Teams Need Training 2013


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Overview of all Club Officer Roles and how they interact. Presented and the Austin TLI June 15, 2013

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Teams Need Training 2013

  1. 1. District 55Teams Need Training!
  2. 2. Why Train As Teams?
  3. 3. Club Officers –Your Opportunity forLeadership Lead by example Get training Demonstrate responsibility Plan for Success
  4. 4. Your best tool for clubsuccess:The DistinguishedClub Program!
  5. 5. The 10 goals of theDistinguished Club Program:1. 2 CCs2. 2 more CCs3. One ACB, ACS, or ACG4. One more ACB, ACS, or ACG5. One CL, ALB, ALS, or DTM6. One more CL, ALB, ALS, or DTM7. Four new members8. Four more new members9. Min of 4 officers trained 2x/year10.One dues renewal invoice and one clubofficer list submitted on time
  6. 6. Recognition Earned:Any club with at least 20 members or a netgain of five new members on June 30th and whoachieve the following number of goals on theirDCP will receive the following distinctions:Five of 10 Goals:Distinguished Club!Seven of 10 goals:Select Distinguished Club!Nine of 10 goals:President’s Distinguished Club!
  7. 7. The Distinguished Club ProgramAnd Club Success Plan Ensures members needs are being met Helps guarantee club health now and intothe future
  8. 8. Sergeant at Arms,DCP SuccessDepends on You!
  9. 9.  A leader byexample as you areon time andprepared The first face mostguests will seeAs club Sergeant atArms, you are…
  10. 10.  Arrange room andequipment Greet members /guests Ensure meetingsstart on timeAs club Sergeant atArms, you will…
  11. 11.  Schedule meetinglocation Arrange for foodservice Collectballots/tally votesAs club Sergeant atArms, you will…
  12. 12. Delegate!Gives members achance to contributewhile giving youvaluable leadershipexperience!Too much to do intoo little time?
  13. 13. Treasurer,DCP SuccessDepends on You!
  14. 14. Creating your budget:Work with the presidentand the executivecommittee!IncomesMember duesFundraising activitiesExpensesTrophies and ribbonsAdministrative suppliesEducational materials
  15. 15.  Is the product you wish to selldonated? Is the service you wish toprovide voluntary? Is it the club rather than amember who receivesmonetary compensation? Is at least one-third of theclub’s total support frommember dues? Is the fundraising activityconducted on an infrequentand irregular basis?Fundraising –Questions to ask first!
  16. 16.  Tell memberswhen dues aredue Collect /submitdues to WHQonline Submit newapplications /As Treasurer, you will…
  17. 17.  Pay all billspromptly Keep records of allfinancialtransactions Present financialreportsAs Treasurer, you will…
  18. 18. Secretary,DCP SuccessDepends on You!
  19. 19.  Ensures all membersreceive the Toastmastermagazine and clubnewsletter Keeps track of thoseeligible for educationalawards and speechcontestsMaintainingMembership Roster
  20. 20. Helps the vicepresidentmembership follow upon absent membersTrackingAttendance
  21. 21.  When someone joins, aform 400 and dues shouldbe mailed or submittedonline immediately.Delays could make someoneineligible for educationalawards and speech contests!Submitting records toWorld Headquarters
  22. 22. The Dues renewalinvoice Submitted twice each year Lists all paid members on file atWorld Headquarters Due at World Headquarters onOctober 1 and April 1Work with the president, vicepresident membership, andtreasurer to turn it in on time andearn your club’s success in theDCP!
  23. 23. As club Secretary,you will… Record and read meetingminutes Assist with the semiannualmembership report Report new officers to TI within10 days Keep club constitution andstandard bylaws with the clubrecords
  24. 24. Vice PresidentPublic Relations, DCPSuccessDepends on You!!
  25. 25. To increaseawareness andappreciation for theToastmastersprogram.The Goal of PublicRelations:
  26. 26.  Target your audience Develop a media list Send promotionalmaterial to mediamembersCreating a PublicRelations Program
  27. 27. Writing a news release: Tell a good story Use quotes Format forreadability Get to the pointfirst
  28. 28. Why? Documents and promotescurrent events Informs with educationalmaterial Provides visitors with“take-home” valueCreate a ClubNewsletter/Web Site
  29. 29. Resources YouWANT & NEED!• Website tool•• Club Automation•• Marketing• Facebook!!!
  30. 30. As Vice President Public Relations,you will… Promote your club’s regularmeetings and special eventsto local media Communicate upcomingevents to your clubmembers Maintain club’s publicitymaterials Publish and maintain your
  31. 31. Vice President Membership,DCP SuccessDepends on You!
  32. 32. Reaching for 20 –Charter membership strength!Why 20? Keeps meetings excitingand varied Keeps the talents andenergies of club membersfrom being stretched toothin
  33. 33.  Make it a club goal toadd 2/3 member eachmonthChallenge club membersand leaders to bring oneguest every month – andthen be the first to do justthat!How to get there…
  34. 34.  Promote benefits to currentmembers Promote Toastmastersbenefits to others Hold at least twomembership contests Offer recognitionStrategies forMembership Growth
  35. 35. Individual Recognition –The Annual MembershipProgram!Recognizes individuals whosponsor 5, 10, 15 or more newmembers during the year.ToastmastersMembership Contests:
  36. 36. ToastmastersMembership Contests:Club recognition for 5 or more new, dual, orreinstated members! The Smedley AwardAugust thru September Talk Up ToastmastersFebruary thru March Beat the ClockMay thru June
  37. 37. Transform Guestsinto Members Personally welcomeguests and introducethem to others Explain benefits andfollow up Complete applicationandsubmit onlineimmediately Welcome new
  38. 38.  Contact absentmembers Conduct surveys Distribute evaluationformsGuarantee currentmember Satisfaction
  39. 39. As Vice President Membership,you will… Conduct an ongoingmembership program Promote Toastmastersmembership buildingcontests Follow up with guests Attend club executivecommittee meetings
  40. 40. As Vice President Membership,you will… Attend and vote atarea council meetings Ensure each guestcompletes a guestcard Report on membershipgoals andachievements Ensure currentmembers’ needs are
  41. 41. VicePresidentEducation,DCP SuccessDepends onYou!
  42. 42. You are the 2ndHighest ranking clubofficer! Lead by example Monitor the club’s progress Preside when presidentis absent
  43. 43. Envision / Plan / DirectClub Meetings Plan dynamic clubmeetings 3-6 weeksin advance Create varied programs Encourage effectiveevaluations
  44. 44. The ToastmastersEducational Program… Promote participation inthe communications andleadership tracks!Tracks are not mutually exclusive –members can work in both at thesame time!
  45. 45. Tips for Integrating theCompetent LeadershipManual Display manual in clubmeetings Discuss evaluations Educate mentors Track progress
  46. 46. Orient New Members Introduce and explainmaterials & procedures Match with mentor Get members participating
  47. 47. Become familiar with: Success/Leadership Success/Communication Youth Leadership High Performance LeadershipProgramEducate members aboutother leadershipopportunities!
  48. 48. Boost Participationin ToastmastersActivities! Explain training benefits Organize speechcontests Promote area / districtmeeting attendance
  49. 49. Club President,DCP Success Depends onYou!
  50. 50. Gather your team!Hold regular executivecommittee meetings withclub officers.Give your club officersshared ownership andresponsibility for the clubmission!Monthly executivecommittee meetings are a goodidea!
  51. 51.  Ask yourself andyour executivecommittee … What is your idea for a clubvision? What would you like to see atall club meetings? What specific things would youlike to improve?Including your executivecommittee will give themCreate a vision:
  52. 52. Goals should be… Specific Measurable Action-oriented Realistic Time-boundUse the Club Success Planand the Distinguished ClubProgram to motivateperformance and trackprogress!Set your goals!
  53. 53. Represent the Club Act as liaison betweenclub / area / district Participate in and vote atarea / district functions Vote at the InternationalConvention or send proxyto district governor
  54. 54. As Club President, you will… Preside over club meetings Hold and chair executivecommittee meetings Know the Distinguished ClubProgram. Attend district and areacouncil meetings
  55. 55. As Club President, you will… Ensure timely submission ofsemi-annual dues renewalsand membership reports Oversee administrativeoperation of the club Assist with transition of newofficers at the end of yourterm
  56. 56. Encourage and guide! Give each club member andleader the attention andrespect they deserve Demonstrate excellence asyou carry out club goals andproceed through theToastmasters educationaltracksLead by example –others will follow!
  57. 57. “Coming together is abeginning.Keeping together is progress.Working together is success.”-Henry Ford
  58. 58. District 55Teams Newly Trained!