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Everyday heirlooms with heirloom registry
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Everyday heirlooms with heirloom registry



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  • 1. Heirlooms Can Be New Too! The Heirloom Registry https://www.heirloomregistry.com
  • 2. Recently for my birthday, I received a great gift: a painting from an artist friend . . . .
  • 3. I knew I’d hang it in my office as inspiration: the robin’s eggs represent ideas and I use my office as a “nest” to incubate new ideas for my business.I also know that I had received an item that could be a family heirloom and passed down to future generations.
  • 4. On the rear of the painting was the artist’sinformation but I wanted an innovative way to tell the story behind this new heirloom.
  • 5. The solution: identification stickers from The Heirloom Registry!
  • 6. I had received a sticker at a recent genealogyconference, so I placed it on the back of the painting.
  • 7. Next, I went to http://www.heirloomregistry.com, set up a free account and then entered the registration number.
  • 8. I provided as much detailed as I wanted about the heirloom, including a photo.
  • 9. I also had an option of keeping some information“private” such as the location of the item or the value. You can also set a “year” for this information to be released, sort of like setting up a time capsule!
  • 10. Once registered, I had a great way to share the information with others using the links toFacebook, Twitter and other social media sites!
  • 11. I can also save a PDF version of the record, a “Registry Certificate,” to my hard drive for safekeeping.
  • 12. Now I plan to order more stickers from The Heirloom Registry and start telling the story of other family heirlooms.
  • 13. CreditsThis slide show was produced by Thomas MacEntee. I received a complimentary sticker to try out The Heirloom Registry. I have not been compensated in any way for this review.