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KeyWifi is the global wifi-sharing cooperative that harnesses unused internet bandwidth for safe, secure sharing with on-the-go net professionals and underserved communities around the world.

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  • Whilst building an eco cottage in chatham I rented wifi from a neighborhood garage for a six pack of beer a month, (for approx. $10)
  • N.B. Revised forecast and detail financials will be available to take into account new customer service provisions
  • Recent press in a number of publications pre private beta launch resulted in around 800 subscribers and growing by 10% + per week.
  • KeyWifi business presentation

    1. 1. Adam Black,
    2. 2. Funding Pitch• Problem• Solution / Wifi Sharing• Product Description• Market size• Marketing/ Acquisition strategy• Company history• Management team• Capital raising
    3. 3. Families in the top income Problem quartile have twice the rate of broadband adoption of bottom-quartile families ACCESS COST 85% 70% OF THEBANDWIDTH PLANET HAS UNUSED NO ACCESS
    4. 4. Solution: Wifi Sharing Contributors Two-thirds of subscriber share their wifi fees go to hotspot on their terms, contributors controlling Members hours of access and numbers of Contributors users SubscribersSmall businesses and local Subscribers pay less thannonprofits will provide free $10 per month forhotspots to serve their unlimited access to thecommunities and gain networkvisibility into the network
    5. 5. The Worlds first Peer-to-Peer Internet Access platformA web based service that lets anyone safely rent or share their wifi toothers, creating a wifi network of unlimited potential and a newmarketplace for Internet access  Securely  Accountably  Privately or Publicly  Paid or free  No Hardware, Software downloads or contracts  And VIRAL!  Less than $10 mo.  Pay as you go.  2/3rds of revenue stays in the community
    6. 6. Market Size• Demand for Wifi Roaming – 1.2 billion wifi-enabled devices will ship in 2011 alone* – By 2020, 10 billion mobile internet devices will be in use, up 2 billion today.** – Indian Akash Tablets now <$60, price goal $35 or less. – Device owners prefer wifi to 3G when available – 4G/LTE is not a discount market solution• Underserved Communities*** – 34.6 million households US are not online; – 8.3 million of them say the reason is access is too expensive – 70% of the world population is not online • unserviceable by ISP’s at current price points users are able to pay• Available Capacity – literally millions of wifi hotspots available everywhere – Most are not being used to full capacity – Few individual users have a way to share or generate revenue from their surplus bandwidth *IHS iSuppli **Morgan Stanley report, ***FCC/Pew/UN
    7. 7. Marketing Strategy• Creation of Pilot projects in high-density communities with low rates of internet access• Recruit “early adopters” and “community do-gooders” to share their wifi and support the network• Recruit ISP’s• Reward mechanism promotes viral adoption – Contributors recruit subscribers to increase revenue – Subscribers recruit contributors to increase supply of wifi and value of their subscription
    8. 8. Queens, NY Pilot Project
    9. 9. Management TeamADAM BLACK, FOUNDER25 years in creative project development, team building & production management.Founder, SustainabiliTV, Shared Squared NY. Background intechnology - Bio-tech London UniversityTOM HUGHES - CO-FOUNDER, PRODUCT DIRECTORInformation-industry veteran:President / COO - The Connors Group - 2008 – 2010SVP Technology Strategy - Moodys Analytics - 1993 - 2008SHIVKUMAR JAGANNATH - CTO19 years in Communications technology,System Architecture & Technology focus on ISPs and Wireless Technologies.CTO for Wireless Broadband Mesh ISP (Wi5) in India for Zylog Systems.JERRY SPIEGEL - CO-FOUNDER, LEGAL / BUSINESS AFFAIRSPartner at the NY law firm FKKSWell versed in wifi network community spaceAdvisor to NYC Wireless. (Community wifi NY)
    10. 10. Origin Story, Chatham, NY
    11. 11. Company History• Conceived idea renting wifi whilst building an Eco Cottage upstate, where Internet cost $70+ a mo.• Late ‘09 Friends and Family funding, legal team recruited for equity• 2010 hiatus, due to birth of son• Spring 2011 - Tom Hughes joined team spring – TEDXEast talk peaked early interest, early ISP & partner deals – KW1.0 build completed by mid 2011, tested new security, design solution found• Summer 2011 New KW2.0 architecture development. – Echoing Green, IBM Smart Camp, Common Pitch NY, Startup Foundation selection honors – CTO Shiv Kumar joined the team after global search for WPA2 expert• Late 2011-2012 unique IP developed – EDFP Pilot project Queens initiation of ERDA community – Sourced additional finance from management team – Built KW 2.O Jan-March• 2012 Marketing & Design team recruited – Press discovery February, Invitations to present/demo at conferences – Initial product testing going well – Crowd funding campaign initiated – Seed Funding round initiated• Private Beta Launch planned for 15th March• Over 750 signups, Recently 750+ visits per week, Site viewed in 100+ countries
    12. 12. Capital Raise & Purpose• Thank you very much for your interest. Qualified investors should contact KeyWifi for more information:• Or through Linked In
    13. 13. Adam Black,
    14. 14. Appendix: Recent Press