Todd Kreinbrink Landscape Architecture Healthcare Portfolio


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Todd Kreinbrink Landscape Architecture Healthcare Portfolio

  1. 1. …a collection of healthcare work in landscape architecture Todd Kreinbrink, RLA
  2. 2. collection Denver Veterans Affair Medical Campus Childrens Hospital Colorado East Wing Addition Exempla Lutheran Medical Center North Pavilion Craig Hospital Mike Utley Terrain Park Longmont United Hospital ED Addition - “Garden of Peace” Indian Peaks Medial Center Master Plan & Urgent Care Center St. Joseph’s Medical Pavilion Entry Plaza Anschutz Health and Wellness Center
  3. 3. Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Center
  4. 4. Denver Veterans Affair Medical CenterThe new replacement hospital on the former Fitzsimons Army Medical Campusin Aurora, being built by the Department of Veterans Affairs, encompasses 1.1million square feet and consists of 9 buildings, 3 parking garages and a centerconcourse that connects the buildings. Total site area contains 33 acres for theproject. 22 acres of the project are structures and pavements, while theremaining 11 acres are softscape aiding in the absorption of storm runoff fromroofs and pavement. An acre of extensive green roof serves as the first flushfor the water quality of the project.Landscaping has been designed to take advantage of the native foliage ofColorado. Not only do these plants generally require less irrigation, fertilizer Storm Runoff Diagramand care than other non-native selections, but they remind us all of the beautyof the outdoors around us. Drip irrigation systems will be used and may usenon-potable water to reduce potable water use. Perennial and native grassplantings will provide a beautiful landscaping backdrop throughout the yearbut require little maintenance after the first few years. Natural Colorado stoneis being used where possible to provide fencing and security barriers.Client: Denver Veterans AffairsLocation: Aurora, COCompletion: 2014-2015Services: Medical Programming, Concept Design through Design Development,Construction Documentation and Construction Administration. Storm Runnel SectionTeam: H+L Architecture, SOM, Tom Leader Studio Conceptual Site Plan Courtesy of Tom Leader Studio
  5. 5. Conceptual Site Planting Design
  6. 6. Fall Interest Planting Characteristics
  7. 7. Winter Interest Planting Characteristics
  8. 8. Spring Interest Planting Characteristics
  9. 9. Summer Interest Planting Characteristics
  10. 10. Childrens Hospital Colorado East Wing Addition
  11. 11. Childrens Hospital Colorado East Wing AdditionWith the expansion of the existing Childrens Hospital came the needfor the new addition to included a separate drop-off for the newmaternal fetal medicine center, improved staff entrance,rehabilitation playground, horticulture therapy area, and the studyfor relocation of the Garden of Hope.Curvilinear walkways and native grass plantings unite the newlandscape to the existing. A protected area adjacent to theplayground provides a place for therapist to engage patients invarious activities such as; planting, weeding, watering, plantidentification, and harvesting. This horticulture therapy areaincludes a gently sloping wall to provide seating for children of allages, while a raised central circular planter allows for accessiblegardening. The adjacent enclosed play area is designed forflexibility and use by various programs with children of all ages.Traditional play equipment is accented with whimsical climbingsculptures and colorfully designed safety surfacing thus providing aninviting, playful and social space.Client: Childrens Hospital ColoradoLocation: Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, COCompletion: 2012 Playground Concept PlanServices: DRB Approval, Medical Planning, Concept Design through DesignDevelopment, Construction Documentation and Construction Administration.Team: H+L Architecture, ZGF Architects & Studio Insite Revised Site Maser Plan
  12. 12. Exempla Lutheran Medical CenterNorth Pavilion
  13. 13. Exempla Lutheran Medical Center NorthPavilionThe North Pavilion project at Exempla Lutheran MedicalCenter introduces a new 275,000 SF multi-storybuilding addition to the northeast portion of theexisting hospital. Much of the original 1934 hospitalwas demolished for this new addition. As part of thedemolition many of the original terra cotta architecturalpieces on the building were saved and introduced intothe new architecture and the surrounding landscape.Extensive site work was completed to complement thenew pavilion and original campus. A new entry drive,arrival plaza and clock tower, entry courtyard andmultiple garden spaces present a village feeling to thispart of the campus while recognizing the historicallegacy of the original structures on the site.The garden spaces offer a pleasant and inviting spacefor all to view, enjoy and interact with as part of theirhealing or respite process. These gardens are situatedso they can be easily accessed and viewed from manyof the interior spaces of the hospital. Ornamentalplantings in these gardens are arranged to reflect theexisting natural surroundings of the site whilerespecting the history of the existing campus. Theintroduction of antique terra cotta into the gardensadded a nostalgic touch.Great care and thought went into incorporating theseantique terra cotta pieces from the original hospital intothe site. Site wall pilasters and planters suited best forthese pieces to help reflect the medical campus legacy.These elements help soften and enhance thearchitecture while creating “garden rooms” where usershave the freedom and control to interact with theseasonal plantings that provide them with a temporaryescape from their interior environment.Client: Exempla Lutheran Medical CenterLocation: Wheat Ridge, COCompletion: 2010Services: Entitlements, Concept Design through DesignDevelopment, Construction Documentation and ConstructionAdministration.Team: H+L Architecture Site Master Plan
  14. 14. Chapel Garden Concept Plan Heritage Terra Cotta with Grotto
  15. 15. Heritage Pilaster Heritage Terra Cotta StudyHeritage Planter
  16. 16. Craig Hospital Mike Utley Terrain Park
  17. 17. Mike Utley Terrain ParkThe Mike Utley Terrain Park at Craig Hospital was designed topromote positive health outcomes for individuals recoveringfrom spinal cord or traumatic brain injuries. The Park is anexterior training facility and was originally an idea suggestedby one of the Hospitals physical therapists. The design intentwas to provide a safe training facility in close proximity to thehospital where physical therapists could work with theirpatients, navigating challenging elements they will encounterin everyday life.Required training elements were strategically placed in thepark. Beginners are able to maneuver with relative ease thengraduate to more challenging features. As with any project,budget was a major factor. H+Ls team identified a designthat would work within the budget parameters. CraigHospitals Foundation realized the importance of this projectand began a whirlwind fundraising effort. The major donor forthe park was The Mike Utley Foundation, contributing over75% of the needed funds. The remaining funds came fromadditional donors and a donor paver program.Client: Craig HospitalAward: CCASLA Merit Award, 2008Location: Englewood, COCompleted: 2008Services: Programming, ConceptDesign through Design Development,Construction Documentation andConstruction Administration.Team: H+L Architecture
  18. 18. Longmont United Hospital ED“Garden of Peace”
  19. 19. Longmont United Hospital ED Addition and“Garden of Peace”Several outdoor spaces were created as part of the newemergency addition to Longmont United Hospital. The “Gardenof Peace” resulted from a 40 foot space separation requirementbetween the existing hospital and the new ED. This connectionlinks the existing hospital wing to the main public pavilion andserves as a shortcut between the buildings. The courtyardmimics a mountain forest to evoke a sense of tranquility andspirituality. The serpentine walkway weaves users through adense grove of Aspen trees and ground plantings dotted withaccent boulders to their destination. Small seating spaces alongthe walkway aligned with specially selected site furniture inviteusers to slowdown, relax and enjoy the intimate outdoorsetting. This space has developed into a valuable outdooramenity accessible to all.Client: Longmont United HospitalLocation: Longmont, COCompleted: 2008Services: Entitlements, Concept Design through Design Development, Fund Raising, Construction Documentation and Construction Administration.Team: H+L Architecture
  20. 20. Indian Peaks Medical Center MasterPlan & Urgent Care Center Indian Peaks Medical Center Master PlanAn 65 acre greenfield site in the town of Frederick,Colorado was chosen for Longmont United to expandtheir services in an underserved area. The existing sitehas been a farmstead from multiple generations.Agricultural fields of alfalfa and corn dominate thelandscape. Under the surface of the site numerousmine shafts, fractures and subsidence areas wereidentified, so careful attention was taken whendeveloping the master plan for the new facilities andfuture expansion. Additional Gas wells and irrigationditches transverse the site leaving limited area for themedical centers development.The master plan for the future medical center includeda full hospital with ED services and MOB’s. The firstphase of the project is a 36,000 square foot UrgentCare Center.Site design concepts for the Center are to minimize thedisturbance of the existing agriculture crops so theycan still be farmed with this development and eachadditional expansion of the medical center. Great efforthas been to design and control storm runoff from eachphased development and return it back to theagriculture lands and adjacent ditches. Ideas of porouspavement parking stalls and bio-swales/infiltrationplanters are part of the master drainage and stormrunoff control plan.Native high plain plantings and local materials havebeen specified to keep the Center and futuredevelopment phases in tune with the surroundingagriculture landscape.Client: Longmont United HospitalLocation: Frederick, COCompleted: Phase 1 Urgent Care Center 2014Services: Entitlements, Concept Design through Design Development and Construction Documentation.Team: H+L Architecture Urgent Care Center Site Plan
  21. 21. St. Joseph’s Medical PavilionEntry Plaza
  22. 22. St. Joseph’s Medical Pavilion Entry PlazaThis plaza offers a place of respite and solitude forvisitors, staff and the neighboring community of St.Joseph’s Hospital. The plaza’s layout is fashioned afterthe previous park space and pedestrian movements thatonce occupied the corner of the site. The design offersmultiple access points into the plaza and embraces thecross axial pedestrian movement from the hospital toadjacent retail services. A variety of seating elementsoffer individuals and small groups a secure feeling ofcomfort within this modest space. Three raised concreteplanter seat walls were put in place to buffer adjacentstreet activities from the plaza space. Masses ofperennials and grasses provide an understory screenwhile above, Honeylocust trees offer dappled shade tothe plaza.Client: Exempla HealthcareLocation: Denver, COCompletion: 2007Services: Entitlements, Concept Design through Design Development, Construction Documentation and Construction Administration.Team: H+L Architecture
  23. 23. Anschutz Health and Wellness Center
  24. 24. Anschutz Health and Wellness CenterThe AHWC is a unique and exciting addition on theUniversity of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus thatwill serve the existing centers for Human Nutrition,Integrative Medicine, and Women’s Health Researchprograms. It is designed to empower individuals tostrive for health-conscious lives, promote healthiercommunities, and target pressing health issues such asdisease prevention.As proven by many research studies, a connection tothe landscape has many health benefits. Therefor thelandscape design strives for an inside-outsideconnection promoting a healthy lifestyle. Therelationship with the landscape starts with theextension of the bistro into an exterior patio. South ofthe bistro patio is a garden with plenty of seatingopportunities. The linear design of the garden plantingreflects the agrarian culture and connection of food andlandscape. The selected plant species appeal to allsenses including taste. Perennial herbs inside thegarden are aesthetically pleasing and can be used inthe demonstration kitchen. The connection to theoutdoors continues on the upper levels with theinception of an accessible green roof. Panoramic viewsmake this space the ideal for fundraisers and specialevents. Again the connection to a healthy lifestyle ismade with planting space to grow organic produce for Courtesy of Cannon Designthe bistro. Special accommodations have been madeto allow for a future greenhouse addition.Client: University of ColoradoLocation: Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, COCompletion: 2012Services: DRB Approval, Concept Design through Design Development, Construction Documentation and Construction Administration.Team: Cannon Design & H+L Architecture
  25. 25. Client List Healthcare • Childrens Hospital Colorado Medical Office Building Childrens Hospital Colorado, Aurora, CO • Childrens Hospital Colorado Gary Pavilion Childrens Hospital Colorado , Aurora, CO • Craig Hospital Site Entry Master Plan Study Craig Hospital, Englewood, CO • Exempla Lutheran Medical Center Transfusion Courtyard Conceptual Studies Exempla Lutheran Medical Center, Wheat Ridge, CO • Exempla Lutheran Medical Center Oncology Entry Landscape Renovation Exempla Lutheran Medical Center, Wheat Ridge, CO • Exempla Lutheran Medical Center Peripheral Landscape Buffering Exempla Lutheran Medical Center, Wheat Ridge, CO • Parkview West Medical Office Building Parkview Medical Center, Pueblo, CO • Parkview East Tower Addition and Entry Parkview Medical Center, Pueblo, CO Todd Kreinbrink Landscape Architecture 8166 S. Logan Ct. Littleton, CO 80122 303.906.1195
  26. 26. TODD B. KREINBRINK, ASLA, RLALandscape Architect8166 S. Logan Ct., Littleton, CO 80122 - 303.906.1195 - tkreinbrink@msn.comLandscape Architect with 17 years of professional experience in managing, designing and documenting construction projects throughout Colorado andWyoming. As a practice area leader, project manager and designer I have developed a highly organized and efficient design process and work style enablingme to routinely manage multiple projects, budgets, clients, consultants and staff successfully with valued outcomes. My past project experience includesprogramming, site development, and design documentation through construction administration. As a detailed oriented individual, I have spent over 10passionate years focusing on integrating architecture and landscape in a collaborative way, culminating inspired, therapeutic and highly performing landscapespaces while employing sound sustainable site design principals.Professional Experience: Healthcare Project Experience: • Veterans Administration Medical Center Replacement HospitalIndependent Landscape Architectural Professional, February 2012 –Present Project Manager and co-Landscape Architect in association with Tom Leader Studio, Berkeley, CA for a 33-Todd Kreinbrink Landscape Architecture acre site for the new 1.1 million square foot VA Medical Center, LEED Silver. Responsible for concept design8166 S. Logan Ct., Littleton, CO 80122 through construction documentation for exterior medical program spaces for the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)Senior Landscape Architect, September 2003 – February 2012 department, community living center rehabilitation courtyards and gardens, an acre of extensive green roof,H+L Architecture site stormwater bio-swales and infiltration planters and site planting design for the entire campus. - Aurora,1755 Blake St, Ste. 400, Denver, CO 80202 COSenior Landscape Architect - Healthcare & Higher Education Practice Lead, ProjectManager and Designer. Responsibilities include marketing and securing landscape • Children’s Hospital Colorado, East Wing Additionarchitecture work associated with architecture projects, fee proposal writing,contract writing and review, consultant management and coordination, project Project Manager and co-Landscape Architect in association with Studio Insite, Denver, CO for thescheduling and directing up to 8 staff members, reviewing project invoices,prepare project specification, quality assurance and control, construction adjacent site development. Managed concept design through construction documents for site amenitiesadministration and signing permit document sets. Have secured and managed large which include a patient healthcare garden, rehabilitation playground, new staff and patient/visitor entrycommercial landscape architecture projects with design fees ranging from $25,000to $350,000 with in Colorado and Wyoming. Successfully managed multi- plazas and surrounding planting design. Secured final project approval through University of Coloradodisciplinary project teams on new and hospital additions, clinics, medical officebuildings, university and K-12 facilities, commercial and corporate developments. Denver, Design Review Board. Anschutz Medical Campus - Aurora, COLandscape Designer, July 2002 – August 2003Design Studios West • Exempla Lutheran Medical Center, North Pavilion616 East Speer Blvd, Denver, CO 80203 Project Manager and Landscape Architect for concept design, entitlements, construction documentation andProject Manager and Landscape Designer, October 1999 – July 2002 administration of 15- site acres. Improvements include a new project streetscape, patient/visitor drop-offRNL Design and entry plaza, healthcare gardens, site architectural features and planting design. - Wheat Ridge, CO1050 17th St. Ste A200, Denver , CO 80202Landscape Designer, July 1995 – September 1999 • Craig Hospital, Mike Utley Terrain ParkTHK Associates2953 S. Peoria St. Ste 01, Aurora, CO 80014 Project Manager, Landscape Architect and medical site programmer in association with the Craig Hospital Physical Therapy Department for park amenities. Prepared concept design documents, cost estimates andEducation: construction documentation through administration for the wheelchair rehabilitation training park, consistingBachelor of Science, Landscape ArchitectureUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison, Wisconsin , 1995 of ramps, rails, stairs, platform steps, a wooden trellis and agility obstacle course. - Englewood, CO Colorado Chapter ASLA Merit Award, 2008Professional Registrations:Registered Landscape Architect, Wyoming, 2006 • Longmont United Hospital, Emergency Department Addition and “Garden of Peace”Registered Landscape Architect, Colorado, 2008 Project Manager and Landscape Architect for concept design through construction administration on EDProfessional Affiliations: addition. Improvements included a new entry plaza, entry landscape and healthcare gardens. Aided the LUHColorado Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects, CCASLA Foundation in with fundraising graphics and site elements to secure additional funding for the “Garden ofAmerican Society of Landscape Architects, ASLACouncil of Landscape Architecture Registration Boards, CLARB Peace”. Longmont, COGreen Roofs for Healthy Cities • Indian Peaks Medical Center, Master Plan and Urgent Care CenterTechnical Experience:Auto Cadd 2012, Microsoft Office Suite 2010, Adobe CS1 Photoshop Project Manager and Landscape Architect for master planning, entitlements, concept through schematicand InDesign, Deltek Management Systems. design of a new Hospital facility with a 36,000 square foot Urgent Care Center on a 65-acre greenfield site. Frederick, CO