English improvement for aptitude tests


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English improvement for aptitude tests

  1. 1. ENGLISH IMPROVEMENT FOR APTITUDE TESTS by : DR. T.K. JAIN AFTERSCHO ☺ OL centre for social entrepreneurship sivakamu veterinary hospital road bikaner 334001 rajasthan, india FOR – PGPSE PARTICIPANTS mobile : 91+9414430763
  2. 2. My words... Build your competency in different sectors like language, analytical ability, etc. You cant develop these skills in a day or two – just continue your effort persistently, one day you will become proficient in this. Constant practice is required for this. Go with positive spirit. Please pass this presentation to all those who might need it. Let us spread knowledge as widely as possible. I welcome your suggestions. I also request you to help me in spreading social entrepreneurship across the globe – for which I need support of you people – not of any VIP. With your help, I can spread the ideas – for which we stand....
  3. 3. A glue produced by bees to ---- their hives appears to contain antibiotic substances. OPTIONS : a) collect b) design c)build d)decorate e)structure ANSWER : (C)
  4. 4. The authorities are --- through the records of criminals to make arrangements for making security arrests options : a)wading b) waxing c)studying d)scratching e)analysing Here the word through fits with (a) only
  5. 5. He very successfully ---- all the allegations levelled against him options : a)extricated b)eradicated c)retailed d)rebutted e)protected Answer : (d)
  6. 6. The judge used his ----- power and left him off with a reprimand options : a) residuary b)official c)legal d)absolute e)discretionary Answer : (e)
  7. 7. The defending champion justified his top --- by clinching the titile options : a)skill b)form c)technique d)supremavy e)billing Answer : (e)
  8. 8. Although he never learnt to read, his exceptional memory and enquiring mind eventually made him a very ---- man. OPTIONS : a)dedicated b)erudite c)pragmatic d)benevolent e)charismatic ANSWER (B)
  9. 9. Traffic problems in Bombay are as serious as in any other city in india ,and they are complicated by digging of roads by corporations on this or that ----- OPTIONS : a)reason b)instance c)aspect d)intension e)pretext ANSWER (E)
  10. 10. There are ---- views on the issue of giving bonus to the employees OPTIONS : a)independent b)divergent c)modest d)adverse e)valuable ANSWER (B)
  11. 11. She failed in the examination because none of her answers were -- to the questions asked OPTIONS : a)allusive b)revealing c) pertinent d)referential e)impecable ANSWER (C)
  12. 12. Man who has committed such an ----- crime must get the most severe punishment. OPTIONS : a)injurious b)unchritable c)unworhty d)admoniable e)irreproachable ANSWER : (D)
  13. 13. He has --- people visiting him at his house because he fears it will cause discomfort to neighbours OPTIONS: a)curtailed b)requested c)stopped d)warned e)forbidden ANSWER (C)
  14. 14. No other artist rewards the viewer with more sheer pleasure than Mayank, he is one of those blessed artists who combine profoundity and ------ OPTIONS : a)education b)wisdom c)faith d)fun e)depth ANSWER (D)
  15. 15. Some officers have---their previous statements denying any involvement on their part with Bofors Company and are now revising their earlier testimony. OPTIONS : a)justified b)recanted c)repeated d)protracted e)herded ANSWER (B)
  16. 16. Despite the mixture’s ---- nature ,we found that by lowering its temperature in the laboratory we could dramatically reduce its tendency to vaporize. OPTIONS a)resilient b)volatile c)homogeneous d)insipid e)acerbity ANSWER (B)
  17. 17. Perhaps because something in us instinctively distribute such displays of natural fluency, some readers approach Chetan Bhagat's fiction with ----- OPTIONS : a)indifference b)suspicion c)veneration d)recklessness e)bewilderment ANSWER (B)
  18. 18. The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye, the more light you pour upon it the more it will ----- OPTIONS : a)blink b)veer c)stare d)reflect e)contract ANSWER (E)
  19. 19. Normally an individual thunderstorm lasts about 45 min ,but under certain conditions the storm may----,becoming ever more severe, for as long as four hours. OPTIONS : a)wane b)moderate c)persist d)vacillate e)disperse ANSWER (C)
  20. 20. This island is a colony, however in most matters, it is ---- and receives no orders from the mother country. OPTIONS : a)synoptic b)methodical c)heretical d)autonomous e)disinterested ANSWER (D)
  21. 21. Paradoxically, the more ------ the details this artist choose the better able she is to depict her fantastic, other worldly landscapes . OPTIONS : a)ethereal b)realistic c)fanciful d)extravagant e)sublime ANSWER (B)
  22. 22. Because experience had convinced her that he was self . Seeking and avaricious,she rejected the likelihood that his donation had been ------ OPTIONS : a)redundant b)frivolous c)inexpensive d)ephemeral e)altruistic ANSWER (E)
  23. 23. The evil of class and race hatred must be eliminated while it is still in an -----state ,otherwise it may grow to dangerous proportions. OPTIONS : a)amorphous b)overt c)uncultivated d)embryonic e)independent ANSWER (D)
  24. 24. She appeared to be about ninteen or twenty, and was fair, tall and with ----looks OPTIONS : a)emaciated b)contagious c)demure d)sardonic e)blond ANSWER (C)
  25. 25. The morning, when he and his friends were hanged , is still vividly -----on my mind. OPTIONS : a)imposed b)moistened c)ventured d)duped e)etched ANSWER (E)
  26. 26. The most valuable ---- of the freedom struggle and 50 years of freedom is awakening among the common people. OPTIONS a) curio b)phenomenon c)legacy d)cleavage e)collection ANSWER (C)
  27. 27. The land reforms were diluted, if not sabotaged ,in ---- with politicians and lower legal officials OPTIONS : a) collusion b)pandemonium c)contract d)disguise e)union ANSWER (A)
  28. 28. He has tried to ---- the image of the company by projecting it as pro consumer. OPTIONS : a) hamper b)refurbish c)portend d)insinuate e)praise ANSWER (B)
  29. 29. The ground reality demanded sterner administrative measures which were being ---- due to variety of reasons. OPTIONS : a) ameliorated b) refrained c) prompted d) defined e) thwarted ANSWER (E)
  30. 30. The itinerary set by their travel agent included so many stops in ---- amount of time that they received only the most ----- impressions of places visited. OPTIONS : a)a limited... lasting b) a brief ... cursory c)a generous .. favorable d)a sufficient...fleeting e)an unnecessary ... preliminary ANSWER (B )
  31. 31. The proposal to build a nuclear power plant was the most ---- issue ever to come up with a council meeting, it is astonishing, therefore, that the members vote was unanimous. OPTIONS : a)popular b)contentious c)concise d) exorbitant e)inconsequential ANSWER (B)
  32. 32. The lecturer’s frustration was only -----by the audience’s--- to talk during her presentation. OPTIONS : a) compounded ... propensity b) alleviated ...invitation c) soothed ... authorization d) increased ... inability e) supplanted ..... desire ANSWER (A)
  33. 33. The Vikram Sarabhai library in IIMA provides a ----environment in which scholars work amidst costly tapestries, paintings , and cozy furniture. OPTIONS : a)realistic b)frugal c) sumptuous d) friendly e)practical ANSWER (C)
  34. 34. The retreat of Napoleon’s army from Moscow quickly turned into a rout as French soldiers ,already---in the show ,were--by Russian troops. OPTIONS : a)replenishing.... ravaged b) pursing ..... joined c) sinking .... camouflaged d)floundering .... assaulted e) tottering ..... upbraided ANSWER (D)
  35. 35. Although they physically resemble each other ,the brothers could not be more ---temperamentally ; while the one is quiet and circumspect ,the other is brashand--- OPTIONS : a) inimical .... timid b) passionate ... superficial c) dissimilar ..... audacious d)different...... forgiving e) alike.... respectful ANSWER (C)
  36. 36. In Shakespeare’s day ,---theater audience would often throw fruits and vegetables at actions who failed to live up to their expectations. OPTIONS : a)doting b) ravenous c) jingoistic d) boisterous e) stagnant ANSWER (D)
  37. 37. Some historians claim that the concept of courtly love is a------ that dates from the age of chivalry ,while others believe ithas more ----- origins. OPTIONS : a)relic .... simultaneous b) notion .... ancient c) memento .... discovered d) period ... documented e) doctrine .... amorous ANSWER (B)
  38. 38. Despite their fierce appearance elephants are rarely -----, and will not attach humans unless provoked OPTIONS: a)extinct b)timid c)domesticated d)amphibious e)aggressive ANSWER (E)
  39. 39. It is ---- that a people so capable of treachery and brutality should also exhibit such a tremendous capacity for heroism . OPTIONS : a)unfortunate b)explicable c)paradoxical d)distressing e)appalling ANSWER (C) (Paradoxical is used for two opposite ideas)
  40. 40. Deep ideological ----and internal power struggles---the government. OPTIONS : a)disputes....facilitated b) similarities..... protracted c) distortions .accelerated d) agreements ....stymied e) divisions .... paralyzed ANSWER (E)
  41. 41. Nearly ------ by disease and the destruction of their habitat , Koalas are now found only in isolated parts of eucalyptus forester OPTIONS : a)dispersed b)compiled c)decimated d)infuriated e) averted ANSWER (C)
  42. 42. Reconstructing the skeletons of extinct species like dinosaurs is ------ process that requires much patience and effort by paleontologists. OPTIONS : a)a nascent b)an aberrant c) a disheveled d)a worthless e)an exacting ANSWER (E)
  43. 43. Jill was ---by her employees because she often ---them for not working hard enough. OPTIONS : a)deified ----- goaded b) loathed ---- berated c)disregarded----- eulogized d) cherished----- decided e)execrated ----lauded ANSWER (B)
  44. 44. Athough historians have long thought of Genghis Khan as a--- potentate ,new research has shown he was -----by many of his subjects. OPTION: a)tyrannical ----abhorred b) despotic ----- revered c)redundant --- venerated d)jocular -----esteemed e)peremptory ----- invoked ANSWER (B)
  45. 45. Unlike his calmer,more easygoing colleagues ,the senator was---, ready to quarrel at the slightest provocation. OPTIONS : a)whimsical b)irascible c)gregarious d)ineffectual e)benign ANSWER (B)
  46. 46. Roman Regions ------ the Mountain ------ of Masada for three years before they were able to seize it . OPTIONS : a) dissembled------ bastion b)assailed ---- symbol c)besieged ----citadel d) surmounted ------ dwelling e)honed---- stronghold ANSWER (C)
  47. 47. More insurers are limiting the sale of property insurance in coastal areas and other regions --------- natural disasters. OPTIONS : a)safe from b)according to c)which include d)despite e)prone to ANSWER (E)
  48. 48. Download links for material on English http://www.scribd.com/doc/6583315/English-Improvement-Afterschoool http://www.scribd.com/doc/6583518/English-20-May-Afterschoool http://www.scribd.com/doc/28531795/Mock-Paper-Cat-Rmat-Mat-Sbi-Bank-Po-Aptitude-Tests
  49. 49. Links http://www.scribd.com/doc/14647398/English-Improvement-and-Word-Power http://www.scribd.com/doc/14660508/General-Knowledge-24-May-3 http://www.scribd.com/doc/19628963/Mathematics http://www.scribd.com/doc/19492878/Direct-and-Indirect-Speech-in-English
  50. 50. Be Quicker faster more accurate
  51. 51. ADDITIONAL LINKS http://www.scribd.com/doc/11692763/Advanced-Mathematics-for-GMAT-CAT-MAT http://www.scribd.com/doc/23407929/Advanced-Mathematics-for-GMAT-CAT-MAT http://www.scribd.com/doc/11625819/Basic-Mathematics-for-Cat-GMAT-Mat http://www.scribd.com/doc/23407954/mathematics-for-OPENMAT-MAT-CAT-GMAT-25-april http://www.scribd.com/doc/23407934/Advanced-Mathematics-for-GMAT-CAT-MAT2 http://www.scribd.com/doc/6583520/English-Afterschoool-21-May-2 http://www.scribd.com/doc/23300964/Advanced-Mathematics-for-GMAT-CAT-MAT2 http://www.scribd.com/doc/23407945/MATHEMATICS-FOR-ATMA-CAT-MAT-GMAT-BANK-PO-GRE
  52. 52. http://www.scribd.com/doc/6583303/Reasoning-Afterschoool
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  54. 54. http://www.scribd.com/doc/23393316/general-knowledge http://www.scribd.com/doc/23609752/Group-Discussion-Afterschoool http://www.scribd.com/doc/6583547/General-Knowledge-24-May