the School
  14. 14. Conducted more practical sessions to the students
  15. 15. Conducted local fieldtrip within Jaffna
  16. 16. Data Analysis • Students’ background information Fathers occupation Electrician Hindu priest 5% 5% Driver 4% Businessmen 36% Farmer 27%
  17. 17. Mothers’ Occupations• Only one student’s mother is Nurse• Other Students’ mothers are house wives.
  18. 18. Students’ background biology knowledge determined through G.C.E(O/L) result G.C.E(O/L) result in Science subject F 0% S A 0% 0% B 45% C 55%
  19. 19. Comparison of students’ pre-test and post-test marksStudent Pre-test Post-Test Student Pre-test Post-test marks marks marks marksA 62 69 M 16 32B 42 50 N 36 40C 50 55 O 43 52D 66 73 P 33 40E 54 63 Q 35 41F 54 56 R 35 45G 42 50 S 48 55H 38 45 T 59 52I 58 64 U 54 60J 56 63 V 39 45K 44 50L 59 65
  20. 20. Conclusions• Post test marks of the students are higher than the pre-test marks.• Regular attendance to the school is also increase the students’ academic achievement. (Pearson’s product movement correlation between average attendance and pre-test marks is 0.6198462)• The incorporation of IT into the biology classroom can be accomplished by approaching a variety avenues. The complexity of the biology topics introduced can be overcome by connecting the biological principles to the students’ “real-world” experiences.
  21. 21. Conclusions(cont..)• Part of the solution to improve biology education is to help ensure that students are taught by teachers with expertise in their subject areas.• Parents often with their child’s teachers not to disturb but to receive feedback as how your child is doing in science courses and to uplift the child’s performance.• Parent – teacher corporation help to improve the students’ achievement.
  22. 22. Recommendations for future researchThe researcher recommended that this study be;o Replicated to include other factorso Replicated for other subjects and other G.C.E(A/L) streams to generate longitudinal data.o Expanded to a larger population
  23. 23. References1. Moza Ali Essa Alboainain(2008), Improving students’ achievement through parent communication2. Styron,R.&Peasant , E.(2010), Improving Student Achievement: can 9th Grade Academies Make a Difference? International Journal of Education Policy and Leadership 5(3). Retrived[DATE] from Cheryl Berg(2008), Academic Emotions in student achievement: Promoting Engagement and Critical Thinking through Lessons in Bioethical Dilemmas.4. Karla B.Duvall, Increasing student achievement through the use of reading strategy: Accelerated Reader5. De.Fonseka,P&N (2007), Teaching the science of life at G.C.E (A/L), Daily News,06/11/2007.6. Vinobaba,P , Importance of Science education to students and society.
  24. 24. THANK YOU