Mock interview for investment banking sector by aman


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Mock interview for investment banking sector by aman

  1. 1. MOCK INTERVIEW Conducted by : Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain Dean,ISBM, Suresh Gyan Vihar University Jagatpura, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India Website: Mobile: +91-9414430763 Editor-in-Chief : International Journal on Economics and Management (IJEM) International Journal on New Practices in Management and Engineering (IJNPME) Member of the Esteemed Board of Writers in IU Emagazine Questions and answers are presented here for your development. Please submit your suggestions also. Date of mock interview : 4/3/14, venue : ISBM Please walk through your resume... I am Aman, I love finance, investment banking and have a passion for sectors related to financial analysis. I have been studying finance for the last 4.5 years during my BBA & MBA and have achieved the best performances in my papers related to business management. What is investment banking? Banking is of two types : retail banking and investment banking. When we are dealing with sectors like property trading, M&A, investment of surplus funds etc, its all investment banking. How will your knowledge help a company in property trading? Sir, Its all about reading clues from the market and making interpretations. Recently, the price of Gold has been picking up. I would advise my clients to invest their money in Gold and I am sure this will generate good returns in short to medium term. Q: How do you undertake technical analysis, especially in the case of Gold? Ans: I have read a lot of books on investment and technical analysis, and I particularly like Rosenbaum and Pearl. I have also taken online classes on technical analysis. I have seen that
  2. 2. the prices of Gold have bottomed out and the recent rise in prices have pierced all the barriers. What are your ideas about online courses regarding technical analysis - can you still believe that technical analysis can be learnt online? Sir, EDx and other courses are very useful. I have joined these courses myself and I keep receiving information about them. I find them extremely useful. I also read websites, which give me useful information and aprise me about latest developments. which websites do you love? Sir, Investopedia, Bloomberg, Economictimes, and moneycontrol are the websites that I like the most. How will you justify your appointment in our company? Like your company, I am also boutique investment expert. I have read, written and analysed these sectors thoroughly. I have written 3 articles on investment sectors, which if you permit, I can show. I have prepared two reports on these sectors. How are you boutique..? I have narrowed down my expertise to a few sectors, where I can work exactly as per the needs of the clients, so I am boutique. I am particularly emphasizing on corporate valuations and related issues. During the last 4 years, I have studied balance sheets of over 30 companies. How will you enable your client to use the money properly - lets say 1 million? Gitanjali Jewellers type companies are now in low valuation and should be the target. I would suggest the client to use LBO and buy a company which is in low market valuation now. What is LBO? Leveraged Buyout - I will use 90% debt and a small equity to buyout a company. If its so simple, everyone can do it.. why? Valuation of a company differs from person to person. One person uses historical data and uses tools like average of 5 years earnings method, I prefer to use discounting of future potential, which is a bit difficult, but more appropriate. Do you wish to ask any question from us? Ans: I am still a learner in investment banking sector. My only dream is to work with experienced analysts to learn and grow. My dream is work in a great culture, where I can get
  3. 3. experts, wherefrom I grow. Can I get some people who can mentor me and guide me in your company so that I may continue to learn investment banking?