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So You Think There's Nothing To Read....
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So You Think There's Nothing To Read....


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Take a look at our new library books!

Take a look at our new library books!

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  • 1. CMS Library So You Think There’s Nothing To Read… By Mrs. Meyer
  • 2.
    • Kidnapped elves, ransoms, EXTREME technology, criminal masterminds, gnomes, and fairies….
    Artemis Fowl Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4 Movie of Book 1 Coming Out Soon... All Four Books are RC!
  • 3. Endymion Spring
    • In the dead of night, a cloaked figure drags a heavy box through snow covered streets. The chest, covered in images of mythical beasts, can only be opened when the fangs of a serpent head taste blood…..
  • 4. Centuries later, in an Oxford library, a boy touches a strange book and feels something pierce his finger… The volume is blank, wordless, and has small veins running though it, and seems to quiver, as if it’s alive. Words begin to appear on the page, words only the boy can see. And so unfolds a timeless secret….. Critical Acclaim for Endymion Spring : “ Mark the names Endymion Spring and Matthew Skelton…the book…is unputdownable.” “ A marvelously entertaining first novel.”  “ [A] fine debut…This story has all the richness you hanker after…Skelton’s creation conjures a subtle magic.” “ Steeped in cinematic imagery…Wonderfully engaging, even addictive.” RL 7.1
  • 5. Perhaps you’re in the mood for love….
    • The enduring hope of Christian love and faith despite adversity and hardship…
    We have six of this author’s RC books.
  • 6. If you like Gary Paulsen… White water rafting in the Rockies, police records, life lessons, and growing up….by S. L. Rottman. Collection of short stories from Paulsen’s teenage years.
  • 7. If you’ve read The Giver …. you have to read….
    • Gossamer
    • Where do our dreams come from?
    • Gentle bits of the past that form dreams and dark horrors that form nightmares
    • Who or what brings them to us?
    • Gathering Blue
    • Companion novel to The Giver
    • Most newborns that are not born perfect are left to die…Kira survived.
    • A disturbing view of the future
  • 8. Alex Rider -Anthony Horowitz
    • Ark Angel
    • Eagle Strike
    • Skeleton Key
    • Point Blank
    “ Shot outside the offices of MI6 and left for dead, Alex Rider awakens in a top-secret hospital, glad simply to be alive. But danger has a way of following Alex, and when the boy in the next room is the victim of a kidnapping attempt, it is Alex who saves him—only to be kidnapped himself. The man behind the kidnapping? None other than Nikolei Drevin, wealthiest developer in the world, and the man who single-handedly is funding the first luxury hotel in outer space, Ark Angel.” –Book Jacket of Ark Angel
  • 9. How About Some Action ? Teen Years of Bond, James Bond. Accidental Superhero Saving the World From Imminent Destruction
  • 10. Down the Rabbit Hole and Behind the Curtain Small town murder, secrets, and an amateur detective who thinks she is Sherlock Holmes…
  • 11. Once upon a time…
    • Enchanted gifts, godmothers, knights,
    • kingdoms, magical mirrors,
    • magical singing voices, princes, and
    • girls who want nothing more
    • than to be pretty.
    • ( Fairest - By the author of
    • Ella Enchanted )
  • 12. Poetry
  • 13. Pirates-ARRRGGGGH! Ships full of murderous pirates… Oh My!
  • 14. War Stories Code Talker: A Novel About the Navajo Marines of World War Two (RL 6.5) History of the Vietnam War- nonfiction RC! Full Color photos with RL 7.6
  • 15. For the Fantasy Lovers…
    • Philip Pullman’s intriguing and haunting trilogy sends fantasy lovers on an incredible journey through other worlds where they meet mysterious creatures and a brave and extraordinary 12-year-old girl, Lyra Belacqua, who has the power to seek truth.
  • 16. More Fantasy Series …
    • Imagine what it would be like to discover you aren't the person you thought you were…
  • 17. Twins take a magical journey through time…. Action packed fantasy!
  • 18. Wee Free Men
    • Tiffany Aching has all the makings of a strong witch, including quick wit against scary creatures, various levels of "Sight," and the unheard-of ability to befriend the Nac Mac Feegle -- otherwise known as the Wee Free Men. So when the powerful Queen of the Elves snatches Tiffany's brother, the confident girl travels to Fairyland with the help of her new blue friends, battling sinister dogs, escaping the dreams of magical dromes, and finally coming face-to-face with the nightmarish queen herself. Tiffany has the ability to defeat the evil ruler, but in order to escape, she must first connect with the past, know her home, and feel herself alive.
  • 19. So you want to be an author…
    • Author of Ella Enchanted explains how to write fiction that will fly…
    Learn to write like the pros! Write your own series, learn how to craft believable characters, and create intense plots. Includes examples from real books. Mystery, Sci Fi, or Fantasy.
  • 20. Historical Fiction What if the Americans' lost the revolutionary war ? Harsh winter in 1912 Yellow fever of 1793 1600’s london bookshop
  • 21. New Realistic Fiction
    • Erin, an aspiring webmaster, chronicles her humiliations and her increasing autonomy in her "personal, private, no one-will-see-but-me web page"-which becomes public.
    When Cornelia's mother runs off with a boyfriend, leaving her with an eccentric aunt, Cornelia must finally confront the truth about herself and her mother.
  • 22. More Realistic Fiction…
    • A middle-schooler struggles to cope with major family problems, including a brother who might be heading for the Persian Gulf, but finds an escape in piano lessons and the dream of a romance with a popular girl.
    “ I could trap my own food and make my own clothes. I could find my way by the stars and make fire in the rain. Pap said he even figured I could whip somebody three times my size. He wasn't worried about me. “ From Alabama Moon
  • 23. Genetic Engineering… Eighteen-year-old Eli discovers a shocking secret about his life and his family while working for a Nobel Prize-winning scientist whose specialty is genetic engineering.
  • 24. Inspiration The story of an 18 year old girl who was killed in a school shooting in 1999 - Told by her mother.
  • 25. New Non-Fiction Books Bodies preserved in ancient Pompeii…
  • 26. So…….
    • D o y o u s t i l l t h i n k t h e r e ’s n o t h i n g t o r e a d ? ? ?