Branding & Marketing Your School With Social Media: CoSN


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Innovative Project-based learning schools from the New Tech Network use social media to brand & market their schools.

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  • I’ll intro myself, then pass to Krista who will intro self and give a quick elevator speech about NTN
  • Get other text, animate
  • Theresa
  • Have them think pair share at their tables, then Krista ask them to share out
  • Think pair share again….if we have chart paper we could write these down too. When done, I will tell story of the lady who siad she didn’t read the paper, listen to the radio etc…
  • Krista can talka bout the top two ways schools communicate now…maybe adding robo calls etc…and why they aer good but what they are missing…
  • Back to me….I’ll give some examples of texting, big companies, big news events is for old people etc…
  • Theresa…maybe Krista chime in on having well rounded media plan
  • Practicality of doing it…Me…and maybkrista for the launch promote measure?
  • Theresa and maybe krista for the blog part?
  • We can trade off talking about differend schools for each block here.
  • If time…go through and visite each tool
  • Date stamp add data from outcomes page
  • No need ot go over…just for when the preso is over
  • Leave up for Q & A time
  • Date stamp add data from outcomes page
  • No need ot go over…just for when the preso is over
  • Branding & Marketing Your School With Social Media: CoSN

    1. 1. Brandingand MarketingYour School With SocialMedia
    2. 2. Get Connected
    3. 3. Schools & Social Media Community Staff Students • Communication • Professional • Craft a Digital • Branding & Development Footprint Marketing • Virtually attend • Connect with • Inside look at conferences higher ed your school • Connect with • Connect with • Develop resources experts & Partners resources
    4. 4. People are talking about you….
    5. 5. What are they saying?
    6. 6. What do you WANT them to say?
    7. 7. Top Two Ways Schools Communicate Website Newsletters
    8. 8. How The Rest of the World Communicates Cell Facebook Phones Blogs Pinterest Twitter Email
    9. 9. Getting Started Purpose • What is your message? • Who is your audience? Which tools? • Website-add a blog • Already existing? Develop a Content Plan • What will you share?
    10. 10. Who?• You and your staff?• Students?Policies• Educate your staff, students• Workshops for parentsLaunch Promote Measure• How will they know?• How did you grow?
    11. 11. Keep in MindYou can prescheduleDon’t “binge” tweetPollsPhotosShare articlesPhotos of EventsRead our Blog and othersConsider a school blog
    12. 12. Ideas Take your publications Keep Facebook PhotoHave a School Hashtag courses to social media Albums for courses andHost scheduled chats events Pin for Parent Ed Carry your phone or College iPad on walkthroughs PBL Tweet & FB Bullying
    13. 13. Cool Social Media Tools Topsy Twylah Hootsuite Paper.liTweetchat Cool Storify Tools
    14. 14. Get Connected Follow us! Like us! Read us! Pin us!
    15. 15. More Resources• Seriously, Stop Blocking & Banning for Educators• The Connected Educator: Leading & Learning in the Digital Age by Sheryl Nussbaum Beach• CoSNs MAKING PROGRESS: Rethinking State and School District Policies Concerning Mobile Technologies and Social Media• Communicating and Connecting With Social Media• ISTEs NETS for Admin, Teachers & Students [Click Picture to View Website]
    16. 16. Keep in Touch
    17. 17. Twitter Wins #PBLChat @DNTHS Napa New Tech Video YOU choose the topics The Interrupters Critical Friends with Students chat, too Alex Kotlowitz Hollywood Director Each Tues 8pm EST Global Social Media #MYParty12 Projects #KIHChem Arab Spring #ApexNT Kony12 #LLSVC The Dragonfly Effect
    18. 18. Driver’s Ed for Twitter [