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Demystifying social media 5 20-2011


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Social Media presentation for WVLI class on 5/20/2011

Social Media presentation for WVLI class on 5/20/2011

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  • By 2015, Generation Y will represent the largest majority of the US population. Currently, 50% of the world ’ s population is under the age of 30.
  • Who works for a “ large company ” ? Who works for a small one? Pepsi – reallocated $20M for tv ads during Super Bowl to Social Media Ford – In 2010, Increased digital marketing spending from 10% to 25% Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV grew his family ’ s wine business from $4M to $50M using social media Dell – attributes $3M in sales since 2007 to Twitter campaigns and other social media New Orleans Saints grabbed 418,000+ Facebook fans versus 304,000+ fans for the Colts … and if it ’ s important to these companies, it ’ s important to us.
  • Growth of social media = need to understand we ’ ll interact with peers, companies and customers differently. (24 Hour Fitness - NL; JetBlue tweets about flight delays)
  • As attention to Social Media grows, so does the way companies do business, from the way they hire us to the way they engage and communicate with us.
  • It ’ s important to us, because: Build community and network = resource;
  • We can learn and research via social media. It ’ s an Information Resource = I used LinkedIn as a tool to ask questions among my network; BE A CONSUMER; TED TALKS (innovation)
  • Marketing Resource – imagine growing your business from $5M to $40M in just a few years? It relies on “ user-generated ” content, which means we have an opportunity to contribute.
  • You may be saying, “ I get it. We understand it ’ s important… ”
  • Websites that allow you to contribute content (text, pictures, video, etc), it ’ s changeable, it ’ s interactive. That ’ s why it ’ s different from traditional media. It ’ s also…at little or no cost. - In fact, Wikipedia ’ s relies on users…updateable unlike EB. - Web 2.0
  • Hundreds of social media sites exist, each day more pop up each day, like Buzz (launched by Google on Wednesday). We ’ ll focus on three: Linked In Twitter and Facebook
  • US Population=307 million; Facebook would be the world ’ s third largest country (behind china and india) Facebook – it ’ s like a combination photo album/high school year book/and gaming site. You post status updates to say what you ’ re doing. LinkedIn – Professional networking site; online resume Twitter – Message board/micro blogging – you can type in 140 characters and “ tweet ” ; it ’ s gotten a bad rep because people post useless info
  • It depends on the job. You don ’ t need to get involved in everything under the sun. Use what feels right for your needs. YOU MIGHT NEED MORE THAN JUST ONE. Industry/business specific.
  • Are you accomplishing a goal? If not, think about what your goal might be and keep your eyes on the prize. Example: Your goal is to sell product and you ’ re Old Spice. “ Old Spice Guy ’ s ” viral presence, in combo with cable (106 Million viewers watched Super Bow); Result: Sales doubled for Old Spice arguably, not because of the tv ad alone. You will go toward your focus.
  • Relevance earns rewards. Example: when I asked for questions: people were worried about protecting their time; Major hangup - people posting about what they ate for lunch. I will spend time on things that are relevant (i.e. Seth Godin ’ s daily blog post).
  • Be conscious to enhance your Brand; Paint a great picture of yourself…because you can! EXAMPLE: Starbucks = 19 Million people like Starbucks on Facebook - they aren ’ t just selling coffee, they ’ re building their brand/their community. They engage their community in conversations. Point: Use social media to enhance your brand
  • What does this mean to you…and how does it relate to building your brand via Social Media?
  • What does this mean to you…and how does it relate to building your brand via Social Media?
  • There ’ s tremendous potential for professional growth using social media, there are also pitfalls. Let ’ s explore more…
  • One of my cohorts had a coworker who frequently posted items on Facebook during work hours. She was fired. Consequence, ethics. There are also lawsuits regarding workers posting negative content to social media sites. Are you inadvertantly posting trade secrets or negative information about your employer?
  • don ’ t announce that you ’ re going on vacation for 2 weeks to Spain. You ’ re inviting people into your home to rob you. But, there is justice in the world. Guy breaks into a house. They ’ ve got high speed internet, “ why not check my facebook?... post an update: I ’ m robbing a house, just ate a ham sandwich and went to the bathroom. ” Then he took off with his loot and forgot to log-off. He got caught, of course.
  • If you have pics like these on Facebook, and your “ Friends ” include coworkers, you may want to reconsider. Make certain your privacy settings are set appropriately for you – in a way that you ’ re comfortable with. Use Facebook as a resource when hiring: Robin ’ s story “ Friends ” can post content about you. Do you know if they ’ re tagging you in their photos? Do you look silly because they posted a photo of you from a party 14 years ago?
  • Use social media to brag yourself up a bit. Be an expert -Post articles and interesting facts. -If using Twitter, you should be post 5 days a week (or more) -There are a small number of people who have even landed jobs
  • Knock Knock? Who ’ s there: Interrupting Cow. What motivates others? Facebook advertising;
  • No generic LinkedIn invitations; Canned invitations stink. Good networkers make personal connections whether you ’ re having coffee with someone or sending them and email. Tell me how we know each other…and please don ’ t include typos. If I ’ m hiring, or I know someone who is, your attention to detail should be impeccable. Treat it like any business correspondence.
  • Stretch-goal: Identify 1-3 ways you’ll make your LinkedIn more robust, more branded for you in the next week.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Demystifying Social Media
      • Theresa Grover Letman | WVLI Alumnae
      • Director of Acceleration
      • Verus Global Inc.
    • 2.  
    • 3.  
    • 4. Interact in new ways
    • 5.  
    • 6. Build
    • 7. Learn
    • 8. Grow
    • 9. Ok, what is it?
    • 10. Social Media is…
      • “ … All activities, practices and behaviors among communities of people who gather online to share information, knowledge and opinions using…web-based applications that make it possible to create and easily transmit content in the form of words, pictures, video and audios. ”
      • The Social Media Bible
    • 11.  
    • 12.
      • Over 600,000,000 Users
      • Connect & Reconnect
      • Over 100,000,000 Users
      • Becoming Primary Tool for Finding Employees
      • Over 175,000,000 Users
      • 19% of Adults Use it (Pew)
    • 13. What ’s the Right Tool?
    • 14. Best uses it for business? G oal R elevance A dvocacy B randing
    • 15. Goal How do I measure it?
    • 16. Relevant What adds value?
    • 17. Advocacy How do I empower customers ?
    • 18. Branding How will I paint a great picture?
    • 19. “ When it is time for layoffs, the safest job belongs to the artist, the linchpin , the one who can’t easily be outsourced or replaced.” - Seth Godin (Linchpin,2010)
    • 20. “ When it is time for layoffs, the safest job belongs to the artist, the linchpin , the one who can’t easily be outsourced or replaced.” - Seth Godin (Linchpin,2010)
    • 21.
    • 22. What are the rules for me?
    • 23. #1 You ’ re On The Clock
    • 24. #2 Be Safe
    • 25. #3 Hire Me?!?
    • 26. #4 Toot Your…
    • 27. #5 Understand Motivations
    • 28. #6 Be Personal (canned invitations stink)
    • 29. Your mission…
    • 30. What are your questions?
    • 31. What is your biggest learning from today? Why is it important? How will you use this info?