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This is the final draft for the AAF competition in 2012. The campaign is for Nissan. Central Edge Communications took an edgy approach into creating the innovative campaign.

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A af plansbook2012

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  2. 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 01THE CONTENTS Purchasing a car is a big commitment. For most, it is one of the biggest The Summary………....................…………………..1financial commitments of their lives. When Central Edge began studying the Edge of Advertising…………......……….........…….1psychographics of our consumers, many things became clear. This is a brandloyal generation with high expectations from companies. When it comes to The Analysis….......……………......…………………..2cars, it is not features, colors, or even price that drives them to purchase acar. They believe a company should do more than just provide products or The Research………...............…..………………3 - 4services. They also have an expectation of community involvement. They want The Findings……....………………………………….…5to know how that brand is going to benefit them in their everyday lives. The SWOT.................…………………........…………6 Over the past seven months, we conducted extensive research and . The Insights……....……………………………………..7strategized the most effective way to reach our target market. Central Edgeassociates spent a day in the life of numerous Multicultural Millennials to walk The Target.............…….............……………………..8in their shoes. We crafted Cultural Analysis Maps to help guide us through thecampaign and uncovered barriers that were stopping them from purchasing The Competition….....………......……….........9 - 10Nissan vehicles. The Decision........……………..……...............……11 On the following pages, we present the strategies and executions that The Process……......….…….................…………..12will be effective in increasing market share among Multicultural Millennials The Objectives……....…………......………………..13who are 18 - 29 years-old. Our campaign is not grounded in MulticulturalMarketing, but it is grounded in being culturally aware. Our campaign will The Strategy………....….....…...…………………….14reinforce that Nissan is the most innovative automotive company in the world.Central Edge is confident that we have met all your objectives and exceeded The Vision……...........................…………………..15Nissan’s expectations. In short, we have been as innovative as Nissan. The Creative.............…..….…………………. 16 - 18 - Scott Whisenhunt, Account Manager The Storyboard…................……………………….19 The Relationships……….………..................20 - 24 The Plan............................................................25WE ARE THE EDGE OF ADVERTISING The Tactics.............................………...…….26 - 28We are a diverse group of students with different majors, interests and The Numbers………..........…….......……………….29ideas, but we all have the same belief that our clients and their brandssuccess comes first. With inventive ideas and strategy, our mission is to The Chart…...……………………...…………....30 - 31accomplish all of Nissan’s aspirations and desires. We believe we have The Follow Up...……………………………………….32done all of that and more. Appendix and Team Roster.…………Back Cover - Central Edge Communications
  3. 3. 02 THE ANALYSIS While we gathered and analyzed information, we discovered several key truths about Multicultural Millennials and Nissan. These key findings drove the Central Edge response to the problems and opportunities identified in this challenge as well as our overall campaign strategy. Ultimately, these key truths led to the insights that drove this campaign. Multicultural Millennials: Nissan:• As much as they are separated and defined by their culture and • Nissan does not have a distinctive or clearly defined personality heritage. They are joined by their pursuit of being a part of the whole. with its prospects.• They respect the past, but they look to the future fully confident that • Nissan makes the Evoked Set list of most Multicultural Millennials, they can change it and correct the mistakes of those who went but it is so near the bottom that if they find a good deal on a higher before them. They believe they can change the world. ranking competitor – they never even look at a Nissan.• When it comes to buying a new car – they want style, features, • Nissan really is an innovative company…that is not just advertising speed and reliability… but their choice is driven by two factors: lingo (although our prospects don’t really understand what Nissan money and life-stage. These two factors will assist the consumer in means by Innovation, and they aren’t really sure why they should making their final choice. care).• They do not trust companies – and they don’t trust the advertising • Nissan is a company that pays back on a global basis - although done by most companies. our prospects view “paying back” as a more localized response.• Consumers expect companies to pay a price for the right to do • Nissan really does have a reason why it does what it does – beyond business. They want to buy from companies that do more than just just making money. Their mission and vision is defined as “enriching make money. people’s lives.” Nissan Campaign Driving Insight: “Everything we do, we do because we believe in innovation. We believe in building cars that are unique and deliver superior value. The way we challenge the status quo is by building quality vehicles that are more efficient, more beautiful, and more innovative than ever. We believe all companies should be good citizens in the global community; and to that end we focus on and contribute to humanitarian aid, support education, and caring for the environment. We just happen to make great cars.”
  4. 4. 03 THE RESEARCH Understanding Multicultural Millennials and Nissan. We executed six different types of research to understand and gain insight into the lifestyle of Multicultural Millennials in the U.S. to shape our campaign and build a long-term relationship between Multicultural Millennials and Nissan.{ Understand the purchasing habits of Multicultural Millennials when purchasing a vehicle. }{ Analyze Nissan’s competitors and understand } their brand identities with Multicultural Millennials.{ }{ Explore/understand cultural influences. (lifestyle & generational) Understand the commonalities among Multicultural Millennials in the U.S. } Objec { Identify the meaning of “Innovation” with our selected sub-segments and how they perceive it. } tives { Discover the most profitable and effective media to reach Multicultural Millennials in the U.S. }
  5. 5. 04 387 ONLINE SURVEYS 2 GROUPSFOCUS To develop a working6 CULTURAL ANALYSIS To establish the target’s opinions, buying knowledge of cultural influences, commonalities MAPPING STUDIES habits, and media outlets considering and the attitudes toward Nissan and major competitors.To illustrate interlocking relationships Nissan, and it’s competitors.between a variety of different conceptsand ideas among the target market. 169 STREET 56 IN-DEPTH INTERVIEWS401 INTERVIEWS To delve deeper into the PERCEPTUAL One-on-one interviews to learn more specific problems with the brand SURVEYS about the specific characteristics of the and expand the knowledge and understanding of the target.To gather detailed information of the target markets’ decision making process.targets opinions of the brand andcompeting brands. 6 1,039 PSYCHOLOGICAL SHADOWS Analyzing the everyday lifestyle influences of the target in day- to-day surroundings. TOTAL RESEARCH IMPRESSIONS
  6. 6. Multicultural 05 THE FINDINGSMillennialsare... Understanding Multiculturals 32% Lifestyles Analysis • Covet the latest technology and • Treasure tradition and their will pay more than the aver- cultural heritage while seeking more likely than age consumer to buy what they convergence and want. becoming a part of the whole. others to have attended college. • Simmons data reports that • Respect the older generation they are 86 times more likely to and value the ethics and stan- spend time on the internet then dards of the past. other demographics. • Believe they can and will make 41% • Each sub–segment bases its ma- the world a better place. jor purchase decisions on style, function, quality and reliability. • Don’t trust advertising but want to find brands that they more likely than the • Want to be defined by their can trust and believe in. average to have a choices in music, art, and celeb- household income above $60,000. 43% 57% rity association. • Base their purchasing on more than product – they want How They View Cars: 2.44 % brands they trust and believe have a purpose. • Believe their car should express their personality. • All three sub-segments are Multicultural 107 times more likely than other • Drive to gain a sense of free- Millennials targets to watch television for dom. relaxation and information. African 1.07 % • Want a car that can be person- American alized and fit into their lifestyles. • Magazines have an amazing Simmons index of 643 among 97.56 % Hispanic 1.28 % our target, which means the target is 543 times more likely • Ideal car is fast, exciting and friendly to the environment. U.S Population Chinese .09% than the rest of the population • Prefer cars that stand out from to read magazines. the others. •
  7. 7. 06 THE SWOT Strengths Opportunities • Always on the edge of Innovation. • Create a brand identity that distinguishes Nissan from itsBarriers • Quality cars at reasonable prices. competitors.Our Central Edge campaign • Develop an online and social • Variety of styles and features to media relationship with Multiculturaltackles these barriers and meet most consumer expectations. Millennials.misconceptions which include: • Company is already engaged in • Opportunity to alter the purchase on-going innovative research. process.• Lack of brand perception. • Create brand loyalty by gaining the • Nissan has a strong and trust of the Millennial generation.• Cognitive resonance in today’s established corporate citizenship oversaturated auto industry. policy. • Community involvement opportunities to put Nissan in the • Strong environmental initiatives. consumer’s day-to-day lives.• Creating new and reviving long lasting relationships and brand favorability with Multicultural Millennial Americans. Weaknesses Threats • Nissan has an inconsistent brand identity. • Innovation from their competitors. • Weak brand position among consumers. • Competition for Millennial market share. • No persona in the market. • Fragmented web presence. • The economy. • No existing relationship with multicultural sub-segments.
  8. 8. 07 THE INSIGHTS Multicultural Millennial Mindset Distinguished by their cultural and family heritage, Multicultural Millennials are also diverse and empowered by their uniqueness and traditions. Unified, they are the future. They are a part of the first generation of true digital natives. Multicultural Millennials are born into a global culture and defined by unifying, not distinguishing attitudes. { { { • Proud of Latino heritage • Brand conscious. • Primarily an urban while merging Hispanic market. traditions with AmericanHispanic-Americans Chinese Americans • Interested in current African-American customs. technology. • Psychological focus on cultural elements • Identify with country of music, fashion and • Value career success of origin. higher than they value language. • Values are important. marriage, children, religion and wealth. • Believe that what they • Respect elders. buy should make a • Rely on consumer statement about you. • Believe helping others reviews. is imperative before • Committed to one can reach • Chinese media, is mostly individuality and pride. self-actualization. consumed by first and • Speak English & Spanish. second generation • Heavy users of electronic } } } Chinese. media.
  9. 9. 08 THE TARGETAll multicultural segments are unique, and in many ways, that uniqueness influences their shopping and buying habits, butwhen it comes to buying new cars – our research confirms that their buying habits are minimally influenced by culturalheritage – it is driven instead by their life stage and economic status, factors which impact virtually all car buyers. { style }When it comes to buying cars…despite theirdifferences…four factors rise to the top of quality price life stagethe influence set for all three segments: • Older end of age dynamic STARTERS • Lower end of age category DRIVERS • Just finishing school; starting careers • Style and price driven • Building career • Feature desirous These factors separate • Style and feature driven • First new car purchase them into two Primary • Usually single • Price sensitive • Often a family assisted purchase buying segments and • Competitively confused one secondary market • With a partner – often a family • Peer influence is high • Family input is important • Concerned about family and peer • Probable Nissan Purchase: Versa and Altima impressionPARENTSThe Third Sub-Segment/ Tertiary: Parents • Influence buying decisions • Opinion Leaders on purchase choice • Provide financial assistance for some buyersWith younger elements of our target market parents are also a key sub-segment. Frequently Multicultural Millennial parentsare important purchase influencers and may also purchase or co-sign for purchase of their child’s first car. Central Edgeaddresses this key public through the development of special sales promotion plans, parent specific marketing materialsand selected media placements.
  10. 10. Automotive Industry Market Share 09 THE COMPETITION Wall Street Journal - September 2011 GM 19.7% It’s not about comparing features…it’s Other 30% about realizing what connects us and what makes us memorable. Ford How to distinguish Nissan from its competition? 16.6% Our research clearly told us that when our prospects think about carHyundai brands and begin the car selection process they have difficulty separating4.9% one cars features from another…and that they have NO CLEAR perception of NISSAN as a BRAND and assign NO BRAND PERSONALITY to its cars. Nissan Toyota 8.8% 11.5% Honda 8.5% The Buying Process What consumers do first in the buying decision process is recall the perception of a brand. Once they have accessed their evoked set of brands, built from awareness and perceptions- only then do they begin {Nissan ranks 4th in to contrast features. Making it into the evoked set is in great part determined by positioning - sales in the total car how consumers perceive our brand in comparison with its competitors. market and 3rd in They know our name... but they don’t connect with us. Nissan lacks a strong brand identity or personality. Multicultural Millennials market share with 25% How do we expand sales By creating a distinctive with Multicultural Millennials brand personality and of its sales coming beyond 25 percent? How position, not just create from these prospects. } do we stand-out from our competitors? awareness of features.
  11. 11. 10 THE COMPETITIONThe key to out performing our competition….Central Edge used the Vehicle Innovation Strategy Framework to define the personalities of Nissan and its competitive set inorder to clarify brand personas. We have developed a campaign designed to distinguish and create a distinctive brandpersonality for Nissan to build stronger and specific brand recall…a true competitive difference. This concept is based on aspecialized application of Brand Archetypes and their ability to relate to car buyers.Create a distinct er erposition and w ket ptosts o -mllo ar d c abring the brand t F ss t As, Low er s a rketion uild ers B mposition to life… Fa the m a va nd usto s-Minno s t Bra-end c to Ma duc e h zer he m Th s, H ig lut ioni kets evo t ro p me r s -ma ri ng isti ng iz ev olu tur al Rs- to niche b ex id-s tec mas rchi hifts from d es M an rov io ns, A ns vat r ptimize im p tio n, S io no ov at a nd uct in s s inn ova -End Ohancement High nts en nn p ts ,P rod np roce one si da ted ely o d comp ve A n rg ms an ro - orie us es la ations by syste p nd Foc t, Innov Im Bra roduc mium p Pre ialist Cost and Process Speccesses w manufacturing pro Innovations based on ne 1807 Vertical Kia Motors Logo 1/C - 100% PantoneOur campaign is carefully designed to shift Nissan’s brand perception with Multicultural Millennials from the Fast Followerto the Architectural Revolutionizer. By strategically positioning Nissan’s Innovation and building new relationships withMulticultural Millennials we will show them that Nissan does much more than make vehicles. They make vehicles to improvetheir lives and the way they move through the world.
  12. 12. 11 THE DECISION It’s all about the brand.…it’s all about what Multicultural Millennials think about the brand. It’s about what happens when the decision to buy a new car is made.Central Edge research made us reconsider what Why isn’t Nissan at the top of Multiculturalwe thought we knew about buying a new car: Millennials go to list?• We discovered that Nissan is in the evoked set… but, it is • Our prospects tell us they don’t have any perception of near the bottom of that list. Nissan that makes it stand out from the crowd.• Our prospects have a difficult time separating advertising for one brand of car from another. • They tell us increasing features and claims have• Prospects are confused about the features offered by blended into a muddle of confusion. They remind us one brand compared to another. that once one company has a new feature it is quickly copied.{ }• Two factors determine our prospect’s final decision: 1 Desire for style but most • It is true that all we can own is our consumer’s perception important are money and of our brand.. financing options. 2 Lifestage needs…young • Our first challenge is to create a distinct personality that and single or settling down distinguishes Nissan from other brands…an identity our and starting a family. prospects can build a relationship and a trust.
  13. 13. 12 THE PROCESSCentral Edge looked at biology to understand how we process, understand, and respond to messages. Part of thebrain (the Neocortex) is responsible for rational and analytical thought and language. The other two sections areresponsible for all of our feelings of loyalty and trust, in addition to human behavior and decision making.• When we communicate from the Outside-In, we are talking to the neocortex - most car advertising that stresses a list of facts, features, and benefits is delivered there. People exposed to these messages can process complex advertisements, but those messages do not drive behavior.• Advertising that is Inside-Out talks directly to the part of the brain that controls behavior. Inside-Out advertising is based on an emotional relationship - this is where gut decisions come from - it means breaking through to change perceptions with perceptual impact... if we can communicate to prospects why Nissan is a different company - why they do what they do and how that makes them distinct... that causes consumers to respond through positive behavior. { Our goal is not to sell to people who need a new car. Our goal is to sell to people who believe in what we are and why we do what we do. } Talk to: Discover- Family, “I know Friends, Read what to Information Reviews Look at Look for a do.” Dealers company I Search Literature - Evoked Set GET Ask “What believe in “I need a and trust CONFUSED brand do I Problem new car!” like & Why?” Recognition The NISSAN As the Multicultural Millennial new car buyer goes through the Buying Decision decision process and reaches process that final decision point… they will be able to say… “I know!”
  14. 14. 13Marketing Objectives: Communication Objective:• To increase enquiry to sales Our communication objective is to build conversion rate from 4% to 7%. a distinct and memorable persona among Multicultural Millennials by generating• To increase Nissan showroom a carefully crafted relationship-oriented and online enquiries among brand identity. Multicultural Millennials to 1,457,914 units.• To increase Nissan’s share of market with Multicultural Millennials by 13% (15,187 units). Creative Objective: Our objective is to generate creative that doesn’t add to the existing clutter of car advertising. We will generate a brand personality that reflects the voicePositioning Statement: and attitude of Multicultural Millennials To Multicultural Millennials Nissan is the with ads that lead them to search forautomobile company that utilizes technology information about Nissan and why it isand innovation not only to make great cars, an innovative company that’s workingbut to connect people, and their communities to enrich peoples’ lives.while enriching people’s lives and the waythey move through the world.OBJECTIVES
  15. 15. 14 THE STRATEGY • In Today’s automotive market, consumers are satu- rated with different styles, colors and messages. Our campaign strategy does much more than advertise cars to our target. It is carefully designed to forge a new relationship with them. By relating INNOVATION for ALLMulticultural Millennial Americans are very complex. to their everyday lives.They are tech savvy, unique and know they are the • From the beginning, Central Edge planners were morefuture. Most importantly they don’t like advertising than convinced that adding “just another tag line” wouldn’t be successful.and they don’t trust companies. • Plain and simple, it would just confuse them.In our research it became more evident that, in order • Our campaign is carefully designed to impact and make the Innovation for All themeto break through and build a lasting relationship meaningful to Multicultural Millennials.with them, we had to do two things: • Our campaign executions must reach Millennials } wherever they are, whatever they see, whenever they{1 see it. We had to break negative perceptions and create a new perception of Nissan as a car company that does much • We are using a combination of traditional, non-tradition- more than just build vehicles. A perception that we are a al and inventive communications strategies. company that enriches their lives by contributing to their communities,environment and their world. Why No Slogan? • Central Edge tested dozens of them…most seemed trite and expected.{2 } We have to move Nissan to the Top of • None of them strengthened the concept of innova- Mulitcultural Millennials evoked set, which ultimately will tion – and we wondered if they would cloud Nis- increase long lasting brand favorability for generations san’s existing use of two strong taglines: to come. • Shift the Way You Move… • Innovation for All • Finally, we asked “Would a sub-campaign tucked under the overall Nissan advertising um- brella be too different from its core?” and, most IN SHORT, we are working to be importantly – why diminish the strength of an as Innovative as Nissan. established campaign; an identifying element that continues to build brand awareness… Why not create a campaign theme that expands and blends for our prospect base?
  16. 16. 15 THE VISIONHOW WE GOT THERENissan’s Vision Statement: Enriching people’s livesCentral Edge Brand Idea: Multicultural Millennials seek to do business with trustworthy companies that contribute to the world by enriching peoples’ lives. Innovation is more than a tagline - it’s what we do. It’s the driver of how MulticulturalBig Idea: Millennials think. Innovation is what they do, and how they choose to spend their money. They want to be a part of companies that do more than make a profit. Creative Vision: Creative Executions: • Central Edge creative • Central Edge creative executions are from the point-of-view and in the voice of our focuses on giving our prospects. Print and broadcast feature members of our prospect base in moments and situations in their lives. It conveys how their life choices relate to the cars that are a part of prospects a voice. their world. • Our campaign will • Campaign executions are designed to be distinctive and stand out from other car assist Nissan in building advertising. Virtually all executions are interactive and created to utilize distinctive and a dynamic, interactive engaging technology. relationship with Millennials where they can express their Creative Language Use: thoughts with a company • Central Edge research confirms that the majority of Multicultural Millennials are English that’s striving to be a leader language fluent and may or may-not read and write in their cultural language. However, of innovation. our research also confirmed that spending some of our budget on Multicultural language specific ad placements made sense. First of all, parents are of significant influence in • We will create an the decision to purchase a new car among the lower age range of our prospect base. Many of this groups parents are first generation American, utilize native language media environment where and are most influenced by messages in their native language. Thus, most advertising prospects believe in our will be placed in English and in English language media, however we will use selected company and brand publications and broadcast media to specifically target Hispanic language and Chinese because they understand language speaking prospects and their influences. why we do business and how our innovations will • Specialized media will include magazines, newspapers, Hispanic language magazines and enrich their lives. Hispanic and Chinese language television with language specific out-of-home message placements.
  17. 17. 16THECREATIVE
  18. 18. 17 THE CREATIVEAurasma is an augmented reality platform created by Autonomy Corporation. Primarily designed for 3Gand 4G mobile devices. It uses the device’s video camera to recognize pre-trained images and overlay an image or video so that the video tracks as the camera is moved. “Aurasma provides a single platform for bringing static images, brands and advertisements tolife with interactive content. It closes the gap between the real and virtual wolrld to deliver dynamic, informative and entertaining experiences to the exact segment of people you want to reach.” • Nissan will incorporate Aurasma imaging into all print materials in order to generate totally interactive print. Whether our prospects are reading a magazine, riding on public transit or sitting in a laundromat doing household chores, they will be able to enter the world of Nissan video or gaming. • Gaming options include Nissan core auto racing and maneuvering tests and create your car engagement opportunities. As the premier of Fast and Furious 7 approaches, there will be an opportunity to participate in a gaming contest to win Fast and Furious Decal Sets.
  19. 19. 18 THE CREATIVELaundromat Outdoor Board Web Banner Xbox Live
  20. 20. :30 Second Spot “Wall of Innovation” 19 THE STORYBOARDThe wall will be constructed in key DMAs and allow Millennials to come together and show their ideas of innovation. They will be able to write ordraw whatever they feel belongs on the wall. It will be an all day process with a stationary camera that will show a fast forwarded time-lapse ofpeople coming and going. At the end of the commercial the wall will drop to reveal a Nissan Altima. Placing the innovation is’”sign Constructing the Wall Close-up of the construction atop the wall of the wallVO: Everyone has their own idea of innovation Close-up of girl painting People begin to gather and First person taking the paint to get involved show their own idea of innovation VO: What does innovation mean to you?Close-up of people starting to The wall begins to fill with More people become involved peoples’ ideas of innovationjoin in on the wall Close-up of the art The walls fall to reveal a being painted One last display of the innovation Nissan Altima is’” sign after the wall is filled VO: At Nissan we believe in INNOVATION for ALL
  21. 21. 20 THE RELATIONSHIPS• The challenge of public relations – building public relationships – demands that expenditure of PR efforts, time, and monies be focused only on things that bring positive attention to the organization and brand, contribute to fulfilling the organization’s commitments, and help to build public awareness through positive publicity.• Nissan already has an established three-prong commitment to corporate citizenship involvement through humanitarian aid, education and environmental improvement – all with an on-going link to the corporate mindset of Innovation.• It is an essential mandate of Central Edge public relations programming that our campaign efforts maintain compatibility with that established focus.THE INNOVATION GENERATION Innovation Generation Awards:• All public relations efforts will function under the single voice umbrella of the Innovation Generation. All • Prospects enrolled in one of the highly populated programming efforts will be publicized and implemented multicultural institutions will have the opportunity through use of the InnovationForAll.com, Facebook page to participate in a program designed to recognize and social media publicity efforts. student participation efforts that bring enrichment to others’ lives. • On-campus publicity consisting of newspaper ads,Public Relations Objective: posters and social media will urge eligible students to• Expand Nissan’s core values of education, environmental submit an online application consisting of a 60-to-90 awareness, and humanitarian aid and generate second video summarizing previous involvement and awareness of the Innovation Generation as the voice of efforts toward localized projects that relate to Nissan’s Nissan Multicultural Millennials. priorities of humanitarian assistance, environmental awareness and educational improvement.{ } Top Multicultural Enrollment Schools • One representative from each of the colleges listed below would be awarded a $5,000.00 grant and African American Hispanic American Chinese American become a finalist. • Howard University • Texas A&M International • University of California • Morehouse College • University of Phoenix • Riverside • Finalist’s videos will be shown on Nissan’s Innovation • Hampton University • University of Texas - Pan Am • Rutgers • Polytechnic University NY Generation Webpage. Webpage visitors will be • Tuskegee University • Texas State Technical College • Xavier University of Louisiana • Boricia College • MIT asked to vote for the best project. The winner will • Florida A&M • Los Angeles Mission College • University of Pennsylvania • Cornell University receive a $10,000.00 personal grant and $20,000.00 to • North Carolina A&T State • New Mexico State • North Carolina Central • Miami Dade College • Stanford be awarded to their local cause or focus. • University of Maryland
  22. 22. 21 THE RELATIONSHIPS EDUCATION INNOVATION: Nissan Mentorships GIVE GREEN TO GO GREEN • Nissan will provide “mentorships” for young Nissan Foundation Local Grants Multicultural Millennials who participate in and are selected as winners in a unique and Under criteria of the Nissan Foundation, local innovative internship challenge. dealership boards will meet twice a year to fund grant applications from local schools, civic groups and youth organizations that focus on developing • Nissan Design America is home to some of the environmentally positive initiatives within the local most innovative minds in the automotive industry setting that benefits the needs of Multicultural Millennial areas. of North America. They design everything from Grants will be weighted to favor activities within preschool furniture to golf clubs in order keep multicultural residential/business areas in the 7 their design eyes sharp. identified communities of NYC, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, and Los Angeles. • Prospective students will be encouraged to submit This concept will be implemented on a geographical roll-out plan initiating first in the DMAs with the highest an innovative creation of their own to compete concentration of Multicultural Millennial populations. against other entries and for an opportunity to Grants will fund green activities ranging from developing win a mentorship.sustainable green gardens to installation of solar power for local youth centers. • The mentorships will take place at the Nissan Applications can be found online at the Innovation Design America studio in California where the Generation website. Grant amounts will range between$500.00 to $1,500.00 with a maximum of 5 grants funded student winners will work alongside creative during each semi-annual meeting. professionals to gain industry experience, learn new design techniques and explore other Funding for the grants will come from Nissan‘s inventive avenues. seed funds of $20,000.00 to each of the selected 10 DMAs and through local fund-raising activities by local Nissan dealers. • Four winners will receive a paid trainee position for six-months at a stipend of $30,000.00 and the opportunity to apply for a full-time position at a Nissan entity.
  23. 23. 22 THE RELATIONSHIPSINNOVATION KITS AFTER HOURS DEALER CONCERTS MOVIE THEATRE OPENINGSNissan will distribute Innovation Kits at the Nissan will sponsor a series of after-hours concerts at Nissan will present special Opening Nightbeginning of each semester at the top the two-largest dealer locations in Los Angeles, New Events at movie theatres in our 7 key DMAs touniversities for Multicultural Millennial enrollment. York, Houston, Miami and Dallas. The concerts will coincide with the local opening of Fast andThe kits will include everything students need feature “The Sounds of Innovation”—Nissan’s promoted Furious 7. Openings will feature car shows into keep Nissan in their minds throughout the Indie music groups. Nissan’s Sound of Innovation page theatre parking lots, prize giveaways, and on MySpace will allow participants to vote for area an augmented reality version of Nissan’ssemester: A flash drive with the Nissan logo groups to appear at the concerts and allow free music fast and Furious featured vehicles. Drawingswith preloaded information on the nearest downloads and access promotional CDs. Concertsdealerships and upcoming events, car air will be held for prizes including Fast and require a ticket which can be secured only from Nissanfresheners, AUX cables, a planner, a keychain, Furious Car Decal sets, Innovation Kits, T-shirts Dealers in the region. Local dealers who host the eventand water bottle. Students will also receive an and tanks. Tickets will be available at Nissan will co-pay all promotional costs for the events withinvitation to test drive a Nissan. Those who return Nissan providing concert travel, equipment, and set-up dealerships located in close proximity totheir test drive invitation and complete the drive fees. Concerts will feature a mini-car show, test drives core Multicultural residential areas.will receive an Innovation T-shirt and a chance and give-aways.to win free textbooks for a semester. ALL-STATE INSURANCE PARTNERSHIP PROMOTIONPARENTS WHO PAY PROMOTION Nissan will partner with All-State Insurance for a limited time promotion which will offer 6-months of free car insurance with purchase of a Nissan core model.For younger members of our target market, parents are critical to The promotion will be available in key DMA markets at select dealerships for atheir car buying process. Central Edge proposes two promotions to limited time and available for a maximum of 500 vehicle purchases. Costs ofmaximize the impact of this relationship. the promotional insurance will come from auto sale mark-ups and partnership1 contributions from the promotional advantages given to All-State. For parents who already own a Nissan and guide their child toward purchasing a Nissan as their first car, we propose a Brand Loyalty Discount which allows a dis- counted price for the second purchase. The discount should range between 10 – 15% depending on price and features.2 SALES Parents who co-sign for purchase of a new Nissan should receive an annual “skip a payment option” if they finance through a Nissan approved financial institution. The forgiven payment should coincide with PROMOTION heavy expenditure times of year such as the holidays or back-to-school in August or September.
  24. 24. 23 THE RELATIONSHIPSYOUTH-OF-THE-YEAR CULTURAL RECOGNITIONS ETHNIC FILM FESTIVALSNissan will sponsor competitions to identify and recognize the Youth- of- the Year Ethnic Film Festivals are one of the hottestin the African, Chinese and Hispanic American communities. Those competing emerging trends in the country and thefor the award are nominated online at Nissan’s InnovationForAll.com website. audience base is representative of the strongestNominees will submit a 30-to60 second video on a culturally appropriate topic. new car prospects in our target segments. ToCompetitions will coincide with: reach those prospects Nissan will become an Opening Night Sponsor at three major film• Black History Month - February 2014 festivals around the country. Sponsorship will• Hispanic Heritage Month - Sept 15-Oct 15 2013 include signage, programs and providing• Chinese New Year –- January 2014 customized car transport for stars and directors of films to venues. Winners will be announced during: • New York City’s Urban World Film Festival• BET Awards - June 2013 • Chicago’s Latino Film Festival• Latin Grammys - November 2013 • San Francisco’s International Asian• Chinese New Year Parades in New York City, Los Angeles and San American Film Festival Francisco.Winners and finalists will receive scholarships and travel awards. FIFA CONCACAF GOLD CUP SPONSORSHIP Nissan will become official automotive sponsor of the FIFA Gold Cup. The Gold Cup is the largest North American region soccer tournament. Sponsorship will include content in the 200,000 -plus, programs printed during the tournament; declaration as Official Car of the Series; video spots displayed on the stadium scoreboard before, after and during halftimeMULTICULTURAL at the event. Sponsorship arrangements are made through Soccer United Marketing. This event is as big-time as football’s Superbowl or college basketball’s Final Four with our target market.EVENTS
  25. 25. 24THE RELATIONSHIPSGuerilla Marketing In-Store ExperienceNissan Public transportation seat takeover The dealership experience has always been a battle of dealers vs.Central Edge will place Nissan vehicle seats in selected DMAs they customers. With new technology, 85% of buyers are doing researchwill replace regular seats in subways and on public transit. It will online before going to dealerships. Nissan must capitalize on this { }give Multicultural Millennials the experience of riding and sitting in by creating virtual showrooms online. Virtual Showrooms include:a Nissan vehicle. Key DMA’s such as NYC, LA, Houston, Miami, San • Information that will generate trust and transparency suchAntonio, Dallas. as photos, pricing, product features and inventory, as well as outside links to car reviews by industry leaders.Nissan Road Games • Transparent Pricing: Consumers already have access toNissan will have 2 pathfinders that travel across country that what a car costs, so dealers with transparent pricing will beengages our target in special events such as basketball, soccer seen as responsible.and golf tournaments. These pathfinders will be specifically alteredto be apart of the tournament, with modifications such as clamp • Scheduling Appointments: Consumers will feel as thoughon expandable basketball goals, and trunk soccer goals. The they are setting the terms for dealer interaction.participants will be given Nissan merchandise (i.e soccer balls,basketballs, t-shirts and water bottles). The Road Games will take Central Edge recommends that Nissan initiate a one-year testplace as pre-events at scheduled sporting events and randomly } run of the Innovation Zone at two dealerships in each of our top 5 {visit neighborhoods in key DMAs, including, NYC, Washington DMAs. The Innovation Zone will be a section in showrooms that usesD.C., Miami, Atlanta, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, technology to engage and empower consumers. It will include:Albuquerque, Los Angeles. • Corning Glass Walls: Corning makes tough, sleek touch-To keep consumers aware of the Road Games will be streamed live screen glass that will allow Nissan to show videos, point-of- purchase ads and information about vehicle options. Theseon the InnovationGeneration.com website along with a complete walls will be used by consumers and sales associates tocalendar of scheduled events. Promotional advertising will precede virtually browse the dealerships.visits to target cities. • Augmented Reality: Another component of the Innovation Zone is the augmented reality section. Customers willDigital Graffiti use specialized glasses to bring to view a 3D version of any Nissan model. With assistance of sales associatesIntroduction of new Nissan models will be celebrated in our key consumers can customize a vehicle completely fromcities with a rolling 3D projection Digital Graffiti Show. The rolling colors to features. This will allow customers to walk around the virtual vehicles and open doors to see inside theirlight show will be projected across main buildings in New York personalized car.City, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, and Dallas. The computeraugmented showcase of Nissan cars and music will be projected • QR Codes: We will place QR codes on vehicles alongsidefrom a rolling van after dark. Production and projection costs are the traditional information sheets. By using the Nissan app or any generic QR reader, consumers will be linkedminimal. Projections will be planned for high concentration areas to photos, videos and reviews, and a feature that allowsduring evening hours. the customer to signal for a sales associate at their convenience.
  26. 26. 25 THE PLANMEDIA OBJECTIVES:1. To create positive awareness within the Multicultural Millennial population that Nissan not only makes great cars but also uses technology and innovation to make the world a better place for all.2. To promote Nissan through local media to our multicultural segments in the areas where they live.3. To establish a unique brand presence and consumer awareness of Nissan’s role in innovation beyond the automobile industry.MEDIA STRATEGIES:1. To utilize traditional and non-traditional media vehicles that reach our target in their residential and academic spheres, and to deliver messages at times when the target’s information and entertainment aperture is open.2. To deliver media throughout the year in a pulsing pattern with heavy-ups in preparation for new product introduction and key sales periods - specifically during the third and fourth (September – December) quarters to reinforce awareness of new model introductions.3. To use added impact, local advertising in densely populated Multicultural Millennial areas - specifically New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, Dal- las, Chicago and Miami where the majority of our target market can be found. This includes out-of-home, theatre and special events. • Secondary high population metropolitan areas such as Atlanta, Dallas, San Diego, San Antonio will be impacted through narrow national and cable ad buys, national publications, and internet advertising.4. To use an effective blend of magazines, outdoor, transit, spot and cable television, as well as dedicated specific publications and broadcast media to deliver appropriate levels of reach, frequency and impressions to impact the market.5. To use language specific media to deliver messages to culturally specific programming choices, such as WWE and World Fútball (soccer). These have a high priority viewing for Hispanic and Chinese markets.RECOMMENDED MEDIA SELECTION RATIONALE:• The plan is designed to incorporate a variety of media to assure delivery of our message to our highly mobile and difficult to impact target segments. • The plan is designed to expose Hispanic, African American and Chinese American Millennials to Nissan advertisements throughout their daily lives with media that they use frequently.• Included are magazines, Spanish magazines, Spanish newspapers, outdoor and transit media, Spanish language network TV, spot TV, cable TV, and the Internet. A significant percent of the budget is allocated to internet, network TV, cable TV, and magazines. • Simmons data reports that Multicultural Millennials are 86 times more likely to spend time on the internet than the other demographics. • Our three target sub-segments are also 107 times more likely than other targets to watch television for relaxation and information. • With Multiculturals, magazines have an amazing Simmons index of 643. This means the target is 543 times more likely than the rest of the population to read magazines.
  27. 27. 26 THE TACTICSNetwork • Central Edge’s campaign for Multicultural Millennials will use minimal network television focusing instead on spot, cable and local placements. This decision is based on the reliance of existing Nissan sponsorships and participationTelevision: in sports programming, the Olympics and Nissan’s ongoing Heismann sponsorship.Spanish Language • • Univision TelemundoTelevision: • Focused Buys will include: o European style fútball / World League Soccer o FCA Boxing o Wrestling • Simmons data verifies popularity of Spanish language programming among Multicultural Millennials. • Proposed buys will focus on delivering Fútball/Soccer and FCA cage boxing. These are extremely popular with our prospects.Newspapers: • Spanish language newspapers are recommended in order to intensify focus on the Hispanic market. Ads will be placed weekly in all 3 publications. Each ad will be 2/3rds of a page.Magazines: Placements will include 2-page spreads and full page spreads, as well as 4 color ads printed on recycled paper and bound into selected publications. • Selections are based on Simmons Choice 3 data which confirmed Multicultural Millennials read a wide variety of magazines. o 12-month placements are planned for the following titles: Game Pro, AutoWeek, Glamour, In Touch and Men’s Fitness. • 6 ads for the year will run in magazines of similar genres, rotating months.Out-of-Home: • We recommend purchase of outdoor boards, mass transit signs and shelters to reach our prospects when they most wish they had a car or a new car. • A combination of subway posters, subway car wraps, billboards and bus advertisements will be used. • Simmons data indices among African American, Chinese and Hispanic Millennials for use of public transportation are high. • African-American index of 244. • Chinese American index of 151. . • To best target the demographic, all outdoor advertisements will be run in California, New York, Texas, and Florida. These areas have the highest percent of the total target. • Most placements will have the impact of a 25 showing. • Bus wrap designs will convey oversized Nissan cars on the road. • Shelters, trains and bus cars will feature interactive Aurasma key codes. These will allow travelers to use their smart phones to activate commercials or Nissan car games while they travel.