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  • 1. Fashion of Today
  • 2. Organic vs Sustainable
    • Organic includes things that are…
    • -made of all natural and non synthetic materials
    • -born of the organic agriculture movement
    • -part of a movement that focuses on farming and processing. Its goals are to work with nature and help minimize air, soil, and water pollution
    • -made with plants that have not been radiated, genetically modified, or treated with chemical/synthetic pesticides
    • -meet the organic standards set up by the USDA
    • Sustainable includes things that are…
    • -focusing on the reuse and recycling of materials
    • -part of environmental awareness movement
    • -produced according to fair trade standards
    • -produced by companies that pay all employees with a fair wage
    • -produced by companies that create all products using animal friendly practices
    • -supportive of cottage/smaller/local industries
  • 3. Subtle Beginnings of Sustainable Fashion Shown clockwise from left: Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Peter Orlovsky, Lafcadio Orlovsky, and Gregory Corso in 1956. The Beat movement was characterized by a rejection of the materialism, militarism, consumerism, and conformity of the 1950s, in favor of individual freedom and spontaneity. Rachel Carson PETA EU
  • 4.
    • Cause Marketing
    • For Profit Business’s partner with a Non Profit for mutual profit
    • Relies on emotional commitment
    • Corporations attempt at being associated with a “good cause.”
    • Relies on consumers attachment to a cause to buy a product.
    • Green Marketing
    • Advertising products as being environmentally safe
    • Includes the modification of packaging, production & advertising
    • “ Green Washing” & Eco-Labeling
  • 5. Examples of Cause Marketing
    • 89% of Americans (aged 13 to 25) would switch from one brand to another brand of a comparable product (and price) if the latter brand was associated with "good cause” (ConeINC)
  • 6. Green Marketing
    • 97% of Americans believe they know what these marketing strategies “Green” or “environmentally friendly” mean, but only 29% are aware that it simply means they have a lower impact on the environment.
    • Two out of five (41%) believe these terms mean the product has a positive or beneficial impact on the environment. (ConeINC)
  • 7. Green Marketing
    • “ To be sustainable means that you take out of a system the same amount of energy as you put in, with no pollution of waste. A sustainable process is one you can do forever without exhausting of fouling the environment…no one should ever pretend-in setting out for place-that you’ve actually gotten there.”
            • -Yvon Chouinard, Founder of Patagonia