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  • Women and Children under 5 are dying world wide are dying from perventable causes
  • Kenya is HAAWC’s focus it is Developing Country with over 40milion people its about twice the size of nevadaLife expectancy is only 65years andMortality rates are high for both women and children especially in rural areas Target 200people in rural kenya outside of Nairobi
  • 1 women every hour dies due to pregnancy and child birth complications A majority of these complications are due to contracting Malaria from mosquitos
  • 85% of children die before age 5. Leading causes of child mortality is diarrheal disease caused by rotavirus and water contamination
  • A woman in Kenya may do as much as travel to get water, tend to crops, and tend to the house as well as caring for their children. With work to do and children to feed, a woman cannot afford to contract malaria, and a family cannot afford to lose a mother. A motherless family is destined for poverty, children are forced to drop out of school and work low income jobs de-stimulating the economy as a indirect result of inadequate maternal health coincidently Diarrheal disease can also destimulate the economy, morbid children cannot fully cognitively or socially develop causing them to underacheive in school and consequently work lower jobs,
  • KPMM focus is broad and intangibleThey soley focus on women, without addressing the leading cause of pregnancy complications: Malaria
  • 5 Volunteers will go to Kenya to implemateHAAWC Health clinicsClinics will haveTrained nurses and doctors to perscribe medications and administer vaccines A little over half of Kenya has access to clean water, so community leaders will educate the public on healthy habbits such as hand washing and breast feedingAs well as to encourage regular doctor visits especially to those who are pregnantPeople wil be able to buy medications and nets at the clinic as well
  • Year 1The center will be built and staffedYear 2Center will be open offering free vaccines and nets Volunteers will help run health clinicAmericaYear 3Free nets and vaccines will continue to be given away, however only one volunteer will remainThe other four will return to their country and allow Kenyans to run Health clinicNot being vaccinated and not sleeping with nets put women and children at risk Rotavirus vaccines prevent diarrheal disease, and nets prevent bites from mosquitos
  • HAAWC will profit from clinic sales of medicines, nets and servicesNo patient will be turned away, however payment plans based on patient income will help maintain HAAWC clinics when grant money depletes.
  • A majority of grant dollars will go towards supplies and trainingPartnerships with pharmacetical companies, and larger medical companies will keep expenses low as well as ensure the correct use of equipment
  • surveys of the areas inhabitants will be administered to check their health in year 2. At the end of the third year a subsequent survey will be administered to evaluate effectiveness overall health should improve, and the goal is to have zero deaths due to malaria or diarrheal disease
  • By improving the health of women, we improve the health of childrenHealthy children are able to reach their cognitive and social potential allowing them to have high income jobs and stimulate the economy
  • Grantproposal

    1. 1. Health Aimed atWomen and Children HAAWC Ta-Tiana Anderson-Hall Grant Proposal
    2. 2. Worldwide
    3. 3. Kenya
    4. 4. Maternal Mortality • Preventable Complications
    5. 5. Child Mortality • Diarrheal Disease
    6. 6. Economic Effect
    7. 7. What’s Being Done The Kenya Prevention of Maternal Mortality (KPMM)
    8. 8. My Proposal HAAWC
    9. 9. Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
    10. 10. Profit$HAAWC + =
    11. 11. Budget
    12. 12. Goals and Analysis
    13. 13. The “New” Economy
    14. 14. Thank You (Bibliography)