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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1. How to Improve Instruction and Retention in Online Courses Alisa Klinger, Ph.D. Christina Lau, MLS [email_address]
    • 2. Virtual Colleagues & DE Teaching Team
    • 3. How to increase retention, persistence, and satisfaction
      • Personalize and customize instruction for students and instructor(s)
      • Encourage active learning
      • Develop information competencies
      • Increase communication
      • Build community
      • Enhance Writing Across the Curriculum
    • 4.
      • The Lone DE Instructor
        • What’s an instructor to do?
      • The Fully Loaded DE Instructor
        • What’s a campus to do?
    • 5.       Instructor Training & Support
      • Boettcher, Judith V. “Teaching Online for the First Time--The Quick Guide.”
      • Keramidas, Cathy, et al. “Saving Your Sanity When Teaching in an Online Environment: Lessons Learned.”
      • Pickett, Alexandra. “The Role of a Successful Online Instructor.”
      • Savery, John R. “BE VOCAL: Characteristics of Successful Online Instructors.”
    • 6. Best DE Practices
      • James, Pat, and Dan Barnett. “Online Teaching Tips.”
      • “ Online Pedagogy: Theories & Best Practices.”
      • Pickett, Alexandra. “The Role of a Successful Online Instructor.”
      • San Juan College. “Best Practices for Teaching Online.”
      • Sloan Consortium. “Effective Practices.”
    • 7. Online Community Building
      • Dinkins, Shari. “Learning to Teach Tech-Savvy Students.”
      • Fuller, Richard G. “11 Practice Priorities to Promote Empathy in Online Courses.”
      • Liu, Xiaojing, et al. “Does Sense of Community Matter?”
      • Rovai, Alfred. “Building Sense of Community at a Distance.”
    • 8. Communication & Discussion
      • Boettcher, Judith V. “The Dangers and Pitfalls of Communicating with Students; Or What NOT to Do When Communicating with Students on the Internet.”
      • Brown, Ruth E. “The Process of Community-building in Distance Learning Classes.”
      • Edelstein, Susan, and Jason Edwards. “If You Build It, They Will Come: Building Learning Communities through Threaded Discussion.”
      • Levine, S. Joseph. . “The Online Discussion Board.”
    • 9. Social Networking
      • Dinkins, Shari. “Learning to Teach Tech-Savvy Students.”
      • LaPadula, Maria. “A Comprehensive Look at Online Student Support Services for Distance Learners.”
    • 10. Learner Support: Orientations for New DE Students
      • Lynch, Maggie McVay. "Effective Student Preparation for Online Learning."
    • 11. Learner Support: Student Services Admissions; Academic Advising; Career Counseling
      • Floyd, Deborah L., and Deborah Casey-Powell. “New Roles for Student Support Services in Distance Learning.”
      • LaPadula, Maria. “A Comprehensive Look at Online Student Support Services for Distance Learners.”
      • Linder, Andrew. “Virtual Universities Need Real Guidance Counselors."
    • 12. Academic Support
      • Writing help
      • Tutoring or supplemental instruction
      • Academic success workshops
    • 13. Learner Support: Library Services
      • Costello, Barbara. “Using Blackboard in Library Instruction: Addressing the Learning Styles of Generations X and Y.”
      • Gibbons, Susan. “Strategies for the Library: CMS Integration Barriers.”
      • Havens, Barret C., and Michelle Drumm. “Getting a Foot in the Door: Experiments with Integrating Library Services into the Online Classroom.”
      • Lawrence, Dan H. “Blackboard on a Shoestring: Tying Course to Sources .”
      • Matthew, Victoria, and Ann Schroeder. “The Embedded Librarian Program.”
    • 14. Thank you for coming!
      • Alisa Klinger, Ph.D.
      • [email_address]
      • Christina Lau, MLS
      • [email_address]