Todd kreinbrink landscape architecture commercial education project portfolio


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Todd kreinbrink landscape architecture commercial education project portfolio

  1. 1. …a collection of commercial & education work in landscape architecture Todd Kreinbrink, RLA
  2. 2. collection Kaiser Permanente Courtyard University of Corporation for Atmospheric Research St. Joseph’s Medical Pavilion Entry Plaza Anschutz Health and Wellness Center Industrial Science Building Courtyard Eaglecrest High School Performing Arts Entry
  3. 3. Kaiser Permanente Regional Reference LabCourtyard
  4. 4. Kaiser Permanente CourtyardKaiser Permanente retrofitted an old auto parts warehouse fortheir new support services center. The warehouse containedan existing courtyard with three mature Honey locust trees,several overgrown junipers, some concrete pavers, and turfgrass. Kaiser Permanente felt it was important to create anintimate space of respite for their employees as well as large aflexible gathering space. The new courtyard design includes adining patio adjacent to the building’s lunch/break room andfour intimate seating areas spaced along a crusher finespathway. Stacked sandstone benches and a circular planterdefine the edge of the dining patio and provide a sense ofdrama to the courtyard. The strong paving geometry issoftened by the native shrubs, perennial and ornamentalgrass plantings. The moveable tables and chairs on the patioafford fresh perspectives within the small outdoor space. Thequality and arrangement of these materials result in a spacewhich evokes a sense of comfort and relaxation. The result isa magnetic courtyard garden drawing momentary glancesfrom inside and eventually physical attraction to the outside.Client: Kaiser PermanenteLocation: Denver, COCompleted: 2006Services: Entitlements, Concept Design through Design Development, Construction Documentation and Construction Administration.
  5. 5. University Corporation for Atmospheric ResearchFoothills Laboratory Zero Central Courtyard
  6. 6. UCAR Foothills Lab ZeroThe new lab building on the University Center forAtmospheric Research Campus created and empty spacebetween existing buildings resulting in an opportunity tocraft a memorable courtyard. The goal of the landscapedesign was to create a grand central gathering space thatconnects the new lab with the existing buildings on campus.The space is anchored with a large circular court serving asthe junction point for all walkways leading into the space.These meandering walks disperse from the gathering spaceto nearby parking areas and building entrances. The flowingwalkways alleviate the rigid geometry established by theexisting architecture, paving jointing and planting motif. Theplanting material was laid out to help reinforce the stronghorizontal banding of paving materials. Monocultures ofground covers and native grass species alternate on eithersides of these paving bands. More natural plantings occurwithin the surrounding beds that are defined by largesandstone blocks. These mass planting areas contain arepetitive mixture of ornamental grasses opposed by nativegrasses and perennials. The planting scheme allows forminimal use of natural resources and maintenance whileproviding an aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable space forall campus users.Client: University Corporation for Atmospheric ResearchLocation: Boulder, COCompleted: 2006Services: Entitlements, Concept Design through Design Development, Construction Documentation and Construction Administration.
  7. 7. St. Joseph’s Medical PavilionEntry Plaza
  8. 8. St. Joseph’s Medical Pavilion Entry PlazaThis plaza offers a place of respite and solitude forvisitors, staff and the neighboring community of St.Joseph’s Hospital. The plaza’s layout is fashioned afterthe previous park space and pedestrian movements thatonce occupied the corner of the site. The design offersmultiple access points into the plaza and embraces thecross axial pedestrian movement from the hospital toadjacent retail services. A variety of seating elementsoffer individuals and small groups a secure feeling ofcomfort within this modest space. Three raised concreteplanter seat walls were put in place to buffer adjacentstreet activities from the plaza space. Masses ofperennials and grasses provide an understory screenwhile above, Honeylocust trees offer dappled shade tothe plaza.Client: Exempla HealthcareLocation: Denver, COCompletion: 2007Services: Entitlements, Concept Design through Design Development, Construction Documentation and Construction Administration.
  9. 9. Anschutz Health and Wellness Center
  10. 10. Anschutz Health and Wellness CenterThe AHWC is a unique and exciting addition on theUniversity of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus thatwill serve the existing centers for Human Nutrition,Integrative Medicine, and Women’s Health Researchprograms. It is designed to empower individuals tostrive for health-conscious lives, promote healthiercommunities, and target pressing health issues such asdisease prevention.As proven by many research studies, a connection tothe landscape has many health benefits. Therefor thelandscape design strives for an inside-outsideconnection promoting a healthy lifestyle. Therelationship with the landscape starts with theextension of the bistro into an exterior patio. South ofthe bistro patio is a garden with plenty of seatingopportunities. The linear design of the garden plantingreflects the agrarian culture and connection of food andlandscape. The selected plant species appeal to allsenses including taste. Perennial herbs inside thegarden are aesthetically pleasing and can be used inthe demonstration kitchen. The connection to theoutdoors continues on the upper levels with theinception of an accessible green roof. Panoramic viewsmake this space the ideal for fundraisers and specialevents. Again the connection to a healthy lifestyle ismade with planting space to grow organic produce forthe bistro. Special accommodations have been madeto allow for a future greenhouse addition.Client: University of ColoradoLocation: Anschutz Medical Campus, Aurora, COCompletion: 2012Services: DRB Approval, Concept Design through Design Development, Construction Documentation and Construction Administration.
  11. 11. Colorado State University Industrial Science BuildingCourtyard Renovation
  12. 12. Industrial Science Building CourtyardRenovationRedesign services for the Industrial Sciences Building(circa late 1800’s) for Colorado State Universitys Schoolof Construction Management included upgrading theexisting courtyard. The existing courtyard wasdeteriorating and needed a transformation to make thespace safe and functional for the ConstructionManagement students. Poor surface drainage over theyears had destroyed the existing hardscape making thespace unusable. Observing this, the redesign of thespace showcases the stormwater being generated bythe building and site. The courtyard demonstrates howhardscape pavements and plantings can convey, cleanand slowdown storm water runoff via a series ofinfiltration planters, bio-swales and porous pavementsystems.Roof storm runoff is directed into this courtyard ischanneled to different landscape planters or swales.Each planter allows the runoff to move through a seriesof lower planters. These series of planters slow thespeed of the runoff allowing it to percolate through aspecified soil mix and subgrade aggregate levels. Thisprocess helps purify the runoff before it returns andrecharges the groundwater systems and downstreamusers. Site storm runoff follows a similar process as itpercolates through different types of porous pavementand sub aggregate levels. The courtyard has become aliving and learning outdoor laboratory for theUniversity.Client: Colorado State University School of Construction ManagementLocation: Fort Collins, COCompletion: 2009Services: Concept Design through Design Development, Construction Documentation and Construction Administration.
  13. 13. Eaglecrest High School Performing Arts Plaza
  14. 14. Eaglecrest High School Performing Arts PlazaWith the expansion of the existing high school came theneed for a new and pronounced performing artsentry/drop-off sequence. The concept of a “grand plaza”was developed to celebrate the school’s new main entryand provide a large flexible outdoor space. The design ofthe plaza creates a series of individual spaces actingindependently of one another, but also functioning as onegrand plaza. The grand plaza is made up of three majorcomponents: a vehicle drop-off, a circular gatheringspace, and a pedestrian promenade. The new drop-offconsists of a concrete drive lane with a “zero edge” curboutlined by two “rumble strips” of concrete split facepavers. A string of bollards wrap the outer, edge furtherdelineating the drop-off area. The circular gatheringspace is also paved with split face pavers, mimicking aEuropean cobblestone piazza. The textural changedefines the space by giving it prominence within thelarger hardscape canvas. Rose sandstone seat wallsprovide a permeable physical edge to the circular spaceas well as offer informal seating for individuals and smallgroups. The promenade is the integrating elementbetween the building, plaza, and parking lot. The chosenplanting materials strengthen and provide separation ofthe three plaza components, while at the same timesoftening the plaza edges and seating areas.Client: Cherry Creek School DistrictLocation: Aurora, COCompletion: 2005Services: Entitlements, Concept Design through Design Development, Construction Documentation and Construction Administration.
  15. 15. Client List Commercial Education • Fisher Complex Expansion • Farrell B Howell K8 Ball Aerospace & Technology Corporation, Boulder, CO Denver Public Schools, Denver, CO • Centennial Interport • Christa McAullife Elementary Sunborne Development, Centennial, CO Colorado Springs School District, Colorado Springs, CO • Integrated Biorefinery Research Facility • Irving Elementary National Renewable Energy Laboratories, Golden, CO Pueblo School District, Pueblo, CO • MERCK & Company • Mead High School Boulder, CO St. Vrain School District, Longmont, CO Todd Kreinbrink Landscape Architecture 8166 S. Logan Ct. Littleton, CO 80122 303.906.1195
  16. 16. TODD B. KREINBRINK, ASLA, RLALandscape Architect8166 S. Logan Ct., Littleton, CO 80122 - 303.906.1195 - tkreinbrink@msn.comLandscape Architect with 17 years of professional experience in managing, designing and documenting construction projects throughout Colorado andWyoming. As a practice area leader, project manager and designer I have developed a highly organized and efficient design process and work style enablingme to routinely manage multiple projects, budgets, clients, consultants and staff successfully with valued outcomes. My past project experience includesprogramming, site development, and design documentation through construction administration. As a detailed oriented individual, I have spent over 10passionate years focusing on integrating architecture and landscape in a collaborative way, culminating inspired, therapeutic and highly performing landscapespaces while employing sound sustainable site design principals.Professional Experience: Corporate and Commercial Project Experience: • University Corporation of Atmospheric Research, Foothills Laboratory Building ZeroIndependent Landscape Architectural Professional, February 2012 –Present Project Manager and Landscape Architect for site design, entitlements and constructionTodd Kreinbrink Landscape Architecture8166 S. Logan Ct., Littleton, CO 80122 documentation through administration for site amenities around a new research lab facility at the UCAR Foothills Campus. Site improvements include central plaza, pathway connections and plantingSenior Landscape Architect, September 2003 – February 2012H+L Architecture design.- Boulder, CO1755 Blake St, Ste. 400, Denver, CO 80202Senior Landscape Architect - Healthcare & Higher Education Practice Lead, Project • Kaiser Permanente Reference Laboratory CourtyardManager and Designer. Responsibilities include marketing and securing landscapearchitecture work associated with architecture projects, fee proposal writing, Project Manager and Landscape Architect for site design, securing entitlements and constructioncontract writing and review, consultant management and coordination, projectscheduling and directing up to 8 staff members, reviewing project invoices, documentation and administration. Improvements including revitalizing the existing facilities interiorprepare project specification, quality assurance and control, constructionadministration and signing permit document sets. Have secured and managed large courtyard as a place of respite. – Denver, COcommercial landscape architecture projects with design fees ranging from $25,000to $350,000 with in Colorado and Wyoming. Successfully managed multi- • Centennial Interport, Sunborne Developmentdisciplinary project teams on new and hospital additions, clinics, medical officebuildings, university and K-12 facilities, commercial and corporate developments. Project Manager and Landscape Architect for site development, entitlements and landscape designLandscape Designer, July 2002 – August 2003 for spec office/ hangar facilities. - Centennial Airport, Centennial, CODesign Studios West High Ed and K-12 Project Experience:616 East Speer Blvd, Denver, CO 80203 • Anschutz Health and Wellness Center, University of Colorado DenverProject Manager and Landscape Designer, October 1999 – July 2002RNL Design Project Manager and Landscape Architect for site development, concept design, and construction1050 17th St. Ste A200, Denver , CO 80202 documentation for site work for a new health and research facility on the Anschutz Medical Campus.Landscape Designer, July 1995 – September 1999 Site improvements include entry plaza, bistro terrace, contemplation garden and extensive- intensiveTHK Associates green roof/amenity deck. Secured final project approval through University of Colorado Denver,2953 S. Peoria St. Ste 01, Aurora, CO 80014 Design Review Board. Anschutz Medical Campus - Aurora, COEducation: • Construction Management School Courtyard, Colorado State UniversityBachelor of Science, Landscape ArchitectureUniversity of Wisconsin - Madison, Wisconsin , 1995 Project Manager and Landscape Architect for conceptual design through construction administration for redesign of the existing Industrial Science Building courtyard. Improvements include newProfessional Registrations:Registered Landscape Architect, Wyoming, 2006 stormwater management bio-swales and planters, porous paving and bio-detention plantings.Registered Landscape Architect, Colorado, 2008 Fort Collins, COProfessional Affiliations: • Eaglecrest High School, Cherry Creek School DistrictColorado Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects, CCASLA Project Manager and Landscape Architect for site development of a new performing arts entry plaza.American Society of Landscape Architects, ASLACouncil of Landscape Architecture Registration Boards, CLARB Aurora, COGreen Roofs for Healthy Cities • Farrell B. Howell K-8, Denver Public SchoolsTechnical Experience: Project Manager and Landscape Architect for site development, securing entitlements and providingAuto Cadd 2012, Microsoft Office Suite 2010, Adobe CS1 Photoshop construction documents and administration for site improvements including entry drop-off plaza,and InDesign, Deltek Management Systems. playgrounds and sport field on a 40- acre greenfield site. - Denver, CO