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Ola 2011
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Ola 2011


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Published in: Education
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  • -show what we have been doing to explore collaboration within the library world -explain the project and why we began working on it -talk a bit about the process and how we collaborated with co-workers, teachers, and students -show examples
  • -within each lesson are individual wiki pages that allow the user to create, share or request information from students or teachers -add article about growing a textbook
  • -example of Wikispaces with Glogster embedded to create links for pathfinder -point out the quick launch on the right hand side of the screen and also the clearly laid out direction of study provided in the Glogster poster to create a comprehensive pathfinder with carefully chosen research links inserted along the way
  • -explain how we collaborated to combine skills in physed, the Osslt, in research literacy and in technology -accessed the knowledge and skills of many different teachers to create this one resource
  • -the finished product combines all attributes that a present day, modern pathfinder can provide -including: *Guidance and direction from experts in many fields (collaboration) *clearly laid out direction of study *accurate, valuable, and level oriented research guidance *encouragement to create something valuable and memorable
  • - A clip of a student’s culminating activity using Glogster to show learning and hopefully help others who view their work to avoid the harmful effects of drinking and driving
  • -explain the collaboration between teachers across ontario to create this resource for all educators and students to access -used as a culminating activity for my senior qualification for physical education taken on line
  • Transcript

    • 1. Gather, Build, Share Digital Resources at your School Library By: Jan Reynolds Stacey Mclaren Kate Shields
    • 2.
      • 21st Century Pathfinders
      • funded by OSSTF
      • TALCO
      • The Association of Library Coordinators & Consultants of Ontario
    • 3. New ways to organize content!
    • 4. It’s an Information Jungle out there! History of Pathfinders: In the 70s we created them in print. I suspect some of us still do. In the 90s we began publishing pathfinders as html web pages. Now, I am convinced that wikis and other collaborative tools (like PageFlakes and NetVibes, and LibGuides, and GoogleSites, etc.) are the way to go. Joyce Valenza
    • 5. More than just websites!
        • List some books in your library and call numbers
        • Journal articles
        • Rubric for assignment
        • Can suggest strategies for searching
        • Link to blogs, wikis, portals and news feeds
        • No knowledge of html code is required
        • Result?
        • Independence for the student as they have a comprehensive guide to help them on their way!
    • 6. What is a 21 st Century Pathfinder?
        • Personalized web page
        • Uses a dashboard system
        • Gathers a variety of web 2.0 tools websites, wikis, rrs feeds, databases, podcasts, pdf’s etc.
        • Serves a web platform from which teachers and students can launch learning on a specific topic
    • 7. Virtual Binding
      • “ First, you’ll need some type of teacher-friendly platform for building, a virtual binding ”
      • Joyce Valenza
        • There are a variety of choices, e.g.,
        • Wikispaces for Teachers
        • PB Wiki
        • LiveBinders
        • Netvibes-good reviews
        • Pageflakes- tends to be “flaky”
    • 8. Get started with a personal Dashboard Word Press Blog- Mine! Delicious Bookmarks RRS feeds Utube videos twitter iGoogle
    • 9. Examples of Personal Dashboards
        • Using Your iGoogle Page as a Daily Planner
        • Welcome to my PLE – Grade 7 student shares her personal learning environment.
    • 10. Gadgets, Widgets, Feeds, for everything
    • 11. Here’s what it takes!
        • Mastery of a couple of publishing platforms for creating a library web presence
        • You should also be able to integrate, teach, and share these platforms with your learning community
        • Links to the curriculum- start with expectations
      • Fully Loaded: Outfitting a teacher librarian for the 21st century.
      • Joyce Valenza
    • 12. OSSTF Pathfinder Project
        • Collect, evaluate and collate pathfinders for Grade 10 subject areas
        • Subject specific pathfinders incorporate research skills, literacy expectations, and differentiated learning using 21 st technologies e.g., databases, websites, e-books, smart boards, podcasts, videos, blogs, search engines
    • 13. Pageflake- Ontario Grade 10 Civics Websites RSS feeds Widgets #*!! Ads
    • 14. Grade Ten-
    • 15. Index
        • You can easily create an index to keep track of your growing collection of pathfinders- Wiki
    • 16. Use a Glogster to Index
    • 17. Collaborative
        • Web-based pathfinders are collaborative documents.
        • Create them with teachers and students.
        • Can have students helping build the pathfinder.
        • Showcase student work.
    • 18. Editing, Adding, Growing
        • Web-based pathfinders are wonderfully malleable, You can edit them anywhere, on the fly, whenever you discover a new resource
        • Books, Dewey number, Key Word to search, Image library
    • 19. Highlight Your Databases Help to stem the tidal wave of google searches!
        • Feature resources such as databases that otherwise would go unused.
        • Utilize Knowledge Ontario widgets .
        • Knowledge Ontario Services :
    • 20. Tips and Tricks
        • When using Pageflakes- use the anything “flake” to create most of the components
        • Building Tools
      • /Building+Tools
    • 21. Examples Library Websites
    • 22. Pageflakes Collecting Ontario Resources on Talco ning
    • 23. Milne Valley’s IB Program
    • 24.
    • 25.  
    • 26.  
    • 27.  
    • 28. .com/gym-project
    • 29.  
    • 30.
    • 31.  
    • 32.  
    • 33. Ability to embed widgets and to teach others how
      • Embed: puts a browser plugin in the page. A plugin is a special program located on the client computer (i.e. not on your web server) that handles its own special type of data file.
      • Widget: It's a small application that can be installed and executed within a web page by an end user.
      •   If you can copy and paste you can do this!!!
    • 34.  
    • 35.  
    • 36.  
    • 37.  
    • 38.  
    • 39. Mastery of digital presentation tools
      •   What is one of your favorites? How do you find them? Tweet Deck - Search by hash tags
    • 40. Ability to create, share, and teach using the latest writing tools
        • Google Docs
        • Mindmaping
        • Outlining
        • Storyboarding
      •  - Notebook
    • 41.  
    • 42.  
    • 43.  
    • 44.  
    • 45. Competency in using social networking and bookmarking tools for student research, as well as for your own professional development
        • Twitter
        • Delicious
        • Facebook
      •                  What do you use?
      •                  How do you keep up with it?
      • igoogle