A Guide to Getting the Job You Want


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It's troubling times right in the job market. Job opportunities are shrinking, but there are openings out there. The vital questions are how do you go about finding the right opportunities and how do you make yourself stand out in an overcrowded marketplace?

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A Guide to Getting the Job You Want

  1. 1. A Guide to Getting theAC Job You Want1|Page
  2. 2. “It’s a tough job market. Be moreconsidered in your approach,show flexibility and use everyavenue” Timothy Mukasa, FreelanceStudents.co.uk founderThere are jobs out there. However, the marketplace is crowded. This guide provides simple, buteffective, strategies that you can apply to remarkably improve your chances at each stage of therecruitment cycle. We wish you the best of luck! 2|A Guide to Getting the Job You Want
  3. 3. How Not To Get a Job!A recent drive to recruit writers for our blog prompted us to provide some much neededadvice to the many students out there who are simply not doing their job applications justice.From the applications we received In some instances we received had for our writing roles werewe found a number of common excellent covering letters, but on littered with spelling errors. We allmistakes, which we’ve listed reviewing the accompanying CV make spelling mistakes (there’sbelow. We imagine that many will we found no link between the two probably a few in this article), butprobably think this all common documents; the applicant had when it comes to jobs, employerssense, but for those of you that clearly not bothered to take the need only find the slightesthave not seen much success in time to tailor the CV to fit the indiscretion in order to quicklygetting work experience we covering letter or the role. This reduce their overcrowded inbox ofsuggest you give this article a good sets alarm bells ringing and applications.read and hopefully we can get you implies that an applicant is firingproducing applications that will off the same CV to every Final thoughts: Employers will onlyget you that job. employer! afford you a short amount of time to make an impression and if you1. Not Reading the Job 4. Information Overload fail to follow the advice aboveDescription Employers do not need to know then we can almost guaranteeWe had many responses that your age, height, religious leanings, that your application will quicklycould have been applications for or your first summer job as a cup be thrown on the scrapheap.any job on the planet! It seemed cake seller with the scouts. Jokes Good luck!as though some students were aside, you don’t need to includejust not reading the details of the unnecessary information or your Author: Tim Mukasajob description. Employers take life history, as only a strong shottime and care in writing job of espresso will keep an employerdescriptions to find the right from falling asleep. Keep itcandidate and any application that relevant and keep it professional.appears to disregard the detailswill be quickly binned. 5. Pasting a CV into the Email Body2. No Covering Letter This is probably a point ofThe covering letter is vital and as a contention, but we believe thatgeneral rule you should always pasting the contents of your CVinclude one with your CV. The into an email body looks, well,covering letter sets the scene – ugly. The lack of formatting withinwho you are and why you’re email applications often meansapplying. It points out key that the structure is fairly messy.information to the employer, Our advice would be to attach aoutlines your qualities, and makes CV.a statement about your suitabilityfor the job. It should give thepersonal touch that your CV will 6. Poor Spellingintrinsically lack. Remember that your application is a reflection of your professionalism, attention to3. CVs not Tailored detail, and writing skills. Believe it or not many of the applications we3|A Guide to Getting the Job You Want
  4. 4. 5 University Activities that Can Boost Your CVThroughout your time at university, you will be given the opportunity to get involved in avariety of tasks and extracurricular activities, such as, participating in your halls eatingcontest and the annual sleepathon. However, of the million and one things to do, a selectfew look really awesome on your CV and add immeasurably to your employability. But withso much to choose from, where does one start? Never fear, we’ll be separating the wheatfrom the chaff by cherry picking 5 university activities that will not only look great on yourCV, but that you will enjoy too.Let’s Play blogging demonstrates good that many university studentsRegardless of your ability, getting literary skills and shows that you spend most of their time in bed;involved in a drama production are not a square. Blogging is break the trend. Joining a sportssays all the right things to another great opportunity to team shows dedication &potential employers i.e. that network and make a name for commitment, ability to work as ayou’re confident, cultured and yourself. But be extremely team and to take orders.able to work both as part of a cautious when posting, especiallyteam and as an individual. Plays negative comments. The last thing Would you employ a candidatearen’t exclusive to the drama you want to do is get blacklisted that has shown no initiativesociety, they’ll be put on all year before you’ve even started outside of the classroom over around by several different working. self-starter with a moresocieties, but if your chosen interesting and varied CV? Neithersociety isn’t putting one on, then Get Down with the Kids would I. There are more and moretake matters into your own hands students graduating from Most universities haveand put a suggestion forward. universities, and it’s harder than partnerships and programmes running with local schools, ever to secure employment. DoMake Mine a Sandwich affording you with the opportunity something that will set you apart to go into schools and manage from the others and have funA placement is the perfect whilst doing it.opportunity to gain some valuable kids. The options available varywork experience, network and from university to university anddecide whether or not the field of school to school, but more likely Author: Tobiakingwork you’re considering is still as than not if your degree is oneglamorous as it first appeared. that’s taught at school level thenMany degrees offer an there’s probably a programme foropportunity for undergraduates to you. Enrolling on such aspend 6-12 months away from programme demonstrates greatstudy either in the industry or leadership skills, patience andabroad. Taking a sandwich year involvement beyond theshows your employer that you are classroom. What are you waitingfamiliar with the work place and for? Enrol! Besides, these kids arenot just another graduate. probably among the only people who still think you’re cool.I Think Therefore I Blog Get Active!The great thing about starting ablog is you can write about Get involved, especially as aanything you please. Regular fresher. It’s common knowledge4|A Guide to Getting the Job You Want
  5. 5. 4 Good Reasons to VolunteerHave you considered boosting your CV, job prospects and self-worth through undertakingvoluntary work? ‘Volunteer work’ can conjure images of soup kitchens run out of disusedbus shelters by eccentric evangelists – which there’s nothing wrong with, we might add – butthere are a plethora of different enterprises that require keen volunteers.Specialist charities such as CSV Cynical as it may sound, one very enthusiasm for helping out withhave been running inclusive good reason for undertaking football practise at my primarycommunity schemes which volunteer work is that it will fill school meant that after the firstrequire volunteers for decades, out your CV. Didn’t make the 2XI few weeks I was essentially left toincluding an excellent gap year football team? Then volunteer to take the sessions myself. This mayvolunteering initiative. Meanwhile, help run sessions for and coach not sound that tricky, butmany universities now encourage local kids instead. The 21st managing two dozen 10 year oldsstudent participation in the century job market is a scary, is probably a tougher task thancommunity, such as the University fearsomely competitive place, so heading up a board of directors;of Manchester’s Community any activity that might set you employers will note the man-Sports Volunteer Scheme which apart from the next Accounting management, teamwork andtrains volunteers to do sports and Finance grad with a 2:1 from communication skills youcoaching and mentoring. Nottingham is going to be useful invariably gain from voluntary interview fodder. work. In certain vocations, such as being the Treasurer for a local clubOpportunities also exist outside of or your halls, you may also gainformal schemes, however. When I …and employers will like it formal training required for thewas still in the sixth-form at school As a corollary to the previous post. Another big tick on the CV.(a painfully long time ago), I point, prospective employers willreturned to my old primary school be impressed with your drive andto take games lessons one initiative. Final year careers You will enjoy it!afternoon a week. Furthermore, I seminars up and down the country I had so much fun looking afteralso took on occasional childcare will be plugging the importance of kids with disabilities for myvolunteering work for a friend’s a ‘USP’ – Unique Selling Point – friend’s mother’s charity that Imother’s charity for several years when applying for jobs after uni, continued to offer my help for aswhilst finishing school and and volunteer work could be your long as time and schedulingstudying at University. Essentially, golden ticket. Everyone has to allowed – it became a hobbypeople always need help; work for money at some stage, rather than a chore. It’s noparticularly if it is offered for free, but volunteering not only shows coincidence that many volunteersso don’t hesitate to approach old employers a good team-playing find themselves pledging moreschools, your university halls community spirit, but also a time than they originally intended.committee or the local hospital conscientious, hard-working On a purely selfish basis, helpingradio station. streak, and the ability to manage others in whatever capacity will your time effectively whilst make you feel good about yourself,Now you know what’s out there, juggling a work and study building self-esteem andlet us convince you why it’s a good schedule. confidence. Finally, you will meetidea. And remember kids, like-minded people and may makevolunteer work is for life – or long-lasting friends, contributing Builds skills as much to your personal as yourhowever long you can manage –not just for Christmas! Throw yourself into voluntary professional development. work and you are likely to reap the rewards of your endeavours. MyIt’s another line on the CV… Author: James Lachno5|A Guide to Getting the Job You Want
  6. 6. How to Find a Job on Twitter Part 1Finding a job on Twitter may sound like the 21st century equivalent of looking for labouringcontracts in the local bookies – or, better still, the Nag’s Head – but thinking outside theusual job sites and vacancies columns can pay serious dividends. Nope, Twitter isn’t just aplace for slightly unhinged celebrity stalkers to sate their appetite for Lily Allen’s meanderingnonsense. Twitter can be a powerful tool for finding student jobs and internships and full-blown, real-life, money-for-milk-actually-going-into-my-bank-account graduate jobs.Essentially, the means can be split properly – i.e. don’t write ‘in the makes reference to news orinto indirect and direct. The sky with diamonds’. If you don’t politics (e.g. @Benshere/news)former involves building the right want to commit too specifically, and hey presto, you’ll be‘profile’ for prospective employers, enter a region i.e. South-East, presented with more useful mediacultivating relationships and North-West et cetera. Under bio, contacts to add to your collection.generally being a genial tweeting you should be concise and Play around and see who you canpresence – indeed, a bit like relevant if you are on the job hunt. find, and never be afraid to addlooking for labour in the Nag’s Indeed, writing “solicitor” or “web people: it’s part of the game.Head. The latter is much more like designer” is fine, even if you’re yet Some might even follow you backyour traditional job-scouring, just to gain employment in your – another useful way to startgiven a 21st Century injection of chosen field. Finally, follow the cultivating relationships. Then:techno-wizardry. This article looks same rules for your background engage. Start ‘tweeting’ to peopleat indirect ways you can enhance wallpaper, which can be changed. using the @ function (@[user-your job prospects through Again, use your common sense. name] will publically ‘mention’Twitter. Plain colour, appropriate tiled that user, making them aware of landscape picture? Good. ‘Meat Is your presence). Ask for advice, Murder’ banner? Bad. Employers guidance and information.Presentation, presentation, will look, trust us. Mention that you have useful skills.presentation Barack Obama might not write youFirst things first – know your back, but that PR or recruitmentenemy. Or prospective line of Follow relevant people, and get consultant probably will. Betteremployment, rather. Despite chatty still, even if these actions arehaving limited capacity to play This might sound like a no brainer, unlikely to result in you beingaround with Twitter profiles but an invaluable way of recruited out of the blue, when a(unlike Facebook, or, worse, networking is adding people relevant job does come up at aMyspace), there are still several relevant to your chosen field. You certain company, yourpersonalized aspects to a Twitter may search for a certain company professional networking throughaccount which can filter the name, like Clifford Chance, Twitter will make you stand outprofessional and appropriate FreelanceStudents or RBS, or from the crowd. As always, bejobseeker from a student drinking individual people (Charlie Brooker) appropriate when tweeting tomonologue. Choose a picture via the ‘Find People’ link. Another potential work contacts – avoidwisely – show your face, as users useful way of finding people or text speak, don’t swear et cetera.like to engage with what they organisations is through lists, Simples!imagine is a human being, but which may include scores ofavoid those Faliraki holiday photos relevant Tweeters to follow. Forand pouting poses. If you have a example: enter ‘Guardian’ in the Author: James Lachnoblog, link it, particularly if it is ‘Find People’ search box, clickrelevant (journalism, graphic guardiannews, then go to ‘listed’ Read How to Find a Job on Twitterdesign). Enter your location on the far right. Select a list that Part 2!6|A Guide to Getting the Job You Want
  7. 7. 9 Tips for Job Interview SuccessInterviews – loved by some and hated by many – are a necessary part of securing a job. Theproblem however, is that most cower at the thought of sitting down to talk aboutthemselves with a stranger/could be boss. “What if they don’t like me? What if I make a foolof myself?” Stop it. Rather than panic and think up hypothetical, negative and awkwardsituations, take a step back.Be cool important that one is punctual one ready, asking questions showsI’m not going to say imagine them with responses, when asked a that you’ve been listening and arenaked because quite frankly that’s question try and respond with truly interested.off putting and requires too much good timing to show that you’re aattention, rather stay relaxed, quick thinker. Vocabulary & dictionregulate your breathing and pay The words that leave your mouthclose attention to the words Appearance need to be real, avoidcoming out of their mouths. First impressions count, as gobbledygook. A couple days outlined in Office Etiquette: Do’s before the interview make anFlattery & Don’ts Part I, certain hairstyles effort to drop all colloquialismsThe person/people conducting the and items of clothing are not from your vocab. everything youinterview are just that, people, appropriate for the office. For say, needs to be done so clearly.and there’s nothing people love interviews it’s definitely best to Fully pronounce your words; staymore than compliments. The trick play it safe, if you think it’s a step away from “yups”,“uh-huhs”,is to make them genuine and too far, then it probably is. “nahs”,” and “nopes”.thoughtful. For examplecompliment the passion portrayed Honesty Author: Tobiakingin their voice or their choice of Honesty by far is the best policy,words. Avoid making comments besides if you lie it’s extremelyreferring to physical appearance! likely to come back to haunt you, what’s more, lies create anxietyConfidence and discomfort which will make itConfidence is key; you need to harder for you to remain cool.believe in yourself. Remember “Ifyou weren’t cut out for the job, Take a drinkyour CV or application would have If you’re offered a tea or coffee,been slung”. You got the interview take one. It’s polite to do so. Inbecause they think you’re capable addition when you’re asked aof doing the job; they have faith in taxing question taking a sip ofyou; have some in yourself. your beverage will buy you thinking time.PunctualityIf you’re late to an interview you Questionsdon’t want the job, simples. At the end of the interview, you’llHowever this point is about more be asked if you have any questions.than just being on time. It’s Make sure you have a relevant7|A Guide to Getting the Job You Want
  8. 8. How to Pass Assessment Centre Group Exercises: 5Golden TipsThat time of year arrives when many students and graduates are interviewing and a luckyfew get invited back for an assessment centre in which they’ll have to partake in thedreaded… group exercise. A personality-clashing mine field. But group exercises need not bescary and can, in fact, be enjoyable if approached correctly. As you know, we like to tell youhow it is. So, below we’ve provided 5 golden tips for cruising through any group exercise.We’ve assumed that you already what do you think of this idea?” or discussed the importance ofunderstand the basics i.e. do your “Helen that’s a very good point!” coming up with ideas. At one ofhomework, be presentable, be on Not only does this show that my earliest experiences oftime, be confident and don’t be as you’re well mannered and assessment centres, in which I didloud as a motorbike. courteous, but also that you have not progress, I was given feedback strong attention to detail. It will that I didn’t contribute ideas. I also continue the impact of the always considered myself to be aGolden Tip #1: Introduce effect you’ve created in tip #1. man of ideas, but I was frozen byyourself to everybody the occasion. Don’t let his happenAt university I sailed through first to you. Companies look forround interviews, but found Golden Tip #3: Volunteer to students with fresh ideas to injectassessment centres tricky and in take a role much needed fresh thinking andparticular standing out in group You’ve watched the Apprentice creativity.exercises. Then, I was given some right? Then you would havepriceless advice by a university noticed how Lord Alan Sugarfriend. He advised that as soon as targets candidates that play no Golden Tip #5: Never giveyou arrive and students are sitting role in an exercise. “You did naff negative feedback about yournervously in deafening silence, to all!” is a usual retort from the peersgo round and introduce yourself mini-entrepreneur. When an “Honestly, I thought Gary (notand be careful to remember every exercise kicks in, quickly take a key actual name) was quite loud andname, maybe throw in a bit of role, for example write the notes talked over people!” This was myconversation, and most on the whiteboard, which means response at an assessment centreimportantly, ensuring that they you lead the discussion, or be the when I was asked about the otherremember your name. What this person doing the timing. members of my team. I was youngaction very cleverly (and subtly) WARNING: if you are going to do a and naïve and it was one of mydoes is to start rounding the role, then do it! Don’t half lead the earliest experiences (pre-troops onto your side. The other discussion or be too scared to university). Yes, he was extremelystudents will start looking to you shout, “We’ve got 2 minutes left annoying but slating others sendsfor help, agreement and guidance. guys!!” as this will work against big time warning signals thatSo without much effort you’ve you if the team fails due to the you’re likely to do the same ifimmediately made yourself stand area you’ve taken responsibility hired. Companies want teamout and it won’t go unnoticed! for. But it’s better to do something players; people who can work with then naff all. difficult characters without showing frustration. So, if askedGolden Tip #2: Use the names the same question, talk about theof your peers Golden Tip #4: Come up with positive aspects of the team’sSo, you’ve got everybody’s name, ideas performance and areas where as agreat. But go a step further and Hopefully you’ve read our piece team you could have done better.actually call your peers by their on how to be an awesomenames during an exercise. “Dan, intern!? In that article we Author: Tim Mukasa8|A Guide to Getting the Job You Want
  9. 9. How to be an Awesome Intern: 5 TipsMany of you will be embarking upon your first steps in the professional world as a freshfaced intern. You’ve got a new shiny suit from Next, an unnecessary amount of pens in yourbag, and you’ve been practicing office-speak. But, have you considered what it will take toensure that the company come grovelling back to hire you after graduating? No, being nice,arriving on time and being organised are not good enough. These are the basics!1. Focus on Delivery panic-stricken and having not enjoy learning new things. Don’tThis is the single most important produced anything. It’s wasted attempt to teach the teacher.word…Delivery. It’s so important time. This leads me onto my nextit’s blessed with a capital D. What point… 5. Come up with ideasdoes it mean? Delivery means Don’t you hate it when you meetYOU were responsible for a result. 3. Ask a bucket load of people who can only identifyYOU wrote those articles. YOU questions problems? Real energy drainers. Icreated that new logo for a small Newbies often get clogged up with offer examples: “Man, we missedclient. YOU organised the office worry. This worry tends to the train, what are we going toChristmas party. Ultimately we’re overpower their ability to take in do?”, or “We’re out of beer”.all judged on results. Some information. We all recognise “Yeah ok thanks, so what do youtemporarily get away with when this happens because you suggest?” WARNING: Whendiverting their inability to get think “Sh*t, I totally missed that approaching your boss/mentorresults by blowing hot air and ass- but I can’t ask again”. The with a problem ALWAYS offerkissing, but the question of possible consequences are you sit some kind of a solution. I offerDelivery will always remain lurking. at your computer like a lemon, amended examples: “Man, weIt’s a powerful word and takes you you produce total rubbish, or you missed the train, but I called thefrom being a simple observer to a return to your boss disgraced, local taxi firm and they offer areal contributor. So tell me, what hands out asking “please sir, reasonable rate”, and “We’re outhave you delivered? more”. Drill your boss/mentor of beer. I suggest we contribute with questions, because your £10 each and do a trip to the2. Try it and see ability to Deliver a satisfactory supermarket”. Now who’s yaMany people fear failure, so they result is dependent upon you daddy?! Your boss will love youdon’t think independently and understanding the task. because you’re relieving them ofseek constant guidance with every the burden of tackling anothertask. Failure is how we learn, no? issue. Make this a habit. 4. Respect the master!You don’t just get on a bike andride straight away; you fall off and Some interns fly in with a chip on their shoulder and promptly If you’re going to do any one oflook goofy for a while. It’s the the above points, make it numbersame process at work. Don’t declare their status: “I studied at so and so university”, “I got a one. However, to be trulypester your manager, instead, use awesome, and remember thiscommon sense (don’t just attack First”, or “My dad is head of blah blah at Evil Corp”. Seriously, this article is about being awesome,the task), google the info you need you need to actively embody allor email a friend… just try kind of attitude will win you no friends and will overshadow your five points and if you do, wesomething. If it fails, you’ve learnt guarantee that the job will besomething in the process and next talents. You’re young and ignorant, and that’s ok! These guys know yours. Good luck!time, you’ll know what it takes topeddle down the road unassisted. what they’re talking about. Be aIt’s annoying giving somebody a sponge. Soak in information and Author: Tim Mukasatask and they return 3 hours later9|A Guide to Getting the Job You Want
  10. 10. The Importance of Being Yourself at WorkIn my 10 years of working, something has perplexed me; on entering through the doors ofthe office, many of us lose a sense of who we are; we lose a sense of self. We take on apersona of how we think somebody should behave in a particular context and we startexhibiting behaviours that our friends and family would find strange e.g. we become cold,aggressive, subservient or fearful. This office persona is often a burden and can bedetrimental to success in the workplace.For those of you with work Considered this – in order to getexperience under your belt Emotional baggage – We are all promoted or progress you need toalready, consider the acutely aware of when we’re not stand out, but if all you’re doing isawkwardness of bumping into being ourselves and this weighs copying other’s actions oryour colleagues outside of work or heavy on our minds and often suppressing your uniqueness, youthe stale atmosphere of office get- leading to feelings of distress and simply won’t stand out! I’m nottogethers, as nobody dare show anxiety that we carry with us even advocating that you rock up intotheir true self. So, why do we do outside of the office. the office dressed and squealingit? The answer is that we hide our like Lady Gaga – you have to applytrue self in order to fit in and be common sense, as being aaccepted. Examples: Loss of creativity – There are professional means that you do many challenging situations in the have to adhere to more formal workplace that often call for standards then you would in your•The new highly educated mild- creative thinking in order to be personal life. In order to stand outmannered graduate starting a resolved. Creativity calls for you simply need to avoidbanking role as a trader becomes originality, but if you’re too busy assuming other people’saggressive and foul-mouthed copying others then inevitably you perspectives of you.•The caring women who as an are merely likely to churn out staleexecutive takes on a cold and uninspiring ideas that you believesteely approach to professional others will see as best. To conclude…relationships in order to prove It is important that you attempt toherself in a male dominated learn this lesson as earlier as Ineffective decision making –workplace possible in your career, whether Most of us recognise when•The usually confident friend that you’re doing a menial student job, something feels wrong e.g. a clientfinds they are unable to speak up an internship at a top firm, or might be very assertive and yetin meetings or challenge you’re a new graduate on a you feel that their demands aremanagement decisions, whereas training scheme. The sooner you potentially disastrous and underin a social context they are learn this and act upon it the normal circumstances you wouldopinionated and outspoken more effective you’ll be at work have said something. This decision as your uniqueness, honesty, and to suppress your true thoughts creativity will quickly set youThe negative outcomes of results in a poorly delivered apart from the crowd.‘fitting in’ project. However, had you been Furthermore, it will have an all yourself and spoken up, it is likelyThe common thing many people round positive impact on your life that the end result would havedo is copy others in order to be outside of the office. Being turned out positively (I’ve been inaccepted. But in doing this we lose different is absolutely beautiful such situations!).our uniqueness and we begin to and it attracts people to you.suppress our personality. Thepotential negative results are Standing out Author: Tim Mukasacommonly:10 | A Guide to Getting the Job You Want
  11. 11. Contact About the Authors EndnotesFreelanceStudents is the easiest and Tim Mukasa is the main editor. He is a 1. Cover photograph: Northwood Roadmost effective way for businesses and former student from UCL and has been by Kyle Kruchokprivate individuals to connect with through the graduate recruitmenttalented, enthusiastic, and ambitious merry-go-round... twice. A self- 2. Page photograph: Sunrise bystudents for one-off jobs, short-term confessed social media geek, a wannabe Theophilosprojects, and internships. From artists web designer, a useless cook, and heand photographers to programmers and wants to be Barack Obama. 2. Page 3 photograph: Clarity by Jonwriters, many students use WileyFreelanceStudents daily to find their next James Lachno is a recent graduate. Heopportunity. By recruiting students, probably has more friends than you on 3. Page 4 photograph: 90 by [phil h]employers can make substantial cost Facebook and he’s well-versed in the artsavings. To make this possible we’ve of job-hunting. When he’s not trawling 4. Page 5 photograph: Running Child bycreated an easy-to-use platform where a the blogosphere to track down useful R.Mottisimple job ad can be placed online very titbits of career advice and webquickly. technology epiphanies, he can generally 5. Page 6 photograph: Sideways by be found extolling the virtues of The MrClean1982For more information on how Smiths or Blur on some unsuspectingFreelanceStudents please visit us at: victim. 6. Page 7 photograph: empty suits by Paul Goyettehttp://www.freelancestudents.co.uk T Aking is currently a student at the University of Reading and is also a 7. Page 8 photograph: Mr. Pumpkin andBecome our friend on Facebook: freelance writer. He sees his writing as Mr. Apple by Orin Zebestfacebook.com/freelancestudents more than just an occupation, but a way of life, a frame of mind. He’s very chilled 8. Page 9 photograph: Superman byFollow us Twitter: and almost to the point of going in Fonzie’s cousintwitter.com/frlstudents reverse. His passions include travelling, writing and cooking. 9. Page 10 photograph: Mariana’s Portrait II by greekadman Copyright © 2011 FreelanceStudents.co.uk FreelanceStudents and its logo are trademarks of Outlier Services Ltd 11 | A Guide to Getting the Job You Want