The Miracle Worker Webquest (Helen & Annie)


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The Miracle Worker Webquest (Helen & Annie)

  1. 1. Preparing to read The Miracle Worker: The Early Lives of Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller
  2. 2. ESSENTIAL QUESTION: What background information about Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller will help the reader better understand the characters in The Miracle Worker? Annie Helen
  3. 3. Helen Keller Before we read The Miracle Worker, you should have some background on the main characters in the play. The play is based on real-life people and situations. You may have heard of one of the people, Helen Keller, but you may not know what an amazing person she actually was. There’s little doubt that though she was blind and deaf, she was a genius. Her accomplishments were incredible, and she became famous worldwide during her lifetime.
  4. 4. Annie Sullivan The other character/person you should get to know is Annie Sullivan, Helen’s teacher. She, too, was a person of great intelligence and determination. She, and not Helen, is actually the protagonist (main character) in the play we are going to read.
  5. 5. Helen and Annie In this web quest you will learn about both Helen and Annie and their backgrounds. This information will help you better understand the play we will read. Simply follow the directions to investigate the lives of these two women.
  6. 6. The Keller Family Background Go to the following web address and find the heading called “Helen and her family.” Read it and then answer the questions below: http:// 1 1.When and where was Helen born? 2.What was the age difference between Kate and Captain Arthur Keller (Helen’s parents)? 3.What did Captain Keller do for a living?
  7. 7. Keller Family (continued): Go to the following web address, look at the picture of the Keller home, and answer the question below: 4. What was the name of the Keller home? (By the way, click on the “see larger picture” caption so you can get a good look at it. Your memory of the way this house looks will become important.)
  8. 8. Helen’s Illness Helen Keller was not born blind and deaf. Read the section called “Helen Falls Ill” at the following site and answer some questions about her illness and early childhood. %20of%20Helen%20Keller 5. At what age did Helen become ill? 6. What do modern doctors think her illness might have been? 7. How did Helen’s mother discover Helen’s blindness and deafness that occurred because of her illness? 8. How did Helen behave once she became deaf and blind, and what did her relatives want to do with her? 9. What very famous inventor did Helen’s parents consult because he was also an expert on deaf children?
  9. 9. Go to the website below to see a picture of Alexander Graham Bell and Helen Keller. This picture was taken when Helen was older. 5-HK-Bell-1902.jpg
  10. 10. One last question on Helen: Return to the following website and reread the last paragraph of “Helen falls ill.” Answer a final question about Helen: en%20and%20Her%20Family 10. What person in Boston did the Keller's consult? What was the name of the institution he directed?
  11. 11. We’re going to leave Helen now and find out some information about Annie Sullivan, Helen’s teacher. Remember, the play we’ll be reading is actually more about Annie than it is about Helen.
  12. 12. Annie’s Childhood Go to the following website and read the first four paragraphs to   gather answers to the questions about Annie’s childhood: 11. When and where was Annie born? 12. What country had Annie’s parents immigrated from? 13. What illness did Annie get at the age of 5, and what happened to her because of it? 14. What was the name of the place where Annie was sent when her father abandoned her and her brother?
  13. 13. Annie’s Life at Tewksbury Go to the following website and   read the first two   paragraphs to learn a little about   Tewksbury. You’ll be   shocked at what you’ll find about this place. .asp?FrameID=97 15. In the second paragraph on this page, you will read about some of the rumors. What were a few of them?
  14. 14. Read the first few sentences on this page and answer this question: mgallery.asp?FrameID=75 16. What happened to Annie’s brother Jimmie?
  15. 15. Go to this page and read the first two paragraphs about how Annie got out of Tewksbury and where she went. Answer the following questions: ?FrameID=77 17. How did Annie get out of Tewksbury? 18. Where did Annie go, and in what year did she go there?
  16. 16. Read the last paragraph on this page to find out how Annie’s sight was helped: sp?FrameID=78 19. How was Annie’s sight helped?
  17. 17. Annie succeeded at Perkins because she was very bright. She also had a bad temper and tended to break rules and get into trouble. She was almost expelled from Perkins on several occasions! Luckily, though, she was able to finish her education there and actually graduated at the top of her class. Unfortunately, after graduation Annie really had nowhere to go – no family, no job. Just when she started to worry that she might have to return to Tewksbury, Helen’s father contacted Michael Anagnos, the director of Perkins, looking for a teacher for Helen. Anagnos recommended Annie, and she began her journey from Boston to Alabama. Annie’s First Job
  18. 18. Annie Arrives at the Keller Home Go to the following website to read about Annie’s arrival: issueid=20076 20. How old was Annie when she left for her job at the Keller home? 21. What caused Annie misery on the trip? 22. Who met Annie at the station? 23. What did Helen expect to find in Annie’s suitcase?
  19. 19. This is where you will end your investigation, about the early lives of these remarkable lives of these two women. The information you have learned about Annie and Helen will give you a sense of who they were at the point where The Miracle Worker begins. The play centers around what happens in those first weeks after Annie arrives at the Keller home. As you can tell, both Helen and Annie were stubborn and used to getting their own way. You can probably already guess what will happen when these two strong-willed people meet! Please look at the next 3 slides for some gross pictures!!
  20. 20. Healthy brain As you know, Helen Keller's blindness and deafness were caused by illness. While they don't know for sure what she had, it may have been meningitis or scarlet fever (see next slide about scarlet fever). Brains with Meningitis
  21. 21. Person with Scarlet Fever
  22. 22. Annie Sullivan, Helen's teacher, had trouble with her eyes all of her life. As you have read, she suffered from trachoma, but she was able to have surgery that helped with her sight. Eyes with Trachoma
  23. 23. Preparing to read The Miracle Worker: The Early Lives of Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller Write a reflection on what you learned in this webquest. How does it relate to our unit theme : My Hero? My Hero