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  1. 1. ABTCO Claim Form First Time Filing <br />
  2. 2. Part A<br />A: You need to check the box that says you are the current home owners on the title of the home and put down all the homeowners names and their information. <br />
  3. 3. Part B<br />-You need to check if your home was new or previously owned when you bought it . If you are the second homeowner you need to put the year that your home was built. <br />-For number of structures put the number one.<br />-For type of structure put single family dwelling <br />
  4. 4. Part C, D, and E <br />C: You need to provide a warranty deed and a current utility bill. <br />D: You need to provide a 2in by 2in sample cut. <br />E: You need to put the year your home was built and provide a certificate of occupancy (or also known as a year built card)<br />- Check no where they are asking if the siding have been removed or replaced<br />If you need help finding your Warranty Deed or Certificate of Occupancy refer to slide #8 <br />
  5. 5. Part F, G, and H<br />F: You need to put that you have painted at least every 5 – 6 years <br />G: skip DO NOT fill out. If you have filed a previous claim then you need to print off the SUB CLAIM FORM<br />H: SKIP <br />
  6. 6. Part I<br />For Tax information there are 3 questions and for all of them check no. Since you answered no to all the tax questions you do not have to provide your social security number. <br />
  7. 7. Part J and K <br />J: Provide directions from the nearest highway to your home <br />K: leave this section blank <br />Now all you have to do is sign and date your paperwork!!!<br />
  8. 8. Warranty Deed <br />Jackson County<br /><ul><li>http://records.Jacksongov.org
  9. 9. Click I agree to the disclaimer
  10. 10. Click “Official Public Records”
  11. 11. Search under Grantee (your last name first), select Warranty Deed under document type, and type your city in Subdivisions and then click search</li></ul>Johnson County<br /><ul><li>To receive a warranty deed youmust either go to the Records office or mail in a request with Page numbers and book number of deed (they can call in and ask them to look up the page numbers- $1 per page) then youmust mail it into:
  12. 12. P.O. Box 700 Olathe, Kansas 66051
  13. 13. The telephone number for the Records department is 913-715-0775</li></ul>Clay County<br /><ul><li>Recorders Office: 816-407-3550
  14. 14. Recorder.claycogov.com
  15. 15. On left hand side click Online Access and then click it again in the drop down </li></ul> Menu <br /><ul><li>Click Online Access Systems on top
  16. 16. Login as GUEST
  17. 17. Search under first and last name</li></li></ul><li>Certificate of Occupancy <br />Jackson County <br /> - Call the Assessors office: 816-881-4541<br />Johnson County (Assessor’s #: 913-715-9000) <br /> - Go to http://lang.jocogov.com <br /> - You can print your year built card off here<br /> - Or you can call the Assessor’s office: 913-715-9000<br />Clay County <br /> - Claycogov.com <br /> - Click enter to go into site <br /> - Click County Government and there will be a drop down menu and click <br /> County Offices <br /> - Click Assessor’s Office <br /> - Click Real Estate on top menu bar<br /> - Click Online Parcel Search <br /> - Click I agree <br /> - Search under property address and fill in Street number and name <br />