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BOSCO Organisation profile
BOSCO Organisation profile
BOSCO Organisation profile
BOSCO Organisation profile
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BOSCO Organisation profile


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Organisation Profile<br />General Information<br />BOSCO Uganda is located at the Catechist Training Centre, Bardege Division, Gulu District.<br />BOSCO Uganda was established in 2006 under the umbrella of Gulu Archdiocese in Northern Uganda, with a mission to<br />“provide innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions using a collaborative and Internet approach to foster socio-economic development and peace building in rural communities in Northern Uganda”.<br />BOSCO Uganda is a registered NGO under the trusteeship of the Catholic Archdiocese of Gulu in Northern Uganda (B9410051328-N) <br />Organisational Structure<br />The project management<br />Appointed by the Bishops on recommendation of Board of Directors: Informs Board of all events and affairs of BOSCO, Takes minutes of Board Meetings, Chairs all meetings of administration staff, Assists Financial Administrator in preparing of budget and financial reports, and Oversees day-to-day running activities.<br />The Board of Management<br /><ul><li>Board of Directors – BOSCO Uganda: Oversee direction and overlook organization, Inform the Archbishop through it chain on key issues, Appointed by Archbishop (Chair/Assistant), Appraise the Executive Director, Coordinators, Project Administrators
  • 2. Advisory Board/Consultant Partners - BOSCO USA: Responsible for Capacity building, Vetting of technology, Public Relations, Fundraising in US</li></ul>BOSCO Uganda’s Track Record<br />Though not limited to, the following are some of BOSCO Uganda’s accomplishments:-<br />Installation of Rural Computer/Internet: - <br />BOSCO has got 25 sites including schools, community and institutional sites:-<br />3 Community sites: -Pagak Youth Center, Pabo Youth Desk, Coope Community Site<br />10 School sites: -Lacor Primary School; St Mary's College Lacor; National Teachers College (NTC) Unyama; Pabo Comprehensive Secondary School Site; Sacred Heart Minor Seminary-Lacor; and Pabo Secondary School, Pabo Primary School, Pagak Primary School, Ocer Campion Jesuit College, Pope John Paul Laliya Secondary School.<br />11 Institutional sites: Catechist Training Center Guest House; Radio Maria Site and Gulu Tower site-Gulu; Agustino House-Lacor Hospital; Women and Children First Organization (WACFO) CBO office; Caritas NGO office; Archbishop's Office/Residence; Pabo Sacred Heart Sisters Residence; Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) Office – Ganal; Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) office – Gulu; Holy Rosary Parish Convent Gulu Nursery School; and St Jude Orphanage (Boarding School)-Gulu<br />All components of the network are designed for low-power consumption, using 12 V Direct Current (DC) powered from a battery system that is either charged from the power grid where possible, or by solar panels. The equipment were tested under extreme environmental conditions of the area, including extraordinary heavy rain as well as dry and dusty heat. The use of low power components cuts the prices of the otherwise rather expensive solar equipment. <br />Trainings and development of content: - After over two years of improving the system and conducting trainings for in and out of school beneficiaries, the system has been effective in helping the rural population in their social and economical development. For instance rural communities have daily access to newspapers through internet; and media such as pictures, audios and videos are enjoying the highest popularity among the rural population. The web gallery that is running on BOSCO internal network already contains over 120 pictures, the majority (75%) of which are uploaded by the communities themselves. Other facilities provided by the BOSCO web include: Forums, Wikispaces, and other content like a web2.0 training manual.<br />Aware that introducing such advanced technology in rural areas is an ongoing challenge and cannot be done without frequent adjustments to the needs of the communities, BOSCO has been constantly evaluating the impact of the pilot phase through regular visits to the target areas as well as holding group discussions and interviews with the beneficiaries. The lessons learnt serve as a basis for a culturally sensitive and successful second deployment.<br />Our successful beginning has also been recognized locally and internationally:<br />Breaking Borders Award: Breaking Borders Award Ceremony at Santiago, Chile -- May 6-7 2010: BOSCO Uganda won a prestigious BREAKING BORDERS AWARD in recognition of its excellent work in technology and the promotion of free on-line expression. The Breaking Boarders Award was a prize created by Google and Global Voices and supported by Thomson Reuters. The prestigious award, valued at $10,000, recognized BOSCO's excellent work in the promotion of on-line free expression in the technology category. <br />Africa Rural Connect: BOSCO Uganda was one of Africa Rural Connect two Round Winners for the 2010 Competition winning seed funding of $1,000 to go towards the project. The project idea also featured in Africa Rural Connect press mentions. The criteria of selection were based on originality, creativity, practicality, scalability, likelihood of success, sustainability, and impact on individuals.<br />Honorary Mention: <br />Participation in 2010 African Union Summit: In partnership with UNICEF, Rural Youth (from BOSCO ICT sites) participated in the Africa Youth Forum (African Union Summit) on-line discussions (Speak Africa & Connecting Classrooms) prior to the 2010 African Youth Forum and African Union Summit under the theme “Maternal and Child health and Development in Africa”. This is still on-going as follow-up by BOSCO Uganda.<br />Number and type of employees<br />Five Local Staff (Nationals) <br /><ul><li>Fr. Joseph Okumu, Executive Director (MA and PhD in Anthropology, BA [Philosophy and Theology], Dip. Education).
  • 3. Stella Akiteng, Project Coordinator (MA. Communication, BA [Arts]-Communication Skills & English Language Studies).
  • 4. Alfred Kilama, Technical Manager (Dip. Computer Science; and BSc. Information & Communication Technology).
  • 5. Jacob Oketayot, Technical Assistant (Dip. Computer Science)
  • 6. Sr. Betty Grace Atim, Finance Administrator and Accountant (Post Graduate Dip. Financial Management; undergraduate Diploma and BA in Sciences & Praxis of Human Development; post-graduate Diploma in Conflict Management and Peace Building; post-graduate Certificate in Public Administration).</li></ul>One Consultant (Technical Advisor) through partner (Horizont3000)<br /><ul><li>Peter Frühwirth, Technical Advisor. Electronic Technician by profession; Certifications (Various IT related Trainings (MS Office, DTP, ACAD, Programming, SAP, µCIM ERP System…]; Business Manager for Applied Informatics); Field (Electronic industries, Steel building and sheet metal processing, Electric utility & Software industries); Work experience (Work preparation for electronic Equipment and Measuring Instruments, Managing and supporting ERP Systems, Professional Support for Archiving and Messaging Systems, IT manager and managing technical director)</li></ul>Support Staff (volunteers)<br />These are users/beneficiaries. At least five Volunteers in each of the 13 school and community sites participating in the BOSCO Programme through site management, content development, Training etc. <br />