Tony Yeung's SEO & Social Media Marketing Service 2014


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A presentation of the SEO and Social Media Marketing service that I can offer.

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Tony Yeung's SEO & Social Media Marketing Service 2014

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Project (SEO, Social Media Marketing, Web Development)
  2. 2. 01. Goals & Objectives • Do you or your business need to – Generate new leads to (1) Website & (2) Social Media? – Turns the new leads into potential clients?
  3. 3. 01. Goals & Objectives • A focus SEO and Social Media Marketing campaign will help your business • Get its website and social media platforms more attention from interested prospects • Turn that new attention into paying customers • Gain increased visibility without risking its standing with popular search engines • If your business does not optimise its website and social media platform well, prospective customers could choose other competitions over your business.
  4. 4. 02.Solution • Create, manage, optimise the content on Social Media for your business. • Analysis, manage and optimise the content on the website of your business. (Remember: Marketing is part of the important aspect in every business!)
  5. 5. 03. About me • Positive and outgoing with passionate about Digital Marketing • Enthusiastic, socially vibrant and tech savvy • A great networker
  6. 6. 04. About Me My Twitter
  7. 7. 04. About Me My Pinterest
  8. 8. 04. About Me My Instagram
  9. 9. 04. My Work Experience • 3+ years experiences in Digital Marketing – SEO – Social Media Marketing and Optimisation – Email Marketing – Web Development & Design – Digital Publishing (Magazine Design)
  10. 10. 05. My Clients & Works Canada Hong Kong Singapore
  11. 11. 05. My Clients & Works • FORM / ROOM (Singapore Magazine)
  12. 12. 05. My Clients & Works • ArtREPUBLIK (Singapore Magazine)
  13. 13. 05. My Clients & Works • Paul Cox Photography (UK and HKG Photographer)
  14. 14. 05. My Clients & Works • Business Card design
  15. 15. 05. My Clients & Works • Social Media Management
  16. 16. 06. Client Testimonial
  17. 17. 06. Client Testimonial
  18. 18. 07. Recommendation • Developing and managing a customised SEO and Social Media campaign can allow your business to meet the objectives described above. If hired, we will break our project down into the following services.
  19. 19. 07. Recommendation 1. A thorough Analysis of your current digital marketing techniques • I will analyze your current website, SEO, social media performance. Then we will develop the strategy to: – increase your search engine position and social media performance. – Drive new visitors to your website and social media platform
  20. 20. 07. Recommendation 2. Launch a SEO and Social Media Marketing campaign • Put our plan to action. This will be an entirely hands-off process for you. – I will build the framework to increase and optimise your search engine position and website traffic. This framework keep new visitors pouring in and give you an edge over your online competitors.
  21. 21. 07. Recommendation 3. Comprehensive campaign management and optimization • I would not just launch a campaign then part ways. I will provide ongoing management, allowing us to measure the results of your investment and make improvements.
  22. 22. 08. Why choose me? • Many businesses do not only need more website traffic, it needs more paying customers. • I understand that, so I continue to optimise the campaigns well after they are launched for my clients. • Because I always keep your return on investment in mind, I provide a good choice to launch and manage your SEO, Social Media campaign.
  23. 23. 08. Why choose me? • Here are some of the strengths I will bring to the table as I help your website and social media attract more visitors and convert them into customers. – I bring you more traffic and help convert it into sales – All the traffic in the world won’t do you any good if your website does not create customers instead of momentary click- thoughts.
  24. 24. 08. Why choose me? – I use only proven SEO strategies to make your increase in traffic last (Not black hat SEO!) • I do not drive traffic just to have them come tumbling down after the next search engine algorithm change. • My consistent strategy provide solid results to increase traffic in a safe manner. – I give you personal attention at a great price • I am smaller than many other agencies, but I can keep my cost down and offer you top quality services at a reasonable price. • I am dedicated to producing results that last, and I will communicate regularly with you to explain the progress of your campaign and answer any questions.
  25. 25. 09. Project Timeline • If you pick my service to increase your website and social media traffic, and turn that traffic into customers, the timeline would proceed as follows:
  26. 26. 09. Project Timeline Phase Activities Time of period Audit and Analysis of SEO and Social Media Marketing Techniques I will analyze your website and social media performance on search engine and determine a plan to drive more traffic to the website Beginning of the project (about 1 week) SEO and Social Media Marketing Development I will design a campaign to improve your website rankings on search engine and social media. Ongoing during the project SEO and Social Media Marketing Launch As a SEO expert, I will put the campaign it designed into motion, driving new visitors to your business website. Ongoing during the project
  27. 27. 09. Project Timeline Phase Activities Time of period SEO and Social Media Marketing Campaign Management and Optimization I will track the campaign for at least 1 year, make improvements to convert more visitors into customers, and provide regular report to you to review Ongoing during the project
  28. 28. 10. Next Steps? • To take advantage of this proposal and proceed with the project as outlined, your next steps must be to: • Accept the proposal as-is • Discuss desired changed and fee with me • Draft, finalize and sign the contract • Once completed, I will contact you to schedule a project launch meeting to make introductions and gather information before beginning the work. • I am happy to make changes to project scope on your request at any time.
  29. 29. 10. Next Steps? • Contact o Email: o Phone: (416)427-6759 o Website: