Suresh gyan vihar university international school of business management hulchal newsletter issue two


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The latest newsletter of SURESH GYAN VIHAR UNIVERSITY ISBM JAIPUR (Rajasthan) on what is happening in ISBM. This is for all the well wishers of ISBM. It is prepared by a student of ISBM.

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Suresh gyan vihar university international school of business management hulchal newsletter issue two

  1. 1. GYAN VIHAR ISBM HULCHAL 29th-30th August, Faculty Development programme (FDP) was conducted by ISBM with Charted Insti- tute of Management Ac- counting (CIMA) in the presence of Dr. Ram Garg with the guidance of Dean ISBM. In the programme Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. D.N. Rao and CIMA members in- formed the students and the faculty members about the importance of management accounting profession and about the courses on management accounting. They also informed about how most accounting qualifications train people for private practice, work- ing on external audit and tax issues. Whereas CIMA prepares people for a career in business. It teaches skills for strategic advice, managing risk and making key decisions. ISBM has launched B.Com (Honors) + CMA in collabo- ration with CIMA. FDP by CIMA International School of Business Management’ Suresh Gyan Vihar Uni- versity organized 2 days Programme - Manage- ment Magma which was based on Stock Master – Virtual Trading and Idea Master – innovative & creative ideas on 26th & 27th August’2013. The Core Objective behind organizing this event was to help equipping stu- dents with innovative skills and creative plans that are essential for in- culcating entrepreneurial values in students. Management Magma 2/9/2013 Monday Virtual Trading 2 Idea Master 2 Gully Cricket 3 The downfall of Rupee 4 Inside this issue: New in ISBM There is a com- mencement of a new club in ISBM, “The Loudspeakers”, which will be focus- ing on the develop- ment of the students in communication skills. More informa- tion on page 3.
  2. 2. 26th August, the day was enlightened by a Inspirational and Moti- vational speech from Mr. Ishu Tayal which was an eye opener to all. Mr.Ishu Tayal (Regional In charge BSE) threw some light on falling currency day by day and its impact on Indian Stock market. He provided some signifi- cant guidelines to our stu- dents about knowledge and skills which can be acquired by them accord- ing to job sector in this market. His guidance was extremely helpful to the students and assisted them in the contest as well. Virtual Stock Trading contest gave a chance to all the participants to make the dream work. Creative ideas like “introducing Campus Store, Spa and Salon in Hostel, Fan Motor ex- periments etc were amazing experience for all. Ad-Mad Show: The key to successful advertis- ing is doing things dif- ferently. Difference is what sells. Difference makes you stay ahead. AD-MAD provided our student an opportunity to showcase their inno- vative thinking, original ideas, perspectives and insights that make you stand apart from the crowd. Idea Master Contest 27th August, the day got all minds running for ideas, Innovative and creative ideas popped out in this con- test with varied strate- gies, prioritization and presentation skills. As a student we always wish and dream to start our own business and mak- ing it big and so the Page 2 GY AN VIHAR ISBM HU LCHAL Issue Number 2, Volume No 1. 26th August, the event of Virtual Stock Trading which is not just a virtual game on trading stocks but it is way too more than that, it requires skills and ample of understanding about the stock market, it is a life time experience, this game gets your heart pounding. The amazing session of this game ended with a lot of experience and learning, students were thrilled while playing this game. Everyone had their moments and will always be remembered by them. “we need to read” - Mr.Ishu
  3. 3. Play Cricket to Learn Management Nothing is Impossible The Loudspeakers 24th August, The event of Gully Cricket was organized to develop team building spirit in all the students which is very important to guide and motivate young students to de- velop spirit of team, co- ordination and co- worker and as a man- ager or leader to lead in various tasks in the or- ganization. The event was full of enthusiasm and spirit, each team participated with the spirit of sports- manship. In total 25 teams participated. Every team had an am- bition to win, every team gave whatever they had but in the end there can be only one winner. It was such an amazing environment as the teams which were getting eliminated they were not leaving, they were standing till the closure of the event to support their friends in other teams. This can indeed only happen in Gyan Vihar Univer- sity. want to communicate in English as if it were their native language. This club also focuses on the writ- ing skills, article writing will also be a part of this club. Students seems to be very energetic about the club especially the newcomers of the college. This club will also help students to learn how to survive and tackle situa- tion in the corporate world which is very im- portant for the Business Students. 1st September, ISBM has commenced a new club for the students , which is also by the students, this club is for all the students who suffer from stage fear, who look forward to have a control on the English language, who He shared his experience of conscious and uncon- scious stage of our mind, how we can control our mind and brain with dif- ferent thought at con- scious and unconscious level. He guided us how 27th August, Mr. RP Singh (Eminent Speaker) energized the occasion of Management Magma by surprising the students as well as the faculty mem- bers by his memory skills. to be happy and remain happy, everyone must see the positive side not nega- tive side for doing any task and work in an or- ganization. Page 3GY AN VIHAR ISBM HU LCHAL Issue Number 2, Volume No 1.
  4. 4. The DOWNFALL of Rupee Page 4 GY AN VIHAR ISBM HU LCHAL Issue Number 2, Volume No 1. The Indian rupee is in the state free falling at the moment. In present, one can assuredly buy petrol and onion at the same price, the clock of Indian rupee is perceived to be turning back onto two decades of liberalization. The Reserve bank of India (RBI) has started imposing controls and meas- ures to balance the fainting rupee. Individuals and companies are partially controlled in terms of capital. The poor already didn't have anything to eat and the conditions are drastically getting worse. Are we going to remain a developing country till infinity? There are no changes in the earnings of the people, they still have the same amount in hand with the impossibilities of running there houses. Overseas direct investment (ODI) has been lowered from 400% to 100%, making it burdensome for the locals to buy overseas assets. RBI has also cut back re- mittances allowed by locals to USD 75000 from USD 200000 annu- ally. Making it seem as a mirage for the Indians who want to own homes abroad. The Indian rupee has fallen to a all time low against US Dollar( USD), the value of rupee against USD is trying to balance itself at 69 in the present. Money is being pulled out by the foreign investor from the Indian economy. There are no new foreign investors lining up, some are even packing up. The sources of concern for the country are running out of fingers, our country has an expanding current ac- count deficit which further more suggests that the country has to borrow more money from abroad. It's hard to say to which road our leaders are leading us but certainly it's soon going to have a dead end. Our economy is turning out to be a nightmare, the government has also announced to sell government bonds in weekly auction, worth about USD 3.6 billion, so that they can help themselves generate some funds. A hike has also been executed in the short term interest rates to stabilize the financial worth of rupee.
  5. 5. Page 5 GY AN VIHAR ISBM HU LCHAL Issue Number 2, Volume No 1. So far the government has seemed incapa- ble of leading the country and to steep even more low they are pleading the gold obsessed Indians to stop buying gold as it drains foreign exchange reserves. "If I have one wish which the people of India can fulfill, it is 'don't buy gold'," Fi- nance Minister P. Chidambaram told the reporters in June, " Every ounce of gold is imported. You pay in rupees. We have to Without doubt the whole country's mind is psyched by the morning flashing news of everyday about the ironical journey of rupee, but its greatest emphasis would be felt at the street level, where country's poor and middle class are struggling with the daily cumulating prices of fuel and food as the imports have become ex- pensive. The fall of rupee is more than 20 percent this year alone, which is the greatest fall among the Asian countries tracked by Reuters. India's main National Stock Exchange index fell as much as 3.2 percent, Foreign inves- tors are paring equity positions, having sold a net $3.6 billion in stocks since the start of June, but still their net purchases so far this year total nearly $12 billion. In bond markets, foreign investors have sold more heavily, with outflows reaching nearly $4.6 billion so far this year. The future of India seems quite unpromising but as they say ' there is light at the end of every tunnel ', lets keep our fingers crossed. Compiled by– Mr. Puneet Bafna HOD (PC- BBA) Written by– Apurv Dadhich BBA 3 rd Sem.
  6. 6. Page 6 GY AN VIHAR ISBM HU LCHAL Issue Number 2, Volume No 1. EDITORIAL (The editor of the newsletter Apurv Dadhich is a student of BBA III Semester in ISBM, he is also one of the promoters of the Loud- speakers, he can be contacted at or at : 91-9636309309) This newsletter is a small initiative to connect to the well wishers of ISBM. Please send your articles / reviews / views / experiences so that we may publish these on this platform. This is an initiative to document the various activi- ties taking place in ISBM. Please subscribe to receive this newsletter regularly. In order to subscribe it, please write an email to The subscription fees is that you have to promote this newsletter among your 10 friends. Please provide us their email ids, so that we can send them this newsletter regularly. Your articles and news clippings are also welcome. We shall be delighted to publish them. Any student from Gyan Vihar University or any alumni / well wisher can contribute his articles / notes / writings / photographs for this newsletter. ISBM regularly organizes different activities to develop students. You can also join those activities and contribute to those activities. Some of the forthcoming events / activities are as under : - C3W : Convention on Climate Change and Water - 18 and 19 October 2013 ( Gyan Vihar Commerce Proficiency Test (National Level Test for Commerce Students) Economics and Environment Test (National Level Test Conducted by Rajasthan Economic Association and C3W) Alumni Association Meeting : 10 October 2013 HR Conclave and Entrepreneurs’ Round Table Conference CSR Round Table Conference 19 October 2013 (during C3W 2013) BY : SWATI MISHRA (Swati Mishra is an alumni from ISBM, presently she is working in ISBM itself. She shares here experiences as a student of ISBM) We used to write case studies and present in our classes as assignments. I still remember that we prepared a case study on Chak De India - it was an OB case study. We organised HR executive workshop (two day workshops) and inter- acted with HR executives. We used to face deficiency of resources, but we were filled with zeal. However, now we find that resources are there but the zeal is not that much. We didnt have marketing, finance and accounting labs at that time. All my classmates are well settled now. Shruti Jain is work- ing in Dautche Bank. Megha Dusad is working in Ministry of Family Welfare. Ankit Garg is working in Infosys. Amit Sharms is working in SBI as Bank PO. Sumit Khurana is an entrepreneur now and is doing well in his business. Rashi Chhabra is now a faculty member. Neha Hamilton is work- ing as faculty member in Jodhpur. Ayushi is doing PhD in BITS Pilani. Pallavi Purohit is now an entrepreneur and is running a hotel. We participated in management games and presenta- tions in many Business Schools. I still remember that I won prizes in Maharshi Arvind Institue of Manage- ment, where I was the winner in Business Games in inter-institute contest. We organised many business quizes and other con- tests. I still remember the fond memories of organis- ing Inter College Quiz. We were pioneers in many aspects. We started the quaint - two page newsletter, which is still continuing. - Swati Mishra (2007-9 Batch) From the memories of Alumni