Unix is my IDE


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Unix is my IDE

  1. Unix is my IDETomáš Kramár, @tkramar
  2. Integrated DevelopmentEnvironmentThe primary rationale for using an IDEis that it gathers all your tools in thesame place, and you can use them inconcert with roughly the same userinterface paradigm, and withouthaving to exert too much effort to makeseparate applications cooperate.
  3. Using UNIX as IDE● Shell tips● ZSH● Moving around● Terminal multiplexor● Composing commands● Customizing applications
  4. Shell tips
  5. #1 I need to run a longcommand I ran previouslyWrong:● lookup the parameters and type it all again● <up> <up> <up> ....● grep .bash_historyGood:● <c-r>, start typing, <c-r> to scroll results
  6. #2 Oops, I made a typoWrong● <left> <left> <backspace> <backspace> ....Good● <c-u> - deletes from cursor to the beginning● <c-k> - deletes from cursor to the end● <c-w> - deletes word before cursor● <c-a> - move to the beginning● <c-e> - move to the endBetter● use vi-mode
  7. #3 I need to switch to adifferent applicatione.g., I am in vim and want to try something inirbWrong:● open new terminal windowGood● <c-z> to suspend● fg to resume
  8. #4 I need to disconnectfrom remote machineWrong● Ok, Ill waitGood● <c-z> to suspend● bg to run in background● disown to ignore SIGHUP
  9. #5 I forgot sudoWrong● <up> <c-a> sudo <cr>Good● sudo !!● !! is alias for last commandBetter● Custom keybinding that inserts sudo
  10. #6 I want to change thisfiles extensionWrong● cp /opt/nginx/conf/nginx.conf /opt/nginx/conf/nginx.conf.bakGood● cp /opt/nginx/conf/nginx.conf{,.bak}
  11. #7 I want to exit the shellWrong● type exit● click close buttonGood● <c-d>
  12. Keybindings work everywhere (readline).● mysql● psql● irb● ..● even browsers textarea
  13. ZSH
  14. Features● Autocompletion menu● Autocomplete everything ○ command line parameters ○ remote servers ○ remote filesystems ○ context-sensitive completion (e.g., dvips, git) ○ kill● Fuzzy autocompletion● Globbing ○ ls **/*.txt
  15. Moving around
  16. Stupid tricks● autocomplete● "cd" (no args) back to home● "cd -" back to previous directory
  17. Use the dirstack● dirs -v● pushd/popdOr● setopt auto_pushd● cd +3
  18. Ranger● https://github.com/hut/ranger● OSX Finder w vim keybindings● Integrates with shell easily
  19. Terminal multiplexor
  20. tmux● multiplexes several virtual terminals● sessions/windows● tile management
  21. Composing commands
  22. How do you identify yourlargest files?
  23. How do you identify your largest files?wc -l **/*.rb | tac | tail -n +2 | sort -n -r | head -10
  24. Customizing applications
  25. Embrace aliasesalias grep="grep --color=auto"alias lsa="ls -AahXBFov --color=auto --indicator-style=file-type --group-directories-first"alias pacman="sudo pacman"Application level aliases● git la
  26. dotfiles● Most applications are configurable in plain text ○ .vimrc, .zshrc, .ranger, .rvm, .ssh ... ○ Transfer between machines, backup, restore
  27. Resources● http://dotfiles.github.com/● https://github.com/kremso/dotfiles● https://github.com/robbyrussell/oh-my-zsh
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