Institutional Team January 2013


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This is the PowerPoint used by presenters for the January 2013 Institutional Team Web Conference.

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Institutional Team January 2013

  1. 1. Institutional Team Web Conference January 8, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda• Happy New Year• 15-Minute Strategy• Ask an Expert 2.0• State & Institutional Reports• Immersive Learning• Around the Country• LEARN Highlights• 15-Minute Strategy• Action Steps• Next Meeting: February 5, 2013
  3. 3. For 2013• The redesign of • State and local value enhancement• eXtension evaluation • Partnerships and funding• How eXtension enhances • Accountability and the Cooperative transparency Extension brand • Military families• Virtual worlds and mobile programming applications • Professional• Learning networks development programs• New educational models • Adoption and use of new and delivery systems and innovative technologies
  4. 4. 15-Minute Strategy Jerry 419.306.9400
  5. 5. 15-Minute Purpose• Introduce a specific tool or topic that your Institutional Team can teach or use.• Provide materials to help you teach it in 20- 30 minutes.
  6. 6. Today: Evernote• Notes and slides will be at:
  7. 7. Evernote IntroductionName and contact information
  8. 8. What is Evernote?• Cloud tool that allows the capture of notes, pictures, documents, etc.• Can be viewed on any internet device (laptop, tablet, smartphone).• Free and premium service
  9. 9. Key parts of Evernote• Notes - individual notes for any topic• Tags - descriptors for any note. Can be multiple tags for each note. Good for future searches.• Notebooks - individual folder that can hold multiple notes. Similar to a folder in email, etc.
  10. 10. Evernote accessibility• Can view as a website• Can download apps for iOS, Windows, Android, and tablets
  11. 11. Evernote demonstration• Going live to demo
  12. 12. Uses of Evernote• Any list• Project planning• Trip planning• Document scanning• Note taking at meetings, especially on mobile devices• Scanning receipts or other items
  13. 13. More information?• Stan Skrabut has several upcoming Learn sessions: 865• Stans past recording:• Stans learning guide: Learning_Guide:Evernote
  14. 14. More information?• Slideshare slides: 13021295• 12-minute video: video.html• 7-minute video: 7iUl95SR2NY
  15. 15. Ask an Expert
  16. 16. Launched – December 3•• “Public” questions coming in• Need more Question Wranglers and Experts
  17. 17. Importance of Public Answers• Quality of answer• Search – discoverable answers• KOD – duplicate content• The currency of links• Ask an Expert and Search: What you need to know” on Jan. 29
  18. 18. Complete Your Public Profile• About me• Photo/Avatar• Locations• Tags profile
  19. 19. Try It!•• Post in About eXtension blog• Get Help! –
  20. 20. State & Institutional Reports• Updated Annually usually by the end of January• Semi-annual reports can be completed on request• Find them here: d_Institutional_Reports• Also lots of useful data at and secommunities
  21. 21. Around the Country
  22. 22. SLVE & Network Lit Immersive Learning Online Program A great opportunity to learn about eXtension and develop online networking skills.Facilitators:•Steve Judd:•Jerry Thomas:
  23. 23. When?• January - February 2013 – Friday, 1/11/13 – Google+ Intro webinar—Open to anyone – Monday, 1/14/13 – Immersive Learning Launch webinar – Wrap up first full week of February• Four weeks of directed training with flexibility for scheduling group work
  24. 24. LEARN Highlights
  25. 25. Upcoming: Most ‘Followed’• Essential Graphics/Design Concepts for Non-Designers – January 15 by ACE• Top 10 Trends and Cool Tools in Social Media – February 14 by Entrepreneurs & Their Communities CoP
  26. 26. Dec. 2012: Most ‘Connections’• Social Networking: Navigating the Privacy Setting Maze, December11, Network Literacy CoP• Financial Frauds & Scams, December 18, Military Families Personal FinanceRecordings are available to watch.• Click “Watched” and also “Add your thoughts…” as appropriate
  27. 27. Upcoming: January• Conflict and the Culture of Avoidance in the Workplace• Get Action from Website Landing Pages• Google+ Quickstart• Potential & Pitfalls for Genomic Selection• eXtension Overview - Immersive Learning Launch• Essential Graphics/Design Concepts for Non-Designers
  28. 28. Upcoming: January• Winter care of small and backyard flocks• Mobile Usage and Payment Technology• Question Wranglers’ Meetup• Coping or Vice? Review of Cribbing, Weaving & Other Stereotypic Behaviors in Horses• Factoring Sustainable Agriculture into the Food vs. Fuel Debate• Handling Difficult Conversations
  29. 29. Upcoming: January• Building Trust with Latino Audiences• Introduction to Linkedin & Pinterest• Manure Application Risk Management Tools and Advisory Systems• Ask an Expert and Search: What you need to know• Maps & Apps, Mobile and Location-based Marketing
  30. 30. Next Institutional Team Web Conference February 5, 2013 2:30 EASTERN
  31. 31. Action Steps• Check out Ask an Expert 2.0 – Update your profile – Recruit Question Wranglers• Volunteer for a 15-Minute Strategy!• Let us know about Information Broker interest• Share: LEARN Professional Development email with all staff• Pick an UPDATE article to share with your Director/Administrator• Scout out success stories!
  32. 32. 2013 Institutional Team Web Conference Dates • July 2 • August 6 • September 3 • October 1 • November 5 • December 3