Cap Cana


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"The World's Next Great Destination".

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Cap Cana

  1. 1.  Dominican Republic, home of Cap Cana, boasts 48.422 Km² of natural beauty and Caribbean life  Occupies two thirds of the island “La Hispaniola”  Located between the islands of Cuba and Puerto Rico  Offers a great ecological diversity and pleasant tropical climate 365 days of the year  A country filled with forest, mangles, beaches and natural beauty, with exotic and exuberant flora and fauna  Economic stability  Hospitality that knows no boundaries  Five international airports
  2. 2. Known for its great dimension and strategic vision, Cap Cana is a fully integrated luxury community  Located in the eastern part of the Dominican Republic  Only ten minutes from the Punta Cana International Airport, which offers direct flights from top U.S., Latin American and European cities  120 million square meters of natural wonderland  The first stage of the project is comprised of 35 million square meters  Unique ecological wonders, from bluffs and natural caves with diverse rock formations and freshwater springs to over 300 species of native plants and 60 species of birds  Situated on five miles of coastline and more than three miles of spectacular white-sand beaches
  3. 3.  Five golf courses, three of them signed and designed by golf legend Jack Nicklaus  The most complete, state-of-the-art Marina in the Caribbean  Beach, golf, sport and yacht clubs, comparable only to those found in the world’s most exclusive destinations  Upon completion of the master plan, Cap Cana will have more than 5,000 residential units and 5 luxury hotels  The Design Guides of Cap Cana won the Mention of Honor at the IX Biennial of Architecture of Puerto Rico  Cap Cana was named Best Tourist Project of the Region at the 4th Annual Forum of Latin American Leadership in New Orleans, march of 2006  Cap Cana was recognized as one of the most attractive projects for the investor of the Salón Inmobiliario of Madrid (SIMA) 2006
  4. 4. CAP CANA is part of the Abrisa Group, one of the main economic groups in the Dominican Republic. A highly respected Dominican holding, its commitment focuses on acquiring goods and services in need, including infrastructures of homes, health, education, as well as seeking to improve the quality of living in the Dominican society. The following companies make up the Abrisa Group: MAPFRE
  5. 5. CAP CANA has assembled an elite team of professionals to develop this project. They are:
  6. 6. 1- Trump at Cap Cana 7- Sotogrande at Cap Cana 13- Green Village Residences 2- Fishing Lodge 8- Golden Bear Lodge 14- Yararí 3- Founders Condominiums 9- Las Iguanas Villas 15- Caletón Villas 4- Aquamarina 10-Punta Cayuco 16- Caletón Estates 5- Punta Palmera 11- Las Palmas 17- Las Lagunas 6- Altabella Sanctuary 12- Green Village 18- Trump Farrallon Estates 19- Racquet Village
  7. 7. 1- Front Entrance 8- Las Iguanas Golf Course 2- Reception and Information Offices 9- Punta Espada Golf Club 3- Yacht & Sports Club 10- Punta Espada Golf Course 4- Marina 11- Caletón Beach Club 5- Heritage School 12- Racquet Club 6- Boulevard Central 13- Emergency Center 7- Hotel Zone 14- Las Canas City
  8. 8. Punta Espada Golf Course  Since its inception in July of 2006, it is already well-regarded as one of the best courses in the world  All eighteen holes of this extraordinary course offer impressive ocean views with eight holes bordering the crystalline blue waters of the Caribbean Sea  The prestigious magazine “Golf Digest”, names the Punta Espada Golf Course between the top hundred best golf courses, outside the U.S.A  The magazine Robb Report quot;Best of the Best“, selected Punta Espada Golf Course at Cap Cana one of the best at a world-wide level  Its design blends the natural features of the landscape into its topography  The course uses 100% “Paspalum” Grass, the preferred surface in tropical climates for its resistance to salt water and its vibrant green color  The 13th hole is considered its “signature hole”  Accommodating golfers of all levels and playing ability, including those at a championship level  Troon Golf manages the course’s administration, operation and maintenance  With a Golf Club that boasts impressive views of holes ten through eighteen, the practice range and the Caribbean Sea
  9. 9. Las Iguanas Golf Course  The second of three signature golf courses at Cap Cana designed by Jack Nicklaus  Las Iguanas Golf Course is currently under construction  With eighteen holes bordering a series of bluffs made up of limestone rock, the course features three holes accentuated by the Caribbean Sea and three holes within exotic mangles  The golf course is 3,270,315 square feet  A investment totaling more than $26,000 million  The Golf Club spans 19,849 square feet with its first floor featuring a lobby, pro shop, bar, a restaurant with a seating capacity for 90 guests, a library, among other services.  Frontier Construction, a renowned North American company, was hired for the construction of Las Iguanas Golf Course
  10. 10.  A $96 million dollar project, the Marina it’s being built in three stages  Upon its completion, it will have the capacity for over 1,000 boats, including mega yachts  In April of 2007, the first stage was inaugurated with a magnificent event  The Marina is the only full-service marina in a 400 kilometers radius between the Turks and Caicos and Puerto Rico, accommodating all types of yachts, ranging from 150 plus feet (50 meters)  It offers ample maintenance services, as well as port and custom authorities  The Grand Canal is the central axis of the Marina, surrounded by luxury stores, exclusive restaurants and a five-star hotel  With its privileged proximity in regards to the Caribbean, the Marina is close to the Mona Canal, one of the five major fishing destinations in the World, an enviable spot on the coast especially with its extended fishing season (March to October)  Deep-sea and submarine fishing
  11. 11. Dancing to the melody of beauty and romance, the Caribbean Sea’s crystal blue waters flow gently onto the white sandy beaches, embellishing everything in its surroundings  Towering palm trees sway in the mild breeze  The Beach Club features diverse amenities for the whole family to enjoy  Water sports and recreational activities
  12. 12.  Pleasant tropical climate 365 days of the year  A diverse ecological wealth, the forests, mangles, beaches and waterfalls bounds in this country, exotic and exuberant flora and fauna  World Class Spas  Luxury Restaurants and 5 stars hotels  World Renowned luxury boutiques  Beach, Golf, Yacht and Tennis Clubs with diverse amenities for the benefit of all the family  Aquatic Sports and Recreational activities  Polo and ridding fields  Cap Cana Heritage School, with 40,000 square meters, belongs to the group Educación Integral, S.A., which has more than 30 years of administrative experience, academic and vast knowledge and commitment in offering excellence, leadership and personal integrity
  13. 13.  Optimally located in the heart of the Marina  Brilliant views of the most complete state-of-the-art Marina in the Caribbean  12 luxury condominium buildings  Spacious terraces with incredible views of the Marina and the Caribbean Sea  Private swimming pool for owners  Each apartment contains 1148 to 1772 square feet
  14. 14.  Aquamarina Condominiums offer a versatile lifestyle, a combination of relaxing on the beach with the dynamic attractions of the Marina  Located around the Grand Canal  Condominiums feature one, two and three bedrooms  Panoramic views of the maritime activities  Private Beach
  15. 15.  Jack Nicklaus legendary lifestyle is being used as a blueprint to craft an unparalleled experience at Cap Cana  An innovative luxury condominium concept  Located along the coast, between two Jack Nicklaus designed courses, Punta Espada and Las Iguanas  98 luxury condominiums comprised of 70 two-bedroom apartments, 14 one-bedroom apartments and 14 studios  Exquisite architectural design, private swimming pools and spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea  The clubhouse features full restaurant service, business center, spa and private golf practice facilities  The spectacular views combine the sea, the sand, and the cliffs, making this private neighborhood an unforgettable place  Golden Bear Lodge embodies the dream of the most passionate golfers
  16. 16.  This exclusive residential community is located on a privileged site bordered by the Punta Espada Golf Course  Breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and the spectacular bluffs  Its tropical design reflects the Caribbean way of life, influenced by the dancing waves of the Caribbean Sea
  17. 17.  A collection of unique villas incorporating the wonderful colors of its natural surroundings  Situated between Punta Espada and Las Iguanas Golf Courses  The villas are furnished with the warmth and detail indicative of the high quality standards of Cap Cana  A harmonious blending of bungalows and two-bedroom villas  A place that appeals to all the senses, where enjoyment and tranquility go hand in hand  The gardens are integrated into the outdoor living areas  Recognized as one of the ten best options for real estate investment in the world by the North American International Guide of Trips and Vacations, Travel and Leisure Magazine  Completely furnished and equipped with a fine selection of appliances  The villas offer five designs with diverse specifications  Residences feature three to five luxurious rooms with one or two floors  Surrounded by lively vegetation and lush landscaping
  18. 18.  Exclusive residential community featuring contemporary Caribbean style and luxury  Seven villa models to meet your needs  Strategically located steps from the Las Iguanas Golf Course  Accessories of the highest quality  Marble floors, cedar closets, galleries and balconies  Natural architectural details  Security and Privacy  An unprecedented way of life
  19. 19.  Exclusive community  Located in the marina, the most complete state-of-the-art marina in the Caribbean  Sophisticated homes for the whole family to enjoy  Natural architectural details and materials used in an exquisite way  Three-stories residences  Four bedrooms all with bathrooms, closets and a shared family room  Access to Cap Cana’s Marina Pier  Residences designed with all the necessary comforts
  20. 20.  Beautiful residential community  Five luxurious villas  Located within the Punta Espada Golf Course  Fantastic views of the sixth and seventh holes  Each design has been created to reflect the natural virtues of the surroundings, the environment and the blue reflections of the ocean
  21. 21.  A lovely subdivision located within the Golf Courses Punta Espada and Las Iguanas, with a spectacular view to the Caribbean Sea  These elegant villas boast vibrant gardens and spectacular views, combining the best of Caribbean luxury  An incomparable way of life
  22. 22.  With its stunning beauty, the Yarari Estates blend the aroma of nature with the purity of its environment, an exclusive project enhanced by its unique flora and fauna  A magnificent private community with an exceptional view of the Punta Espada Golf Course
  23. 23.  An exquisite selection of villas designed to combine the beauty of the surroundings with the highest standard of living  Located along the Punta Espada Golf Course  European accessories of the highest quality  Landscape is comprised of lush vegetation and tropical foliage. A beautiful setting highlighting the diverse textures and colors of its environment  Surrounded by exotic tropical foliage and the magical golf course by renowned golfer, Jack Nicklaus
  24. 24.  Sensational Villas  Envisioned by developer, Sinercon, S.A.  Perfect environment for a peaceful, refreshing and relaxing way of life  The components selected for each corner of the neighborhood represent water, fire, wind, light and vegetation, evoking an organic touch that exudes exquisite harmony with one’s immediate surroundings
  25. 25.  Apartment Complex  290 deluxe apartments with spectacular views of the Marina  Managed under a “rental program”  11 restaurants and 32,808 square feet of luxury shops featuring world-renowned brands  In conjunction with the construction of the apartment complex, the Altabella Fishing Lodge is also being built, a dynamic five- star hotel located at the Cap Cana Marina  120 suites
  26. 26.  The sea is the overall theme in this private residential community  Prime location in front of the beautiful beaches of Cap Cana  Each apartment has two or three rooms  Direct access to the most complete Marina in the Caribbean  The main building includes a reception area, private gym, concierge services, two private swimming pools and a gourmet restaurant for the residents
  27. 27.  Designed and built by Orbitarq and Logroval, two companies with extensive experience in luxury villa design  Located on Cap Cana’s Juanillo Bay  A perfect blend among nature, sky and sea
  28. 28.  First product developed by the strategic alliance of Trump Organization and Cap Cana  68 estates boasting approximately 6,000 square meters each  Located in a private, gated community atop the highest bluff in the area  More than 200 feet above sea level, Trump Farallon Estates present fantastic views of the entire Cap Cana property and the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea  Trump Farallon homeowners will enjoy special membership privileges to an array of clubs and amenities within Cap Cana
  29. 29.  Racquet sports and family life unite with the beauty and tranquility of the natural surroundings  Only a select few possess the foresight and vision to become owners of this unique property  Enjoy the Racquet Club’s semi-Olympic swimming pool, tennis and racquet ball courts, paddle and squash fields, exercise room and light food  Sport massages are available for relaxation and rejuvenation  An optimal place for those who love racquet sports
  30. 30.  Real estate investment will benefit from an increase in capital  Unique offer of properties and products gain  International, renowned partners  Solid economic endorsement  Stable domestic economic growth  Properties located in a desirable and unique part of the world  Emphasis on quality, security and services  Ten year tax exemption  Availability of including your property on the “rental program”