Who Am I? Reflection Skills


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Student Presentation on Reflection Ski

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Who Am I? Reflection Skills

  1. 1. WHO AM IBy: Jayden, Joe , Cynthia, Caden
  2. 2. WHAT IS SELF REFLECTION Human self-reflection is the ability for humans to exercise inner thought and awillingness to learn more about their nature, purpose and essence. The great interestwhich humanity has had in itself or natural Human self-reflection usually leads toquestioning the human condition and humankind as a whole. Self-reflection is an awareness of consciousness mind. Self reflection can be put into three groups • Reflection-on-action • Reflection-in-action • Critical self-reflection
  3. 3. REFLECTION -ON-ACTION To reflect-on-action, you analyze your experiences after things happen in orderto fully understand and learn from them. Some questions to ask yourself include: What did I set out to do? What happened? What did I do well? How could I improve next time? What can I take from this experience?
  4. 4. REFLECTION -IN-ACTION For reflect-in-action, you evaluate your self in the moment inorder to make corrections. Reflection-in-action can help you changeyour style to better suit a situation. Some questions to use include: What am I doing well? How can I improve? What do I notice?
  5. 5. CRITICAL SELF - REFLECTION Both reflection-in-action and reflection-on-action are powerful skillsBut the most powerful skill is critical self-reflection. Critical self-reflection, Is asking yourself tough, provocative questions that challengeyour understanding of yourself. By asking these questions, you deepen your knowledge of yourselfand clarify how you want to live.
  6. 6. ASK YOURSELFThe Best way to reflect is to ask yourself questions that are thought provoking like: What do I really, really want? What are my most important values? What are my beliefs? Who am I at my best? Who am I at my worst? Who am I becoming? What am I avoiding or resisting? What am I most grateful for?
  7. 7. PERSONALITY TRAITS A personality trait is defined as: • Habitual patterns and qualities of behaviour of any individual as expressed by physical and mental activities and attitudes Another important aspect of who you are is your personality. Personality traits can be put into 5 categories. • Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism
  8. 8. THE 5 TRAITS Openness: Openness refers to how open you are to experiencing new things. Do youenjoy new ideas or are you frightened of change? Conscientiousness: Conscientiousness refers to how dedicated you are Or your workethic. Extraversion: Extraversion asks how comfortable you are in the company of others?Do like it by yourself or in a crowd? Agreeableness: Do you try to get along with people or do you go out of your way tostart a fight? Neuroticism: How emotionally stable are you? Do you get upset over the little things? This is a test to see where you stand http://www.outofservice.com/bigfive/