Ford Explorer - Social Media Campaign


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Tkxel in partnership with Avantgarde created a facebook app to run Ford Explorer campaign in Dubai.

At tkxel, we build social media, facebook apps and platforms that help brands drive traffic to their fanpages and social assets. We also supplement these campaigns with mobile apps and games.

For your social or mobile media campaign, please contact us at

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Ford Explorer - Social Media Campaign

  1. 1. Social MediaStrategy – Implementation – ExecutionConcept Development, Apps DevelopmentCampaign Execution, Analytics Reporting Refueling Ford Explorer on SOCIAL HIGHWAY
  2. 2. ChallengeA brief backgroundFord UAE launched the All New Ford Explorer in Dec, 2011. The challenge was tobreak into the families/household market and create a perception of Explorer asa family SUV.Create a facebook strategythat can help Ford buildthe perception of Explorer asfamily SUV.Secondary, Enhance Engagement and Exposure on facebook.This Campaign was developed in collaboration with Avantgarde.
  3. 3. StrategySocial media team at work The Social Media Strategist claimed“User generated excitingcontent can do the magiclike no other, we have data toprove it. Lets create an app for that.”With facebook selected as a platform of choice, the challenge for the MarketingStrategy team was to come up with Apps that can Engage Families in a fun wayand at the same time introduce them with Features of the New Explorer and itssuitability for household.
  4. 4. StrategySocial media team at work…Considering User generated content as the focal point the team decided to create somedesign concepts for photo sharing competition. Families were asked to share a photo,highlighting a Ford feature in a fun way. During the design it was agreed to followphoto sharing competition with a video sharing competition betweentop families.Photo and video sharingcompetition will highlightproduct features as wellas Enhance BrandEngagement on facebook.Concept Designer’s proposal
  5. 5. ImplementationEngineering team at workConcept finalization laid ground for engineering to take control.UX engineer was tasked with creating flows and illustrationsthat can keep the usage intuitive and simple for the users.Ordinary family members willparticipate in the competition,user flows need to be very simple.UX Expert’s contribution
  6. 6. ImplementationEngineering team at work..The next step was to create app that can realize the concept.App Features included picture saving, sharing, vote count, integration with viral end pointsof Facebook, CMS, reporting etc.• Deliver bug free software in a very short time.• Design smart algorithms that can identify fake accounts and submission.• Provide server infrastructure that can bear load of massive traffic involving photo and video data. Dev Team Lead highlighted his challenges
  7. 7. ExecutionCampaign management team at workOnce app is developed the campaign was made live on fanpage.Photo and video competition each ran live for fifteen days.• Ran campaign and create buzz around it through status updates, ads other social media channels.• Provided 24/7 support during the campaign life both to fans and customer.• Provided customer with reports and analysis on the campaign performance and optimize campaign as needed. Campaign Manager chipped in
  8. 8. ImplementationPhotos, videos and App screens
  9. 9. Celebration - ResultsStats for the month long campaign 42,000 + Families Posted, Shared and Voted on Photos & Videos. Ford’s fanbase rose from 13,500 to 88,000+ on facebook in MiddleEast. 4000+Daily Active Users Traffic increased towith Peak at 8000+ DAUs from less than a 100 on the Ford’s Middle East Fanpage.
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