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Transforming education sector
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Transforming education sector


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Published in: Career, Education

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  • 2. Why? Why? Why? 2 Shortage of good training / retraining for teachers Dearth of Teachers for new age technologies – like online tutors, online trainers, distance education No training in innovation process regarding education Old teaching methods (lecture method), demand for new methods – but lack of trained teachers People willing to spend money for good schools – but shortage of schools with good teachers Education has emerged as an industry, good scope Education helps in rural development, Govt. supports it No national brand (like IIM in management or IIT in technology) Entry of corporates (Microsoft, Educomp, Edserv, Eurokids)A PEEP INTO THE FUTURE - T.K. JAIN
  • 3. Process of Institution Building 3 (from the Model developed by Dr. T.K. Jain) Small beginning with passion and committed workers Popularising first success Spreading reach and coverage Research and knowledge sharing with global knowledge based institutions Converting into a truly knowledge based organisation and providing training and consultancy Evolution into an international model institutionA PEEP INTO THE FUTURE - T.K. JAIN
  • 4. Road map to centre of excellence 4 Focus on Research, Publications and Consultancy Raising Teachers’ pride and Teaching into a saught after profession Linking Teaching to Rural Development and Empowerment Linking Teaching to Entrepreneurship Providing Resources, Training, Support and Standards relating to Education Sector Networking and Resource Sharing with the Global Institutions Expertise in Documentation, Policy Making, Advocacy and Resource Generation Developing SBUs for Curriculum, Study Tools developmentA PEEP INTO THE FUTURE - T.K. JAIN
  • 5. Quality publications… 5 Ebooks / E-Articles - on themes including the following : -  Innovation in education  Educational Instruments  Case studies on great teachers  Case studies on impact making great schools  Career Guidance and Aptitude Assessment Online magazines (like Online journals Online quizes, tutorials, resource centresA PEEP INTO THE FUTURE - T.K. JAIN
  • 6. SECTORS OF SPECIALISATION 6 Education in cross cultural setting Education for deprived / physically challenged Education through internet / web Innovations in Education Creative learner centered pedagogy Self paced learning Distance Education Educational research, writing & publications Scientific Temper Development Educational Games / Softwares Ethics / Values TeachingA PEEP INTO THE FUTURE - T.K. JAIN
  • 7. Courses 7 Training programmes Educational Administration Educational Innovations FDP / Teacher Development Programmes Orientation / Refresher courses B.Ed. / M.Ed. / Ph.D. / D. Litt. Creative Writing Career Guidance and Aptitude Assessment Distance Education courses for teachers Online Education for teachers Online Certification ExaminationsA PEEP INTO THE FUTURE - T.K. JAIN
  • 8. Consultancy Projects 8 Online Education – design, delivery and support systems Teacher assessment and motivation system Model curriculum designing Admission / Evaluation system designing Training programme designing Study material development and assessmentA PEEP INTO THE FUTURE - T.K. JAIN
  • 9. Sponsored Research Projects 9 Rural Education in India Financing Education in India Sports Education in India Moral and Value Education in India Programme Curriculum and Content Design Online and Distance Education Scenario in IndiaA PEEP INTO THE FUTURE - T.K. JAIN
  • 10. Foreign Collaborations 10 Global Educational institutions willing to spread education in India or willing to have exchange / video conferencing / joint programmes with regards to teachers / students / programme contents / programme delivery International placement support agenciesA PEEP INTO THE FUTURE - T.K. JAIN
  • 11. Accreditations and Certifications 11 After 4 years NAAC AACSB AIO Ultimately evolve as a standard making body in next 5-10 yearsA PEEP INTO THE FUTURE - T.K. JAIN
  • 12. Awards and Recognitions 12 Best Innovative Teacher Awards Best New Curriculum Awards Best Educational Administration AwardsA PEEP INTO THE FUTURE - T.K. JAIN
  • 13. Distinct Identities 13 Developing Education as a sector for Entrepreneurship – Introducing innovative Entrepreneurs in Education, Empowerment and Rural Transformation Most modern programmes with focus on programme design, delivery and support Mobile Schools with Mobile Libraries Tele Schools Trained Teachers’ Data Bank and Free Support in Placement (who have got training in our University) Educational Standards forming BodyA PEEP INTO THE FUTURE - T.K. JAIN
  • 14. Placement / Onw Business Tie Ups 14 Alliances with placement agencies, leading school chains, educational companies Edupreneurs development (Educational Entrepreneurship Training, incubation and Support) Tie up with venture capitalists / angel investors to provide seed capital to the edupreneursA PEEP INTO THE FUTURE - T.K. JAIN
  • 15. Number of students 15Yea Trainees / Regular Distance Onliner Administrators / Students Education Education Executives / FDP1 00 100 00 002 20 100 00 003 120 220 200 2004 400 440 400 7005 500 440 500 1000A PEEP INTO THE FUTURE - T.K. JAIN
  • 16. Manpower Additions (includes regular, contract and work based workers) 16Yea Administrative Staff Academic Staff Support /r Technical Staff1 20 (Univ. Admn. Acts, 20 (professors etc.) 10 (lab technicians Exam, IT, & etc.) Admissions)2 10 (Support staff to 20 20 (Bloggers, etc.) Admn Staff)3 10 (Support staff to 20(Online / Distance / 30 (Web Developers, Admissions) Field Trainers) Content Developers)4 5 30 505 5 40 50A PEEP INTO THE FUTURE - T.K. JAIN
  • 17. Revenue (we have ignored capital expenses and fixed expenses – since they have to be incurred in any case) 17Yr. Gross Variable Net Remarks Revenue Expenses Result1 2000000 20000000 -180000002 3000000 30000000 -27000000 Huge expenses are expected due to preparation for distance & online courses3 10000000 40000000 - Executive Programmes, Online 30000000 and Distance Educaton will also generate income4 20000000 45000000 -250000005 50000000 48000000 2000000 We assume that we will be able to raise advertisements to support our publications by this time.A PEEP INTO THE FUTURE - T.K. JAIN