The eye of the innovator


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The eye of the innovator

  1. 1. 2012The eye of the innovator 1 Author with Mr. Ajay Chopra Trilok Kumar Jain 7/4/2012
  2. 2. THE EYE OF THE INNOVATOR – A CASE STUDY ON AJAY CHOPRAAbstract :In this case, the writer writes about an entrepreneur, who is well known for hisability to innovate. He is working in media industry (Director of CrayonAdvertising) and therefore, he has to remain innovative always. He has variedexperiences. The writer has tried to present the experiences of the writer in thiscase study for the benefit of the readers. The readers can relate the varioustheories on innovators to this case and try to identify significant incidents andimportant variables of an innovator.Introduction …Innovators are often successful in whatever they pursue. Innovators aresuccessful as entrepreneurs. In fact, entrepreneurship thrives on innovators.Innovation is a process, which is a matter of study. We all can become innovators.There are training programmes on innovations. Prof. Anil Gupta (founder ofNational Innovation Network, Sristi, Honey Bee Network and Faculty Member atIIM Ahmedabad) says that innovators are those who work with their hands.Innovators are those who have experience of the field. Innovators bring theirunderstanding of reality to transform products, ideas and services. If innovatorsbecome entrepreneurs, they can introduce new services. There are many theorieson the process of innovation. I advise the readers to read those theories also tounderstand the process of innovation.On entrepreneurship …We all understand that entrepreneurship is essential. But how do we ensure thatwe are able to develop entrepreneurs. In my efforts, I have tried to have live2|Page Jain, T.K. : the eye of the innovator
  3. 3. discussions with entrepreneurs. I have searched for entrepreneurs, and have triedto arrange a live discussion with them with fruitful discussions.Entrepreneurship is a part of a life style for many persons. There are some peoplewho are entrepreneur in their life by their habits. They create and recreate everyopportunity and constantly on a lookout for newer opportunities. Innovation andcreativity are day to day activities for these persons. They try to shape the lifearound those moments, where they can visualize opportunities for value addition.Entrepreneurship is a process which has at its roots some of the basiccharacteristics that a person can develop like risk taking, innovating, developingpeople and nurturing teams. Entrepreneurs create dream and spread thosedreams to others. They are able to sell their dreams and motivate others to workfor those dreams. They are able to project a meaning for life through somecreative ventures.I am always on a lookout for meeting with entrepreneurs and when I get anopportunity to talk with an entrepreneur, there is definitely some element oflearning for me.One such person I met recently is Mr. Ajay Chopra. When I asked him to visit myinstitute, he inquired twice about timings – he made sure about exact placewhere he has to reach, the time that he would take to reach the place. He wantedto ensure that he doesn’t waste any persons time and due to his delay no personshould suffer. He also ensured that he would reach back to his office in time. Hecalculated at the level of the smallest unit of time .Interaction with Mr. Chopra …Mr. Chopra wanted to speak in free flowing style and he did it with perfection. Hewould share varied moments of his life intermittently and would be open to sharethose incidents of life, which would reveal his entrepreneurial instincts that hehas developed.He is a symbol of creativity and innovations, he creates and recreates every day.He is in media industry, where innovation is essential for success. Innovation with3|Page Jain, T.K. : the eye of the innovator
  4. 4. a purpose – the ultimate purpose of enabling a company or an unit to sell itsideas, products and services. Mr. Ajay Chopra looks from the perspectives of boththe end customer and the company. He identifies ideas that can give mileage tothe company and enable the company to reach the hearts of the targetaudieance.How does he see ? how does he visualize ? how does he differentiates? How doeshe take a decision? There are many factors that have made the Ajay Chopra oftoday. He hails from a rural and small city background. He had the habits ofwatching movies – as many as possible. He would bunk his hostel to go for amovie. He loved watching movies and these helped him a lot. He travelledextensively. He talked with people from varied backgrounds. He did variedbusinesses. He has varied experiences. All these experiences have accumulated toprovide him the diversity of thoughts that give him an innovative edge.When asked “how do you create the winning message – do you get it or youcreate it”? he replies – “we get a bundle of papers, and expectations. We look atthe common person for whom the message is to be prepared and then we usesimple language to communicate. We succeed because we have understanding ofthe masses. “He was very skeptical of MBAs. Just because MBAs don’t have exposure of themasses and they are not willing to work at the grass root level, they fail to deliver.He recalls one incident – one MBA came for a job in his company – when askedinformally, he said that he was prepared to do everything – Mr. Chopra justpicked up the person. He was just looking for persons who were prepared to doeverything - the willingness to do the extra bit, the willingness to do what is thedemand of the situation.Mr. Chopra repeatedly emphasized upon a few essential things, which I would liketo present here : - 1. Road experience – you must have experience of ground realities. 2. Connecting diversity – you should be able to connect the varied experiences and exposures to the decision that you are taking.4|Page Jain, T.K. : the eye of the innovator
  5. 5. 3. Optimism – you should be able to see positives and see how you can add value to it.Looking for Opportunity for Value Addition : -Recently we were organizing Kabir Yatra. We approached Mr. Chopra forsponsorship. Mr. Chopra not only supported but constructed one beautiful opentheatre for the programme. The theatre is now open for organizing cultural andfolk programmes. Mr. Chopra has uncanny ability to look for opportunity for valueaddition and to do something different.Background of Mr. Ajay ChopraSon of well known philosopher, philanthropist and religious person Mr. DharamChand Chopra, Mr. Ajay Chopra did his schooling from St. Xaviers, Jaipur, B. Comin Economics and Financial Management, & Post Graduate M. Com in Economicsfrom Rajasthan University. His past work experiences include industries like Tea,Transportation, Marble, Jute, Shipping, Cold Storage, Oil Mill and Cotton Ginning& Pressing. He happily says that he has done over 50 different businesses. He isalso associated with many organizations like on the advisory board of AIESEC andSecretary Rajasthan Rifle Association. He has organized more than 250 cultural,social, commercial & corporate events. Varied experiences and varied activitieshave given him wider persepective to look at things. All these experiences havedeveloped an analytical mind, which makes him the innovator. He has beenEditor "Anuvrat" (Hindi Fortnightly Magazine). Ajay is trustee, Secretary ofrenowned organizations including secretary of Dharam Sajjan Trust, Chairman ofThe Rajasthan Urban Co-op. Bank & Executive Member of WWF and manymore.When he took over Rajasthan Urban Cooperative Bank, his focus was onmodernizing the bank and its image in the market and he tried to use technology(including computerization) for modernization of the bank. He is also theDirector of Crayons Advertising, Mega Corporation, and Director of Shree Seco.About the writer :Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain is presently working as Dean in ISBM in Gyan ViharUniversity Jaipur. He can be contacted at 9414430763 or Hispassion is to promote spiritual entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.5|Page Jain, T.K. : the eye of the innovator