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Group discussions on important topics for pre placement preparation
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Group discussions on important topics for pre placement preparation



Published in Career
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  • 1. GROUP DISCUSSIONs for CORPORATE PLACEMENTs Conducted by : Dr. Trilok Kumar Jain Dean,ISBM, Suresh Gyan Vihar University Jagatpura, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India Website: Tel: +91-141-6450389/90; +91-141-2796253,55,56 Extn 303 Mobile: +91-9414430763 Editor-in-Chief : International Journal on Economics and Management (IJEM) International Journal on New Practices in Management and Engineering (IJNPME) Member of the Esteemed Board of Writers in IU Emagazine As a part of placement preparation training, some GDs were conducted, these are presented below for your reference : - TOPIC : BITCOIN & CARBON CREDITS : THE NEW BUSINESS YARDSTICK A: Dear Friends, we have got a very important topic for discussion. This topic is related to the future of the business. If our group can evolve some discussion, we can all learn from each other and form a good conclusion. B: Can I interrupt... May I seek the permission of the group to a very important thing before we proceed in our GD.. C: Sorry to interrupt... May I request the group to first evolve some framework for our dicussion...
  • 2. D: Bitcoins are very important ... E: Apoligies... please first evolve the framework as suggested by C. F: Dear Team-members, our time is very limited.. let us start our discussion and let us discuss the topic. C: Let us first evolve the framework for discussion. I agree to what F is saying. But more important is that we prepare a framework... A: Can we come to the topic... B. : OK Agreed - let us all start the GD - can we start in this way that every one speak out 2 minutes each and then we form a conclusion. F: This is a free flowing GD and everyone is allowed to speak out. There is no need to structure out the GD. Let me take the opportunity to introduce the topic and speak out something about such an important topic. We all agree that business require some yardsticks. Traditionally, profit, wealth have been considered the yardsticks.. C: Wait a moment.. A: Dear Friends, please stop all arguments.... This will not help us. A few of the members wish to speak out, but we haven’t yet given them any chance. May I request G and H to share what they wish to speak out. Let us all create a conductive team environment. F: See Mr. A. The time is so short. Please let me speak out and introduce. Can you all just add a few points to what I add, so that we are able to conclude.. B: Let us first .. C: Just a D: Please listen to me.. G: Can I request the group to please focus on the topic. We all have been talking about different things, but the most important thing is the topic of today, which is about Bitcoins and Carbon Credits. I wish to know about these terms from my esteemed friends. I have read a lot about these in newspapers and websites. May I request my friends to share their ideas on these terms. ... Bell rings.
  • 3. j TOPIC : 1+1=11 A: this is on unity. Unity is required in each field I agree with Anand. 1+1 = 1. Mathematically it is 2. But 11 defines unity. Obviously, we are talking about teamwork. I am a marketing person, You are an HR perosn, , I can grow my business with you.In my childhood, I heard the story of a band of wooden sticks. .. B: 1 +1 denotes unity. If there are two persons.. C: 1+1 denotes power, it is the unity of the group or organisation. TOPIC : Should the Government Fund the Election Expenditure Today we have a very good topic should the government finance the election expenses election is based on black money. misuse of money of the people I agree with the topic . at this point of time, the govt is spending crores of rupees in elections. the trasyry will go down the development expenses will be cut at this point of time, the parties can spend on their own. if a person is capable, he doesnt have to spend money for election anand : If govt doesnt finance, the drawback will be money will be required and this money will come from dirty money and they will dominate the policy makers. Thus in the long run the economy will become dirtier. Try to understand yourself. If you are fighting election, who will give you money? Someone who has extra money and who can wait for that money. What will he expect from you? What return will you give? Aman: person who have money will take part in elections. How can authorities spend the money for persons? How will it happen and how will it benefit all? How will you ensure controls on expenditure? Anand : how will a common person will fight election for the welfare of the country. Aman : if a person is well know - why should you promote and spend money on that person?
  • 4. Anand: If I want to participate in elections, there is a limited area for each person. There is a very long area. Everyone wants to promote. Om: I also agree that govt should finance. if the govt will provide election funds.. there should be some criteria. After elections the spend money in prachar prasar. After that he is given the budget as to how to spend the money. One more point - if the govt shoud provide finance we will control the corruption. If politicians spend our money - after victory - then grow their own money. aman : how will it restrict corruption? om : after election - you win, you want to collect the money - that anand : the real point is .. the govt should fix the limit. I agree with anand and my own perspective is that there should be funding by the government to reduce corruption, misuse of power and undue influence. conclusion : the govt should bear the expenses.