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Photo Story Project
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Photo Story Project


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Published in: Technology, Education
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  • 1. 9th Grade Advanced English Jesús T. Piñero School Prof. T. Méndez Special Photo Story Project 1. The following project will be created using Microsoft Office PowerPoint or iWork Keynote. (Other formats will not be accepted) 2. Create a photo album about your family. 3. You will be placing pictures of your grandparents, parents and other relatives. 4. For each picture, you will tell who each person is, their relation with you and any characteristic that you want others to know about that person. 5. You will have to place a minimum of 10 pictures with a short narration of each one as described previously. 6. This project is worth 100 points. The following rubric will be used to evaluate your work. Excellent Good Average Unsatisfactory Content Project contains at Project contains at Project contains less Project contains less least 10 pictures, least 10 pictures, than 10 pictures, than 5 pictures, lacks sentences are clear, sentences are clear, sentences are not other elements, such as articulate and written articulate and written clear or have many title and sentences. correctly, title is correctly, title is errors. Title is not Work is incomplete and included. All work is included. included. is not clearly done. done at a highly professional level and is consistent. 50 points 30 points 20 points 40 points Pictures Project contains at Project contains at Pictures are not clear Pictures are not clear least 10 pictures. All least 10 pictures. and are pixilated or and are pixilated or pictures are clear and Most pictures are inappropriate to the inappropriate to the appropriate to the clear and appropriate topic. Pictures do not topic. Pictures do not topic discussed. to the topic relate to topic. relate to topic at all. Pictures are not discussed. Pictures, Instructions were not pixilated, but are the some are pixilated, followed. correct sized to but are correct sized display correctly. to display correctly. 50 points 40 points 30 points 20 points Total Points =