SD8 Interview 2013


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Presentation slides for my interview in SD8 Kootenay Lake

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SD8 Interview 2013

  1. 1. Provincial District & Regional Family of Schools School Context Transferable Skills Motivation & Visibility Interpersonal Skills Systems Thinking Organizational & Planning Skills LifeLong Learner Instructional Core ePortfolios, Digital Literacy ePortfolios, Technology, Digital Literacy, SD8Learns, SD8VLC, WKTEP, Selkirk TLI Digital Heritage Connect, Better World LitCircle ePortfolios & Learning Competencies, Digital Literacy, Reading Literacy (CBAL), Leadership Team, PROD Rep, DI Team Inquiry, PBL Intermediate PLC •AFL, AAL •Literacy Program
  2. 2. From my professional blog, “Edubackchannel”
  3. 3. Instructional Core 1: AFL/AAL “Academic Success” Instructional Core 2 PLC & PLN Development Instructional Core 3 Technology to Support Learning, Provincial Context
  4. 4. •Collaborative FoS Transition Planning •Feeder School(s) •LVR Transitions •School Leadership Team & PLC focus on Student Learning “Instructional Core” & Board Expectations •Support and Connect Staff to District Initiatives •Student Voice & Enfranchisement •Healthy School Program Supports •Wider Parent Engagement “With” •Communicating & Reporting Learning “To” •Flexible, Enriched Learning Models (Lifelong Explorations) •Assessment for Learning, ePortfolios •Technology to Support Learning Success for All Graduation for All Innovative Practices Grants Leadership Development Critical Thinking Resilience/Self Regulation Early Learning Technology to Support Learning Read by “ Grade 3 We cannot do more of the same and expect change”
  5. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Defining a Healthy School through a CHS Assessment Process/ Growth Plan Understanding that an engaging, relevant, vigorous curriculum is part of a Healthy School eg./ “Lifelong Explorations” Circle of Courage is a foundation for Positive Behavioural Development & Citizenship Collaborative Problem Solving & Restitution enfranchises struggling learners & teaches them essential life skills School Connectedness is critical for Social Responsibility to flourish Engaging Families is key to being proactive From “Safe, Caring, and Orderly Schools” -Ministry of Education, 2008
  6. 6. Instructional & Learning Leadership Student Voice “Make me an Active Participant in my Learning—Why is this Important?” “Model Learning Leadership & Professional Growth” Parent Engagement “Help me Understand the Learning Context; Invite me in” Staff Development New Curriculum Framework “PLC Learning Conversations” “UbD, Relevant, Experiential, Integrated, AFL, AAL” Capacity Building “Develop & Connect Learning Leaders, Growth Plan Conversations” Instructional Core “A Common Culture of Instruction & Learning” Reporting & Communicating Learning “ePortfolios, Student Ownership of Learning, AAL”
  7. 7. “How do we build trust with our parent & caregiver community so we can invite and engage them in their children’s learning, through effective communication to and with our students’ families?” Parenting Skills & Context Communication “To” and “With” Volunteering and Audience Learning at Home Conversations Decision-Making & Parent Leadership Collaborate with Community for Service & Resources (Joyce Epstein, 2009) “To” Communicating & Reporting Learning Website “With” ePortfolios Social Media Open Invites Class Blogs Proactive Beginning of Year Orientation & Goals Workshops & Presentations IEP & AFL Process Parent Camp (PAC) Student Conferencing 5 Call Friday SPC & Plan Day
  8. 8. “How do we create conditions for engaged, positive behaviour both inside and outside of the school walls?” Global & Community “I am empowered in my community” Leadership, Community Service Projects & Lifelong Explorations (CBT Youth Grants) Feeder School Buddy Program, Cross-School & Global Projects, Environmental & Outdoor Education School-Wide “I am an enfranchised citizen in my school” Student Voice*: Meaningful Engagement & Enfranchisement Family Groupings: Decision-Making, Multi-Age Digital Citizenship & Literacy Curriculum Individual ePortfolio Citizenship Competency Focus, Circle of Courage Generosity & Belonging Focus, Genius Hour “I Matter” Recognizing Individual Strengths, Talents, & Contribution “I Belong, I can Help, I am Generous” *Tell Them from Me Student Survey
  9. 9. Resilience: Vulnerable Learners “Can we develop a tool to assess aspects of resiliency (advocacy, health, networks, etc.) for our vulnerable learners to track their development? Student Services SBT, ISSM, Counselling, PBIS, Alternate & Flexible Models, Social Stories, Tiered Supports Home & Community Vulnerable Learner Natural Support Systems & Neighbourhoods, FoS Transitions “Stabilize, Empower, Enfranchise, Envision” Networks & Resources Girls/Boys’ Groups, Mentors, Networks, 2 Adults, AbEd External Agencies MCFD, Art Therapy, Public Health Nurse, Ankors, Freedom Quest, Mental Health
  10. 10. Resiliency & Academic Success -Family of Schools Meets -Buddy Programs/ Activities -Orientation/Video -Parent Camp •“What strategies & structures will facilitate a successful transition between our elementary schools and Trafalgar?” •“How can we best welcome our new students and make them feel at home and ready to learn?” Transition Phase 1: Elementary Transition Phase 2: “Transescents” • “How can we most effectively design learning experiences that are developmentally appropriate for Gr. 6 – 8 learners, given what we know works well?” • “How can we support learners socio-emotionally as they reach the next threshold of maturity?” -Integrated PLCs & Stakeholder Engagement -Healthy Schools -Strategies for Resiliency* Family of Schools Meets -Mentors/ W.Exp. -Shadow & Orientation -ePortfolios • “How can we most effectively transition our Gr. 8’s from Trafalgar to LVR?” • “How can we ensure students are prepared for continued learning at the secondary level?” Transition Phase 3: Secondary *Hurlington (2010)
  11. 11. “I will watch for, believe in, notice, love and engage the GENIUS of those in my charge” -Rick Ackerly
  12. 12. Leadership TeamWork Systems Thinking Student Voice Champion Proactive Family Engagement Learning & Instructional Leadership