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Patient Monitoring Online, pumpsandpipesmdhc
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Patient Monitoring Online, pumpsandpipesmdhc


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 1. Patient Monitoring Online Faisal Masud MD, FCCP Medical Director Cardio-Vascular Intensive Care Methodist DeBakey Heart Center Associate Professor Of Clinical Anesthesiology Weill Medical College Of Cornell University Pumps & Pipes 1
  • 2.
    • To err is human: Building a safer health system (Institute Of Medicine Report)
    Pumps & Pipes 1
  • 3. Objectives
    • The Need for Online Monitoring
    • What is the current Status ?
    • How does the future Look?
    • How can we learn from the Oil & Gas Industry?
    Pumps & Pipes 1
  • 4. What is the Need?
    • Physicians and healthcare providers are Data Driven
      • 1. Hands on Data ( physical examination)
      • 2. Data from other sources ( labs, x-ray etc.)
    • Walk into any Hospital, especially the Intensive Care Unit and they are data Hubs
    Pumps & Pipes 1
  • 5.
    • Decision support tools
    • Not enough Doctors, especially Specialists, are available to meet the requirement
    • Quality Initiatives
    • Safety Measures
    Pumps & Pipes 1
  • 6. Current Status
    • Online monitoring is expanding
    • From Remote ICU monitoring to e-mail communication between Physicians and patients.
    • X-rays, CT scans are being read at locations other than hospital and patient decisions are being made
    Pumps & Pipes 1
  • 7. World's First Hospital To Introduce Remote Presence Robots In ICU Science Daily (Mar. 15, 2005) Pumps & Pipes 1
  • 8. Roaming robots give doctors remote access to hospital patients 24/7 29 November 2006 Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas has two robots. Pumps & Pipes 1
  • 9. CNBC On the Money Pumps & Pipes 1
  • 10. Telemedicine
    • The e ICU® and New Business Models in Health Care
      • By Molly Joel Coye, M.D., MPH
    Pumps & Pipes 1
  • 11.
    • The Doctor Is (Plugged) In
    • How remote patient monitoring lets fewer specialists provide more attentive care
    Pumps & Pipes 1
  • 12. Future
    • With increasing technology, ease of use, & growing acceptability by both healthcare providers and patients, ON Line monitoring will increase
    • It will be breaking down barriers between countries; however, medico-legal aspects would have to addressed
    Pumps & Pipes 1
  • 13. How can we Collaborate with Oil & Gas Industry?
    • You all have been far ahead of us in application of On line monitoring
    • It’s all about DATA
    • Whether patients/ a pipe line/ a remote station, etc.
    Pumps & Pipes 1
  • 14. Petrotech (Journal)
    • Society doctor system. On-line monitoring of oil composition gas concentration using laser spectroscopy
    • Now we also use Laser technology, how can we find a common link?
    Pumps & Pipes 1
  • 15. Questions?