Workshop Bodyware Cri-Fing Rémi Sussan


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Workshop Bodyware Cri-Fing Rémi Sussan

  1. 1. Computers and life : two sisters technologies ● Same impact ; they are both autocatalytic technologies ● Same logic : quick development, open source, hacking ● Same algorithmic processes
  2. 2. Biotech for everyone ?
  3. 3. Falling prices
  4. 4. La Paillasse : a biohacklab in Paris
  5. 5. Some projects from la Paillasse ● Bioreactor : for microorganisms culture ● Transilluminator : to “see” DNA molecules (20 euros) ● “Gloves box” : to manipulate cultures in a sterile environment (300 euros) ● Bacterial ink ● Objects made from bacterial cellulose ● Biodegradable electronics: a project in partnership with Sony engineers
  6. 6. From biology to computers
  7. 7. From computers to biology
  8. 8. And the best of both worlds
  9. 9. Living cities ●“Bacteria will be engineered to target specific materials, like aging concrete. Released into cities, they will replace the old stuff with new bacterial glue that’s structurally sound, networked, and computational. Other bacteria could perform similar maintenance by retrofitting aging utility conduits and faded solar skins. Protocell computers could also be released into ecosystems, sensing chemical properties and transmitting them on mesh networks to remote dashboards. Vats of bacteria will pump out fuels, protein resources, and water.” ● Chris Arkenberg, “Cities Of The Future, Built By Drones, Bacteria, And 3-D Printers”
  10. 10. ● "The final step in the domestication of biotechnology will be biotech games, designed like computer games for children down to kindergarten age but played with real eggs and seeds rather than with images on a screen. Playing such games, kids will acquire an intimate feeling for the organisms that they are growing. The winner could be the kid whose seed grows the prickliest cactus, or the kid whose egg hatches the cutest dinosaur."
  11. 11. Jurassic Park 2.0 ● "A later technique under development in my Harvard lab will allow us to resurrect practically any extinct animal whose genome is known or can be reconstructed from fossil remains, up to and including the woolly mammoth, the passenger pigeon, and even Neanderthal man. " ● George Church and Ed Regis
  12. 12. A biological singularity ? ● We are moving rapidly into the post- Darwinian era, when species other than our own will no longer exist, and the rules of Open Source sharing will be extended from the exchange of software to the exchange of genes. Then the evolution of life will once again be communal, as it was in the good old days before separate species and intellectual property were invented. ● Freeman Dyson
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