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    Quick recap of workshop Quick recap of workshop Document Transcript

    • Recap of workshop.The idea of today’s workshop was to link and connect with topics that can increase likes to your Facebook.Some of the ways Social Media consultants increase likes on Facebook is by extending reach. We will cover a way ofextending reach using 2 examples.The first way of increasing reach is by joining pages that have similar topics that you have. In this example we haveNoticias (Obviously for your market you would be more specific). This way you have a connection to an audience that isactively interested in your topics. Also, Facebook algorithms will suggest you higher to others with more connections.Use the search bar at the top of Facebook to search topics. Please remember instead of using enter hit the magnifyingglass (e.g. below).
    • Using the topic from the phone call, noticias gives you different pages. You can always focus your search (Noticias LosAngeles). By liking pages you have access to other sites where you can post content and have connections.When you have specific stories you are working on (in this case we used Ozzie Guillen). You can check on public post ofpeople talking about a certain subject. If you friend people you can join in on the conversation (depending on the usersettings). This is a way of joining and engaging in conversations which extend the reach (and thus increase likes). Thiscan be a perfect thing for news directors when they have sweeps topics.
    • Using the search filters on the right hand side you can search for public post of people talking about a topic you arecovering (and where you can join in on a conversation (Please note you may need to add the people as friends to addinto the conversation)).Remember you can use the search filters on the right to filter what best fits your needs (pages or post etc.).