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  • 1. ADTECH Analytics for Publishers, Ad Networks, Agencies and Advertisers
  • 2. Introduction ADTECH Analytics Need for sophisticated, quality data analysis § To provide efficient conversion of available data into useful information § To explore the interrelationship of data through an interactive multi dimensional model § To improve business performance through data analysis Need for Business Intelligence tool § To provide data visualization, interactivity and ad hoc analysis § To support better business decision-making Fulfilling the Need – ADTECH Analytics tool § Enables the comprehensive exploration of data relationships and the considerable advantages of a BI tool § Empowers users to be independent through a self-service analytics solution
  • 3. ADTECH Analytics – Purpose More in-depth analysis of data Provides immediate access to customer data with powerful, easy-to-use analytical application Integrates data in multiple, unique ways to achieve new consolidated findings Provides historical, current and predictive views of business operations Gives a comprehensive view of business, allowing customers to make better decisions
  • 4. ADTECH Analytics – Self-Service Data Model Exploring data Query/view and analyze data without limits Explore and drill down to data of interest Study data through statistical analysis to understand historical patterns with an eye to predicting and improving future performance
  • 5. ADTECH Analytics – Visual Analytics Presenting data Data is presented in an accurate, clear, concise and effective manner offered through a visual analytics approach From a high level chart, drill down, zoom into details for any specified segment Multi-dimensional data is easily explored by moving from one level of detail to the next Sub-levels are only limited by the granularity of the data Data will be presented in new formats that enable efficient data analysis
  • 6. ADTECH Analytics – Target Audience Who is the audience? Executive Management § Decision makers need an "easy-to-use" tool that is attractive to them Marketing/Sales Managers § Information can be used for future sales/ marketing decisions Ad Operation Team § Traffic Managers can easily query data they are interested
  • 7. ADTECH Analytics Analytics Dashboard On the Analytics dashboard, you see the six most important events for the top entities in your network. Each event contains entities and values and a graph that visualizes the most important information.
  • 8. ADTECH Analytics Analytics Dashboard Navigation from high- level aggregates to individual records Provides statistics on § Revenue, Impressions, Clicks, eCPM, CPM and CPC § Campaign-, Customer-, Advertiser-, Website-, Page and Placement- level
  • 9. ADTECH Analytics Interesting use cases Impressions per campaign type and date Top 10 Advertiser by Impressions Top 10 Websites by Impressions Top 10 Sales Person by Revenue Top 10 Campaigns by Impressions / Revenue Top 10 Customers by Impressions
  • 10. ADTECH Analytics Campaign Analytics All Campaigns in network can be analyzed through a variety of parameters § (e.g. Revenue, Impressions, CTR, eCPM)
  • 11. ADTECH Analytics Campaign Analytics Selected entities appear in blue Assigned entities appear in white Not assigned entities appear in grey All tables and graphs update themselves based on the selection
  • 12. ADTECH Analytics Website Analytics All websites in network can be analyzed by a variety of parameters § (e.g. Revenue, Impressions, eCPM)
  • 13. ADTECH Analytics Website Analytics Select website or page - assigned pages will be listed with the relevant information (e.g.Revenue, Impressions, eCPM) Drill-down into the data as needed
  • 14. ADTECH Analytics Compared Periods Two different time periods can be compared in regards to generated revenue A tachometer visually displays the tendency
  • 15. ADTECH Analytics Simulation Revenue can be simulated by changing the factors Clicks, Impressions, CPM and CPC Graph visually displays real revenue versus simulated revenue
  • 16. ADTECH Analytics Further features Interaction of the tabs § Select data within one tab (e.g. Campaign Analytics) § Data in the other tabs (e.g. Website Analytics) will be updated based on selected entities Bookmark function § Specific selection can be bookmarked and shared with other users Select peaks within a graph and zoom into the data
  • 17. ADTECH Analytics – Advantages The business intelligence tool in ad serving In-depth insights into ad campaign performance to maximize effectiveness § Links and correlates individual campaign parameters together § Allows the relations of data to sales trends § Enables information to be recycled back into system to improve ongoing performance Comprehensive analysis of all ad server data relevant to campaign roll-out and sales trends § Integrated into the ADTECH ad server user interface as an add-on feature § Provides detailed insights into the delivery and performance of ad campaigns, ad placements and banner sizes within a time period of two years § Expands focus from single parameters - link and correlate all report data together Greater transparency to your ad management business § Analyzing past, monitoring current and planning future campaigns § Perfect for documenting sales trends, executing back-simulations and optimizing revenue More cost efficient than buying a separate BI software
  • 18. ADTECH Analytics – Use Cases Application for all business models in ad serving Publishers § Highlight any unused potential in the range of marketing services Ad Networks § Track the delivery of ad impressions and level of usage throughout their network § Monitor performance of each individual websites in the portfolio Agencies/Advertisers § Analyze the performance of campaigns to achieve the best results and click rates § Optimize campaign management and conversion rates
  • 19. ADTECH · Holden House, 3rd Floor · 57 Rathbone Place · London, W1T 1JU · United Kingdom Phone: +44 20 7291-4900 · Fax: +44 20 7291-4950 · · · An AOL Company