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Addwallet how it works.docx 11.docx2

  1. 1. is the latest program buzzing on the blocks. It’s basically an enhanced version of zeek and hence isgaining popularity pretty quickly.THE ADMINFour businessmen, with over 20-years experience owning and running multi-million dollar onlineinternet businesses that sold website traffic, SEO marketing, etc., saw the Zeek business model,and decided in January of 2013 to create a new business, designed around what was probablythe greatest compensation plan ever created, the Zeek "revenue share" model!However, they realized it had to be 100% "legit" and "compliant" right out the gate.* Luis Cordero (CEO of AdWallet) created AddWallet with a purpose.In his Mission Statement he said he wanted to: "Create The Best Home Based MoneyMaking Vehicle In the World!"* AddWallet is owned by "Cartera International," an Ecuadorian-based legal corporation.* AddWallet is going to drive a tremendous amount of traffic to everyones websiteincluding major corporations, and generate "A Massive Advertising Revenue For ItsMembers Passively!"*AddWallet is completely offShore (Panama & South America ), opening Its office InEcuador in February!* AddWallets attorney & management team worked tremendously to ensure they arenot shut down for any reason whatsoever!* AddWallets management team collectively has over 20 years industry-related experience!* Soft launch beta testing began January 18, 2013 so this is excellent timing to get involved.AddWallet Membership Level : Addwallet offers 3 membership levels Silver @ $10 Monthly Gold @ $50 Monthly Diamond @ $100 MonthlyAddWallet Ad units Packages : Addwallet offers 11 adunits packages. Basically each ad unit costs only $1but they can be bought in packages ranging from $1 to $5000 1. 1 ad units package @ $1 2. 5 ad units package @ $5 3. 10 ad units package @ $10 4. 20 ad units package @ $20 5. 50 ad units package @ $50
  2. 2. 6. 100 ad units package @ $100 7. 250 ad units package @ $250 8. 500 ad units package @ $500 9. 1000 ad units package @ $1000 10. 2500 ad units package @ $2500 11. 5000 ad units package @ $5000COMPENSATION PLAN1) PASSIVE REVENUE SHAREBuy Ad Units (AUs) for $1 each to get views to your website and earn your dailyrevenue share, which averages 1-2% daily, compounded at 100%!* You can purchase $1 - $10,000 in AUs!* Multiple accounts allowed per household!* Just view 7 websites for 20 seconds each, every day, to qualify for daily revenue share!* Other virtual products & services coming soon to add to the daily revenue share potential!2) MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOMEMembers must Upgrade to Silver ($10); Gold ($50) or Diamond($99).From this you also earn on a 2x15 matrix.* 2x15 matrix pays $0.30 - $2 per week, per affiliate subscription, on their monthlysubscriptions, and totals up to over $131,000 per month!* Direct "Enroller Bonus" pays 20% per month, per subscriber you refer, up to $20per month each!No Sponsoring Required for matrix earnings!Matrix earnings is dependent on Upgrade level:Silver affiliates earn on a 2x10 matrix.Gold and Diamond affiliates earn on a 2x15 matrix.3)REFERRAL COMMISSIONSYou get up to 2 Generations of "AddGroup Bonuses," .This depends on your upgrade level:Silver Upgrades earn : 7% Gen 1Gold Upgrades earn: 7% Gen 1 & 5% Gen 2 Diamond Upgrades earn : 10%Gen 1 & 5% Gen 2Note: These Bonuses are paid immediately on the AUs purchased by your1st and 2nd generation affiliates, as well as their daily revenue share earnings!* Commissions paid DAILY, weekly and monthly via Payza & STP, with low $10withdrawal request.*Join Free Now (Payza & STP Manual Approvals)!* Upgrade to Silver ($10); Gold ($50) or Diamond ($99). Refer 5 and BREAK-EVEN every month!* Withdraw up to 75% daily* Minimum withdrawal $10* Withdraw earnings via payza and STP, and debit card coming soonHow to get started (pictures)JOIN ME HERE:
  3. 3. Home page scroll down  acccounts profile.The next step is to fund your account.
  4. 4. Stp is automated. For payza you need to fund your account manually. In a while and payza will be automated.Funds loaded with Payza will be visible in your Virtual Wallet within 24 Hours or less.You will see themoney here.Choose your subscription and purchase.
  5. 5. You can see this now at the top of the page.Remain on step 2 and now you have to purchase ad credits which give you the daily earnings.
  6. 6. This is your ad units and your daily earnings.To get paid you must see 7 ads daily. Press traffic tab click on view biz ads. View 7 ads daily and you are done.You are now qualified for cash rewards.
  7. 7. Join now me at your skype contactsSkype name: tmjavanadzeJoin our successful team