A World Without Limits


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A World Without Limits

  1. 1. Unit II A World Without Limits Presented by Prof. T. Méndez Hernández 9th Grade Advanced English
  2. 2. What is life like in this country?
  3. 3. KWL Chart W L K (What do I want to (What did I (What do I know?) know?) learn?)
  4. 4. Are women important in the world? Why? Which are the living situations for women around the world?
  5. 5. Important Women throughout the world Antonia Novello Mother Teresa Sally Ride Sila Calderon Hillary Clinton
  6. 6. Vocabulary Write the definition for each word and write a sentence for each one. 1. forbidden 2. pummeling 7. indigo 3. composure 8. conclude 4. translating 9. coalition 5. chauffeur 10. conservative 6. illusions 11. curious
  7. 7. Vocabulary Practice: Complete pg. 65 in the Practice Book Complete vocabulary Check on pg. 147 in the Student Book
  8. 8. Reading Comprehension Group reading In groups of four (4): Read the story and summarize for the group Group 1 - pg. 134 - 136 Group 2 - pg. 137 - 138 Group 3 - 139 - 140 Group 4 - 142 - 143 Group 5 - 144 - 145
  9. 9. Reading Comprehension Focus on: Important characters Events
  10. 10. Internet Activities Go to ESL Plus Find the writing activity for this unit Follow instructions and submit
  11. 11. Suffixes -tion and -sion The suffixes -tion an d -sion turn a verb into a noun that describes a state of being or a quality. Example: admire, admiration The spelling of the verb sometimes changes when the suffix is added
  12. 12. Suffixes Practice A. Which word in parentheses () correctly completes each sentence? Write it in the blank. 1. Nailah wondered how she would bear the ___________ when her friends left. (separate, separation) 2. When Private Green said she planned to be a doctor, Nailah’s _________ for her soared. (admire, admiration)
  13. 13. 3. Nailah wanted to get an ________ and study medicine. (educate, education) 4. Without _________ from her father, she couldn’t go. (permit, permission) 5. One day, in a ________ with her mother, Nailah dared to describe her dream. (converse, conversation) 6. If only her mother had the courage to ______ it with her father! (discuss, discussion)
  14. 14. B. Add the suffix -tion or -sion to the verbs to make a noun. Then match the noun with its meaning. 1. admire ________a. the act of talking something over 2. separate ________ b. the act of dividing 3. discuss _________ c. the feeling of respect 4. educate _________ d. the act of allowing 5. permit ________ f. the process of gaining knowledge
  15. 15. Make Inferences To make an inference, add story details to what you already know to figure out something that is not directly stated.
  16. 16. What I learned What I already from reading know My inference
  17. 17. Action Words Verbs that show action are called action words. They help you picture what a character is doing.
  18. 18. Action Words Identify the action word in each sentence. 1. The tourists saw the ruins. 2. The janitor washed the window. 3. The children played noisily.
  19. 19. Simple and Complete Subjects The Complete subject is all the words in the subject of a sentence. The simple subject is the main word in the subject of the sentence. It tells who or what the sentence is about.
  20. 20. Simple and Complete Subjects A. Circle the simple subject and underline the complete subject. 1. The football players at our school study hard. 2. His band practices almost every day after school. 3. The best player on the team will be the captain next year.
  21. 21. 4. The eighth-grade soccer team won the championship this year. 5. Some of the girls in seventh grade play really well, too.
  22. 22. B. Write a complete subject for the following sentences. 1. _______________ is my dream. 2. _______________ has really inspired me. 3. _______________ is the kindest person I know. 4. ______________ is the most beautiful place I visited.
  23. 23. C. Write three sentences stating something your learned about women’s lives in different countries from this selection. When you are through, underline the complete subject and circle the simple subject of each sentence. 1. ____________________________________ 2. ____________________________________ 3. ____________________________________